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Timeline of computer/internet experiences/involvements of The Three Sippel Sisters – negating the “false facts” of such as put out by Joan Wheeler March 29, 2012

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Introduction by Ruth Sippel Pace

On various places on the internet Joan Wheeler, who lumps her three older birth sisters as one entity, gives false and inaccurate information (mostly assumptions) about her sisters’ uses of computers and the internet. I decided to do a chronological listing of our involvement in those areas. Since Kathy moved to England in 1974 and Gert moved away from Buffalo in 1982, I do not know all the details of their early computer usage. I can only give a detail of my own early computer uses. Actual dates cannot be given, only approximations, but the years given are fairly accurate. This list also contains documentation of Joan’s erroneous interpretations of our computer and internet experiences. Most of this list is done in the third person narrative, with occasional comments in the first person by Ruth.

1. Due to seeing the movies 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Colossus: Forbin Project (1970), Ruth develops a keen interest in computers, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence.

2. Early to mid 1980’s: Ruth obtains Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 gaming systems, with plans to buy a Radio Shack Tandy Home Computer, but cannot afford one.

3. 1987.
Ruth buys a second hand Texas Instrument TI99/4a home computer (1981 issue) that teaches BASIC computer programming.

Ruth’s employers begin using a DOS (disc operating system) shared computer network with terminals at all nursing stations to be utilized as a basic patient information system – information such as patients vital signs, lab orders and results and an extensive physician contact directory. Access by assigned username and password only. The system used by nursing staff and doctors is not shared with patient billing accounts or other business aspects of the hospital. Ruth’s only use of the system was to enter patients vital signs. As her assigned password could only access the vital sign program of the computer system, Ruth was not able to access any other system. All keystrokes are monitored.

5. 1989
Ruth takes her first official computer usage course, offered through the Buffalo Public School Continuing Adult Education Program on Wednesday evenings for a total of 8 months, training on an Apple IIa system.

6. Early 1990’s
Gert learns computer usage. Does not own her own computer, but teams up with a co-writer. They are on AOL (very early internet), accessing subject specific private discussion forums, joined by invitation only. Gert does not have a private email, her only email was from her employer, and for internal use only. (and every keystroke was also monitored). After a few years, Gert is burnt out – she had been helping her co-writer publish pamphlets and books regarding their religion.

7. 1994
Joan Wheeler’s hospital bill gets mixed up with another patient’s bill. Joan automatically ASSUMES Ruth did it and lodges a complaint with Ruth’s employers. They tell Joan it is highly unlikely that Ruth did it, because the system used by the nursing staff is not even connected with the business computers. They investigate anyway. The error is traced to a typing error occuring at around 4:00 in the afternoon. As Ruth works the 11:00pm – 7:00am shift, Ruth was not in the building at the time the error occured. (Don’t forget – major companies install security programs in their systems that can track every keystroke). Joan is told of the findings of the investigation, but will not accept that Ruth is innocent. Continues for six months to call various departments in the hospital to tell various employees (that don’t even know who Ruth is) that Ruth is a computer hacker and should be fired.

8. c. 1998
Ruth’s employers switch from DOS systems to Windows systems. New computers are installed throughout the hospital and employees are trained in Windows. The hospital sets up a computer lab in the medical library for employees to train on and access the internet.

9. 1999
Ruth is on the internet for the first time and starts her first email account. Using the computers in the medical library, which the hospital graciously lets the employees use for anything (except porn or other illegal activities). In March, Ruth obtains an old DOS home computer from a friend of Joan Wheeler. The computer, was actually first owned by Joan, who gave it to her friend. When Joan sent a harassing letter to Ruth, using the friends return address, Ruth went to the house, and the friend told her that she did not give Joan permission to her address. She said Joan and her were fighting, The friend put the computer out for the trash just an hour before Ruth got there and told Ruth “take it – I don’t want it.” (it was hers to do as she wished).

10. 2000 – 2006
Ruth continues using the complimentary computers in the medical library, to explore the internet. She joins various discussion forums, content-specific websites, begins to learn HTML to build her own websites. Ruth experiments with website building, and incorporates her own website domain Midnight and Mythos (copyright). These were mostly on the now defunct services of AOL Hometown and MSN Groups. Using the obsolete DOS computer that was originally owned by Joan, as a word processor, Ruth does most of her typing at home, saving to diskette and uses either the hospital’s complimentary computers or public computers in the public library to post writings to her websites.

11. 2002
Ruth is given a computer with Windows 95 on it from friends living across the street from her. This computer was not working correctly but Ruth was able to use it as a word processor.

12. 2003
At their brother’s funeral and family gathering in Arizona, Ruth tells Joan about her websites and invites Joan to join a website that she is building for the purpose of geneology and sharing of family photos. Joan joins the webiste, an MSN Group and posts several pictures. Ruth is able to post a few pictures that she scanned into a diskette at a local Office-Max store. The hospital does install a scanner for the first time in the autumn of 2003, but Ruth does not know how to use it.

December – Ruth’s father has open heart surgery. At the hospital, Joan and Ruth have several nice conversations. Ruth tells Joan that hopefully she can get the Windows 95 computer fixed so she can get more work done on the Family Website. Joan tells her that her live-in boyfriend fixes computers and he might be able to help. Joan actually gives Ruth a piece of paper with her phone number on it. When Ruth gets home, she throws the paper out. She does not want it. Because she knows how two-faced Joan is. If Joan gets an annoyance phone call, Ruth knows she will be the first to be blamed. Ruth also does not want help from anybody living with Joan.

Joan posts a picture to the Family Website but gets the date wrong. It’s an old photograph given to her by my father. It is of Santa Claus, Gert, Kathy and two of our childhood friends. Joan does not know the name of those kids. So I, who knew their names, and in my capacity as website-owner, corrected the description that Joan had given to the picture.

13. 2004
January. Ruth gets sick and is off work for about a week and a half. When she returns to work, she does not see a very interesting email, because it had gotten buried. Ruth is also very busy with personal life – her husband and her father both had open heart surgeries in 2003 (husband in September, father in December). Because of this, Ruth has limited time for her websites.

April – Ruth is cleaning out her email inbox and comes across the interesting email. It is from Joan – sent in January when Ruth was out sick. In it Joan is suspicious of me, doesn’t know how she feels about me “tampering” with HER photograph, thinks I am plotting against her because I am not posting any photos. (she was told that I don’t have a working Windows home computer, do not know how to use a scanner, and was busy with work and personal issues). I sent Joan an email demanding to know what her problem was. Joan sends Ruth a nasty email, begins accusing her of nonsense. Ruth responds, saying the old Joan was back, we had a few months of peace, Ruth doesn’t do anything wrong, yet Joan imagines stupid garbage that Ruth is doing. Ruth tells her to cut it out – the past is the past and if she can’t go forward and do something nice then get off the website. Then Ruth tells Joan, “never mind, it’s not going to work, you keep accusing me of things I haven’t done, so forget the whole project” – Ruth then removes Joan from the website. Ruth is angry and hurt, but knows she tried to heal the rift, but Joan will never change. Ruth vows to never have anything more to do with Joan.

June – The computer that was originally owned by Joan dies and is discarded. Ruth buys a small Brother Word Processor to continue her writing, as she is now a member and second in command of a local Star Trek fan group and is helping with the group’s bi-monthly newsletter.

11. 2006
March. Having been on the myspace social media site for about a year, Ruth finds Joan’s daughter on myspace and sends her a private message – can they get to know each other? For the next 3 years, Ruth and her niece correspond on a limited basis. Niece is in college, holds down a job, Ruth only online an hour before her work starts, or on her lunch break.

June – Having paid off her home mortgage, Ruth buys her first Windows home personal computer, albeit a second hand one.

August – Ruth gets home internet service for the first time. Ruth also assumes full command of the Star Trek group and is responsible for putting out the group’s newsletter.

12. 2007
Gert retires from her job. She does purchase a laptop for her home for personal writing and other uses. Does not subscribe to any internet service, does not go to public libraries, is not on the internet at all.

13. 2008
Having had a limited correspondence with Joan’s daughter, Ruth fully admits to “googling” Joan Wheeler a few times.  Didn’t find much, there was a mention of her son when he was in the Navy. Ruth thought that was nice, her nephew was in the Navy and his mom was proud of him. Ruth does not interfere. Summer 2008, Ruth googles Joan and finds that Joan now has a blog on Google’s Blogspot Blogger – Ruth looks at it – anti-adoption – ho-hum, Ruth has heard it all before, doesn’t even look more than a minute or two. September – Ruth moseys on over to Joan’s blog – same old anti-adoption rhetoric, but then Ruth sees a blog post that is  clearly a ridiculous rant – Joan is blabbing on her adoptive family, then gives out a warning to the “entire Wheeler and Herr clans (The Herrs are my mother’s family) to leave her alone. Then Joan gives a “warning” to The Three Sippel Sisters to “stay out of her life.” (we weren’t in it). Then she rants about the Catholics and their “christian values” didn’t help her not to be adopted. Then she says something about “your pagan values.” – She knows that both Gert and Ruth are pagan, so this was a direct slur against Ruth and Gert’s religion.

What is fascinating and disturbing is this first use of the term “The Three Sippel Sisters” and for them to stay out of her life – We WERE out of her life. The only contact was RUTH having contact with Joan’s daughter – and in one of our private myspace messages, I told Catherine, that I did not want any friction to occur between her and her mother because of me.  Catherine did say that she told Joan that she was corresponding with me, and Joan said that was okay, that Catherine should try to get to know her aunt. Gert and Kathy were in ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT WITH JOAN OR HER DAUGHTER! Ruth made a note of Joan’s rant, but did not respond to it.

14. 2009
Early summer Kathy buys her first home computer and subscribes to the internet. She is so new to the computer and internet, she phones Ruth frequently for techie help. Kathy also gets her first email account. It is during this time, Ruth goes to Joan’s blog and finds it has been removed. A message containing a link to her new blog at WordPress is all that is there. Ruth visits it and sees that Joan has moved most of the content from her old blog to the new blog. Kathy visits Joan blog as well.This new blog is named Forbidden Family, the name of the book that Joan had been writing for the past 30 years. It was no secret that the book was going to be titled Forbidden Family. On her Forbidden Family website, Joan announces that her book is coming out in November 2009.

October- Joan participates in an online article named “Adoptees Face Sting of Discrimination.” The article contains several falsehoods about Joan’s adoption and birth family. Joan proceeds to place 5 or 6 additional opinion comments at the end of the article. These comments contain several falsehoods about her adoption, her birth family, and her birth sisters. Ruth, using an alternate email, and using the psuedonym of Terry, attempts to correct those falsehoods. The comment moderators do not approve her comments.

On Yom Kippur, Joan makes a blog post about Yom Kippur, giving her interpretation of the Jewish holy day atonement. Her interpretation is wrong. Kathy, who is Jewish, leaves a very nice comment, correcting Joan. Kathy uses her email that  contains her real name. Joan approves the comment, and very nicely thanks Kathy for giving the correct information. She also says “I always knew we would re-connect.” Neither Joan nor Kathy identify themselves as birth sisters – The following day, without any further contact from Kathy, Joan removes the comments from Kathy and herself. She then sends Kathy a very nasty email. (cannot recall what was contained in the email). Kathy is alarmed – she acted with good faith. She calls Ruth on the phone – can she make a complaint about this? As Joan is  the webhostess, and commentors are required to leave a valid email, the webhost(ess) canNOT use those emails to send angry and threatening emails to commentors. Kathy files a complaint with WordPress. At the same time, Joan leaves a blogpost giving her opinion on gay and lesbians adopting children. Joan, who routinely bullys anyone who adopts makes comments that were discriminatory against the gay community. Apparently, a gay person lodged a complaint to WordPress about it and WordPress went into Joan’s blog and removed both the gay post and the Yom Kippur post. Joan goes off on a rant – saying she will not be censored! She will find a website that she will pay for out of her own pocket so she can not be censored. Because Joan had already dismantled her first blog, Kathy did not see the “warning” to “The Three Sippel Sisters” – she was able to see a Google cache of it. Because of the complete turn-around of Joan to Kathy (a repeat of her behavior to Ruth in 2003-2004), and her lies on the online article, and Joan’s “warning” to her sisters,Kathy and Ruth agree to begin to monitor what Joan says on the internet about them.  (later on, Joan goes on the internet and accuses The Three Sippel Sisters as being responsible for shutting down her first two blogs. This is false, because Joan shut those blogs down herself).

At this time, Kathy, who had used her real name on Joan’s blog, but did not identify herself as Joan’s birth sister, started her own blog “Chayelet’s Blog.” There are only a few posts on this blog, that do use Kathy’s real name, but still does not identify herself as a birth sister of Joan’s. Kathy writes: “With regard to my comment on your post ‘On the Conclusion of Yom Kippur…’. I am sorry that you chose to misunderstand my intention-which was merely to point out the correct purpose and customs of observing this most holy day in the Jewish calendar.I wrote that comment in good faith, and not with an accusing finger, but I cannot control how you choose to interpret it. I wrote using my username, as I am entitled to do. As regards your unprofessional conduct in contacting me on my private email address, and your further posts regarding my comment, all I can say is – I did not use my religion to get at you or bait you- you yourself chose to use an observance of my religion as the headline and basis for your blog.” The rest of Chayelet’s blog contains only general statements on Kathy’s stand regarding her intention not to be baited, nor abused by Joan and distancing herself from Joan.

Around the first week of November, Joan made an announcement on her website that her book has been published by Trafford Publications and would be available through Trafford and Amazon.com. Kathy and Ruth, knowing that Joan has already put out lies about us on the comment section of the article, “Adoptees face Sting of Discrimination,” they decide to set up their own blog to refute any lies that they knew would be in the book. How did they know there would be lies? Because they had had many years of experiencing lies and betrayals from Joan already. They simply knew her character.

The second week of November, Ruth opens an account with WordPress and begins to build her blog. Not knowing what to call her blog, when she first started it, she simply typed in her name Ruth Sippel Pace. She named the blog “Refuting Lies” and for her first post, and to experiment with the blog, she posted a Happy Thanksgiving graphic. She posted several introductory posts that wasn’t even about Joan or her book. Ruth was trying to get to know how WordPress  worked. Several of the initial posts were deleted, the Happy Thanksgiving one was deleted. Some of the graphics that Ruth posted weren’t showing up the way she wanted them to appear. The order they appeared in wasn’t the way she wanted them. Ruth decides to “shop around” for a new blog host, but ultimately decides to stay with WordPress.

The third week of November Joan’s book was available on Amazon.com and Kathy and Ruth purchase copies of it. Also during the third week of November, on the anti-adoption site, The Daily Bastardette, was a promotional post about Joan Wheeler’s new book.

Ruth received her copy it the first week of December. When she opened it up and merely skimmed through it, she was appalled at the lies in it. And was understandably livid. She remembered The Daily Bastardette post promoting the book and left a nice comment (despite her anger). She identified herself for the first time on the internet by name as one of the birth sisters of Joan Wheeler and the book contained many lies. The webhostess did not post her comment. It was because of the gross lies that Ruth read in the book when she had only skimmed through it the first half hour that she owned it, and the realization that Joan was getting other adoptees to promote and read this lying book, that Ruth went full ahead with her blog, renaming it “Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family.”

Ruth’s blog was only in full force for a week when Joan Wheeler became aware of it and went off on her website. On three seperate rants on December 10, she goes off with spews of hatred, lies and threats.

15. 2010

Having finally received her copy of the book, Gert calls Kathy and Ruth on the phone. She had been aware of Ruth and Kathy’s blogs, but not having access to the internet, did not see them.” When she started reading the book, she wished to comment on it. Gert then went to a public library, and using a public computer, set up an email account. When Gert wished something posted on Ruth’s blog, she would type it out and email it to Ruth, who then posted it on the blog. So this makes Joan’s statement in December 2009 that Gert had “backed off” from any internet usage a falsehood. Gert did not need to “back off” because she had not been on the internet in the first place. This shows us that Joan Wheeler deals with false facts, assumptions and delusions. And out and out lies.

September – Ruth purchaes a small Acer Aspire One netbook for portability with her writing projects. Many times she comes into work an hour before her shift starts, or during her lunch break  to work on her blog or on The Ari Chronciles, the newsletter of her Star Trek group. She sometimes uses the complimentary wireless internet service provided by her employer, which is totally legal and acceptable to her employer. The several times that Ruth had looked at Joan’s blog via this wireless service, and an IP address was captured by Joan, Joan accused Ruth of using several hospital-owned computers to access her blog. Ruth makes a blogpost explaining that many times when a computer is shut down, the IP address can be reset, and she does not use her employers computers for personal use, but uses her own net book. As usual, Joan ASSUMES things that Ruth is doing and ACCUSES Ruth of doing things that she isn’t. As usual, Joan has absolutely no idea of what is really going on, but lets her delusional brain think up scenarios and then reports those speculative (and WRONG) actions as FALSE FACTS.

16. 2011
In the summer of 2011, Gert purchases a small Acer Aspire One netbook, similar to the one that Ruth has, for the purpose of portability with her writing. In July, Gert decides to set up her own blog, a sister-blog to Ruth’s blog.


Gert here…very good time-line! excellent in fact!!

Just want to clarify a couple of things. I believe it was around 1991/92 when I began being tutored, by my mentor, in writing and computer skills. We started out with DOS, eventually getting into various desk-top publishing programs. Our AOL account was used strickly for our subject matter and for teaching purposes. There was only one time, 1998, that someone contacted me, via AOL, about something Joan’s husband said to which Joan contacted me, via Ruth. I wrote a letter to Joan to ‘go away’.

The internet access I had via my employer was strickly monitored…by the Department of Defense and if there was any misuse I would not be allowed to use it. That never happened because I never misused it, by going on the internet.

After my retirement I wanted NOTHING to do with computers, except for my own personal use for my hobbies and ‘real’ letters. It was NOT until Joan Wheeler published that libelous book that I got on the Internet to help refute the lies.




1. gertmcqueen - March 29, 2012

Gert here…very good time-line! excellent in fact!!

Just want to clarify a couple of things. I believe it was around 1991/92 when I began being tutored, by my mentor, in writing and computer skills. We started out with DOS, eventually getting into various desk-top publishing programs. Our AOL account was used strickly for our subject matter and for teaching purposes. There was only one time, 1998, that someone contacted me, via AOL, about something Joan’s husband said to which Joan contacted me, via Ruth. I wrote a letter to Joan to ‘go away’.

The internet access I had via my employer was strickly monitored…by the Department of Defense and if there was any misuse I would not be allowed to use it. That never happened because I never misused it, by going on the internet.

After my retirement I wanted NOTHING to do with computers, except for my own personal use for my hobbies and ‘real’ letters. It was NOT until Joan Wheeler published that libelous book that I got on the Internet to help refute the lies.

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