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Joan Wheeler can’t tell the difference between a dog and a cat part 2 April 29, 2012

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In her stupid lying book, Joan Wheeler reports that my pet Brandy was a cat. WRONG. She was a DOG. – get your stupid facts straight when you write a “true” book. ha ha ha

this is me and my DOG – Brandy.

and this is her DOG license:

See Spot run. No – that’s Brandy, not Spot. See Joan confused. See Fluffy the cat? No, no cat. Dog.

Can you spell the word dog? – all together now:  D   O  G –

Can you spell the word cat? – alltogher now:  C A T –

Can you read the above document from the City of Buffalo? – Can you find right on the top of the document that says DOG LICENSE? You can? Very good. And what is the name of the breed of the dog listed on the document? – Alaskan Malamute. Do you know what that means class? An Alaskan Malamute is similar to the breed Siberian Husky. The Alaskan Malamute is larger and heavier than a Husky. Huskies go up to about 45 pounds. Brandy was 65 pounds.

Now class – American Domestic cats generally are about 9 – 12 pounds. Very much smaller than a 65 pound Alaskan Malamute pure bred DOG. In 1993 when I got Brandy the DOG, my husband and I had three cats: Samantha, PeeWee and Muffy. In 1992, I had put my other cat Francoise down. Joan reports in her book that in 1993 I had two cats named Brandy and Francoise.

The picture of me and my pet DOG Brandy shows that she is of the CANINE species.

Cats are FELINES.

There is  a difference. Would someone please explain that to Joan?  ruff ruff – want a MilkBone?

Now here is a scan of Brandy the DOG’S vet bill:

Well, class – what can we see from this document. That the animal’s name is Brandy – and what type of animal does the vet indicate this is? Why yes – it is DOG – and greater than 40 pounds! Wow!  It does not say CAT anywhere – so where does Joan in her moronic mind figure out that Brandy is of the feline persuasion is beyond me. And I feel sorry for the Buffalo Police Department when a top-notch detective is also calling Brandy a cat and is reporting the wrong name on my telephone bill. –

Or could it have been Joan writing in her book falsehoods – and putting words in the detective’s mouth? Considering how the book is full of falsehoods and whole conversations stuffed into MY mouth when I never said them – I would say that that is what is going on. So take your pick Joan – either you’re a liar – or you really are that stupid that you can’t tell the difference between a cat and a dog. Either way you answer the question – you’re on the hot seat – and I can tell which way Joan will answer – she will ignore it. She refuses to answer anything that we have the proof for.  She keeps hoping that we will go away and shut up so that we can shut our blogs down and take away the proof that she lied in her book. This is why she won’t answer our specific questions. Like a true little brat, she will hide under her bedcovers – trying to get away from the boogie-man in her life – our exposing blogs. And to further put the pressure on us – she dreams up a knight in shining armor – someone called Brian/Pilgrim/Champ. Ah, but Champ’s armor does not shine – it is rusted and dented with the lies and crap from Joan the Moron. Childhood is over Joni – you’re playing with the big girls now.

1. Ruth

Joan will probably say (with a whine) “Well, I don’t know – how am I’m supposed to know what goes on in Ruth’s house.”

PRECISELY! Joan writes about speculations. But in this instance, she was writing in her book about an incident about annoyance phone calls with a police detective. She quotes the detective as saying, “Who is Brandy Sippel?” And Joan says “She’s her cat.” And the detective says, “well she’s got her phone number in Brandy’s name.” Then Joan says “She’s probably got her other cat Francoise paying the gas bill.”

BUT in a letter Joan wrote to my niece Karen, she admits to knowing that my phone bill was under the name of BRITTANY Sippel. Which I did to keep people from finding out my phone number. So if she knew it was in the name of BRITTANY, and not BRANDY, why did she put a different name in the book? OH – she was trying to protect my identity – sure – I believe that one – NOT!

But here – she has the detective saying that I’ve got the phone in my CAT’S name – she didn’t say DOG! – So her assertions that her book is truthful are nothing but lies in themselves.

Let this be a lesson to those who are trying to write a tell-all book – GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT – because if you don’t – you’re gonna end up looking like Joan is right now – a moron.



message to Joan Wheeler: I don’t play games with little brats April 29, 2012

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I refuse to be intimidated by Joan Wheeler, who in the past few days, in her alter-ego of Chimp, puts down my being a Trekker.

In an episode of The Original Series, Capt. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter a seemingly omnipotent being, who called himself The Squire (retired) of Gothos. His name was Trelane, and he put Captain Kirk through some pretty tough trials. Then it came out that Trelane was playing a game – and in reality, he was actually a child. He had taken on the form of an adult human, but was really a child. But even before this fact was discovered, Captain Kirk made it quite clear that he was not going to play games with Trelane.

And so have I. I may place some humorous things on this blog, but make no mistake – I am not playing games with Joan Wheeler. Joan Wheeler is a bully, and bullies are not to be taken lightly. Yes, I laugh at some of Joan’s antics, but I do not dismiss the fact that Joan Wheeler is a clearly mentally ill person who is in dire need of some psych meds. Because even though Joan looks like a 56 year old adult human woman, she acts like a little brat. Her behavior this past week shows what a little brat she is. (nyah, nyah, RuthIE, nyah nyah). ha ha ha ha. brat.

Joan is disgusting to put me down for liking Star Trek, when in fact, she herself was a Trek fan. She wrote a fan letter to Leonard Nimoy when she was a teenager. And accompanied me to a Star Trek Convention in New York City in 1975 and attended a Trek convention in Buffalo in 1980. She even wrote about us going to the 1975 convention in her book. So who the hell does she think she is?  Now supposedly, Chimp is a friend of hers coming to her defense. Chimp claims to have read her book, so Chimp knows of Joan’s past liking of Star Trek. Chimp goes out of “his” way to put me down for liking Star Trek – but says nothing about Joan’s liking of Star Trek. Chimp is trying to point out that in his coming to Joan’s defense, he is showing what a true blue friend he is. Well, true blue friends don’t put down someone who likes a tv show that their “friend” also likes. Because if you are putting people down for liking a particular tv show, you are including your friend as well. Didn’t think of that did you Chimp/Joan? Because your logic is faulty. As we have been pointing out again and again on this blog and elsewhere.

But hey – if you want to keep posting your illogic, knock yourself out. Because you are documenting for the entire world what a nutcase you are.


a short announcement to Joan Wheeler April 28, 2012

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In your book, Forbidden Family, you put me down for liking horror movies. I say “Screw you. I will like what ever movies I want. You ain’t the boss of me. I don’t give a damn if you don’t like the fact that I like  horror movies.”

Got a problem with me liking horror movies? Anybody? Too damn bad. 

And Joan, when you put me down for something that I like, you showed yourself for what you are – a bigoted bitch who places value judgments on people. What does the fact that I like horror movies have to do with your adoption, our reunion, or adoption reform? Nothing. Therefore, it does not belong in your book. You once said you only wrote about us when our lives intersected with yours. – The fact that I like something that you don’t is not an intersection of our lives. The fact that you further put me down for something that I like shows you are a bully.

I predict – (cos I can foretell what Joan will do – not that hard because like all immature little bitch bullies, she is so predictable) – a new post by Joan in her alter-ego of Champ will appear, with nasty hateful little comments about me liking horror movies. Despite the fact that Chimp, um I mean “Champ” preaches about us throwing hate at Joan, Chimp throws a lot of hate at us. So “he” is no better than us.

HA HA HA HA HA –  I can always count on Joan to give me a good laugh.

Proof positive that Joan Wheeler is a hypocritical ridiculing bully. April 28, 2012

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Joan Wheeler is such a hypocrite.

On March 14, 2012, Joan Wheeler posted the following quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer: “A mind at peace centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.” She then has a quote from a self-made guru from several years ago talking about Taoism and self-actualization and self improvement.

I think she put that stuff on her website as a hint to Gert and me that perhaps we should not write any more on our blogs. Meaning, she’s hoping we will stop exposing her lies.

I know one thing for certain, she didn’t put that stuff on her blog to reflect HER peaceful mind that is centered and not focused on not harming others.

Because she knows damn well I don’t like being called Ruthie. and what does she do on that thread over at Adoptive Families Circle? She goes out of her way to call me Ruthie – as a dig. Then she dreams up an imaginary playmate called Pilgrim and Champ, and names him Brian. And as Pilgrim/Champ/Brian, further calls me Ruthie several times, then puts me down for liking Star Trek. And in her book, she ridicules me for liking horror movies.

And in her book, she also puts down people living in trailer parks, calling them trailer trash. She forgot that our own brother Butch and his wife lived in a trailer park when they first moved to Arizona in 1976. Was my late brother TRASH Joan?

She sure likes to lay on the name-calling and ridiculing of people on where they live and what they like. In her book, she put down the people living on the East Side of Buffalo (inner city) and ridiculed my involvement in community block clubs – she said the conditions in my area were “deterioting.” Uh DUH! – That’s the reason I became involved in the block club – TO IMPROVE THE CONDITIONS OF MY COMMUNITY.

So getting back to the ridiculing of me for what I like and dislike. Only a schoolyard bully does that people. But haven’t Gert and I been telling you all along on our blogs that this is what Joan is? –  A BULLY! AND A NASTY ONE AT THAT.

“Oh RuthIE – you like horror movies and Star Trek, oh RuthIE get on a starship and fly away – you are dismissed.”

oh my god – do you people see what a BITCH she is?

So – there is more proof that Joan and Pilgrim/Champ/Brian are one and the same. She ridicules me in my choice of what of I wish to called. She ridicules me as RuthIE on her post signed Half Orphan, and ridicules me as RuthIE in the posts attributed to Pilgrim/Champ/Brian. She ridicules me in her book for liking a certain genre of movies. She ridicules me for liking a certain TV show in the posts attributed to Pilgrim/Champ/Brian.

And this all from April 23, 2012 – a mere five and a half weeks after she posted that little ditty from Dr. Dyer. – You know – the one that’s plastered on her website dated March 14, 2012 – the one that I quoted at the beginning of this post – you know – the one that says “a mind at peace and not focused on harming others…”?

Yeah – that’s the one. I guess she didn’t learn Dr. Dyer’s lesson very well.

On our blogs, Gert and I refute the lies that Joan has told about us in her book, in person, and on various places on the internet. We have outlined her harassments to us. We have never stooped to ridiculing her for her likes and dislikes. For example, I know she likes Irish folksinging. I have never put her down for that. I know that she likes Peter Paul and Mary. I have never put her down for that.

I have concentrated on her words and deeds when they are/were detrimental to me or my family. I have never attacked her for her likes and dislikes. But as we see, in the following screenshots – how Joan Wheeler, the 56 year old schoolyard bully attacks me and puts me down for my choice in what I don’t like to be called.

I’ve been called names all my life. I am not defined by that crap. I am not losing any sleep because Joan puts me down for my name and my liking Star Trek.

By the way, Joan, our mother’s middle name was RUTH. As is my first name. RUTH. with no y or ie at the end. That is what her name was, and that is what is on my birth certificate. That is what my mother wished me to be called. For you to ridicule that name – you are ridiculing my mother’s choice in what she wanted me to be called.

Put your head down in shame. Bully.

Joan’s website showing her post of March 14, 2012

here is the proof that she called me Ruthie

and here is her signature at the bottom of the post, dated April 23, 2012

Joan Wheeler – hypocritical bully. shame on you.

looking for some great info on Joan Wheeler April 26, 2012

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come on over to Gert’s blog

April 26, 2012

Joan Wheeler has multiple personalities or she has some fool that has no voice of their own and can only speak the same language as Joan who tells them what to say and how to say it!


Ruth answers Champ April 26, 2012

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So in her latest cyberbullying attack on her birth sisters, Joan uses one of her multiple personalities called Champ.  She really shows her true self in this piece of garbage. Despite her recent posts on her Forbidden Family website promoting peace, respect and love, and not harming anyone, and despite knowing full well that I don’t like to be called Ruthie, she goes out of her way to shove that name at me. So does she think she has hurt me? No, I don’t like to be called Ruthie, but dayam, I ain’t gonna lose any sleep over it. All she accomplished was to show the entire world what a bitch she is.

Gert has already torn apart this Champ in her post “Joan Wheeler has a new friend, by the name of Champ! don’t tell her we know, wink, wink!” – and I already placed a comment on it. (a good one too!)

Now supposedly, Champ is not Joan, but a good friend of Joan’s – but on the post, refuses to give his name. He says his name is not important. Oh yes it is buddy – because when you put shit out about someone on the internet (or anywhere for that matter, you show the world what you really are – a snively little gossip mongering COWARD.  But in reading the post, and reading between the line, Gert and I can see that Champ is no man, (double entrende intended)  but Joan herself. Because of the rhetoric, use of language, phrases, – see, we have been dealing with Joan’s bullshit writings far longer than she has been on the internet – for over 30 years. And we have read her writings, her filthy book, and a lot of other crap she has put out – for over 30 years. We have dealt with her in person, and on the phone. We have been in intimate conversations with her, arguments, and even screaming matches with her. We know how she thinks and we can recognize her foul stench for parsecs.

This is how Joan fantasizes herself as Champ – stepping on Ruthie. But you know, it certainly goes against her latest posting of promoting respect and not harming anyone – but we all know she’s a hypocrite.

So Champ – in my comment to Gert’s post, I said I had something for you – here you go – here’s one for starters –

and I got a whole box for you – in large size too! Just to fill your huge mouth.

Go get ’em Champ boy! ruff, ruff.

MilkBones are great. I used to give them to my Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute – Brandy. Brandy was a such a sweetheart – 65 pounds of love.  Now silly ass Joan in her book, relates a conversation she is having with a police detective about me and annoyance phone calls. At that time, I had my phone bill under the name of Brittany Sippel – to ward off people getting my phone number. In a letter Joan wrote to my niece Karen, Joan admits to knowing that my phone was listed under Brittany Sippel, but in her book, during this fictious conversation with the police detective, she has him saying to her, “Who’s Brandy Sippel?” and Joan says, “that’s Ruth’s cat. Why?” and the detective says, “well she’s got her phone number listed under Brandy Sippel.”

So what does this prove? That Joan can’t tell the difference between a cat and a dog, and by her own letter to Karen that says BRITTANY, not BRANDY – we see her book is not the truth. And the real DOG is Joan “Champ” Wheeler.

an observation by Donald Duck, and I gotta say, I agree with him. I have to stop saying it to. April 25, 2012

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1. gertmcqueen – 

If it looks like a duck and walks/quack/flies etc. like a duck, it is a duck. (humorous)

used to say that something is probably exactly what it seems to be and we should trust our judgment about it

The term generally applies to situations that may have been presented as one thing but are actually something else. It can also apply to situations that are self-evident or obvious to anyone.

Ruth – 
            Gert says: “It can also apply to situations that are self-evident or obvious to anyone.”

I would add to that – obvious to any or every one.”

And as Forrest Gump said: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

And my goodness, stupid really came out yesterday!! – does she want another MilkBone?

Joan Wheeler is at it again, browbeating an adoptive mother (the actress Edie Falco) using a FACEBOOK account! – new post by Gert McQueen on her blog! April 18, 2012

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you guys really need to check this out!

Joan Wheeler is at it again, browbeating an adoptive mother (the actress Edie Falco) using a FACEBOOK account!

and not only does Joan show us for the HYPOCRITE that she is – another sicko adoptee from the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum shows what a sick brain she has – she says someone should soak a sock in gasoline, stuff it in Edie Falco’s mouth and set it on fire! – what the hell is wrong with these people? They need to be locked up!


Joan Wheeler needs to stop spreading the same old gossip and lies her adoptive mother filled her head up with. April 16, 2012

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On Sunday, April 15, 2012, on the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum,  Joan writes this following comment:

Re: Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption: Conference, NYC, October 2012
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 04:47:03 PM » 

My adoptive mother always rescued orphans — baby birds, baby rabbits, puppies, kittens — she was raised in an orphange. It made her feel good to take in “strays”. And, no doubt, she loved animals and the other children she helped raise. I was the only one adopted. Yeah, there was that certain outlook in our home. At one point, Mom threw it in my face that “When we got you, you had sores all over your body!” And she said it with such sarcastic, rub it in your face kinda tone. Alright, I was an infant of 4 months, was that MY fault? Did that mean they rescued me?

On March 25, 2010, I blogged about this crap in my post “Joan tells a vicious lie about her own godparents on page 319 of Forbidden Family”   Here is an excerpt of that post:
On page 319, Joan writes: “I also suffered through inconsistency of primary care as my mother lay dying in a hospital room. When I was released from the hospital my godparents took me in. As my adoptive mother told me, when I was four months old my father handed me over to them in family court. They took me home and were shocked to find body sores. My godparents, I was told by my adoptive mother, didn’t take good hygienic care of me in the few weeks they had me. My new parents nursed me back to health and made me feel guilty for it years later. “You had sores all over your body when we got you!” Mom yelled at me. I never understood why she yelled at me as I grew up. She made me feel as if it were my fault. Perhaps I should feel grateful that I was saved.”

On Friday, March 19, 2010, at 8pm, I spoke on the phone with my uncle, who was Joan’s godfather and who took care of her while my mother was in the hospital. My uncle says that Joan had impetigo, and she had them when she was discharged from the hospital. He told me his wife did everything she could to clear up the rash, and was just getting a hold of it, when my father came for Joan and gave her to the Wheelers. My uncle said, “Ann raised 4 children and did the best job. She took good care of Joan.” My uncle was outraged to hear this lie about him and his late wife. He also told me he had already fired off an email to Joan to “straighten her out.”

 So once again, we see how Joan takes something that was told to her and instead of researching it, repeats the lie. She has had many opportunities in the past to ask our uncle if this story was true. But then again, could we have trusted Joan to tell the truth? No, because we see again and again, that Joan interprets facts to support her conclusions about things, if not outright lying about things.

Joan does say in her book and on the internet that her adoptive mother told her this nonsense about her having “body sores.” But does she tell her readers the truth of this gossip mongering? Does she defend her birth-uncle? NO! But all over her book and on the internet, she’s admonishing both her birth and adoptive families for gossip mongering!

She may have said on page 319 of her book that it was her adoptive mother that told her this crap – but she doesn’t follow through with THE TRUTH! And leaves her readers thinking this was the truth – when it wasn’t! Readers of her both her book and this latest retelling of this gossip on the adoptee forum, will leave with the impression that my uncle and his wife didn’t take good care of Joan while she lived with her. This is poor writing at best, and at worst, leaves the reader believing a piece of trashy gossip. Nice going Joan, I though all over your book you don’t like gossip mongering. I thought your book was the truth.

By leaving that vital piece of information out, Joan’s book is NOT the truth – and the result? My uncle was livid when I told him what was in the book. And he wants nothing more to do with her. She was kicked off his facebook page, and just recently his daughter, who just hadn’t gotten around to it before, kicked Joan off her facebook page.

So I suppose I will get the blame there. Of course, as usual, Joan does or says something stupid, insults people and gets them mad at her. And as usual, Ruth will get the blame. Yes, yes, it was Ruth who told her uncle and cousin what was in the book, so I am guilty of reporting it. But am I guilty of writing that gossip in the first place? NO! But Joan, in her diseased mind, will NOT take responsibility for her own actions. She will stew about her uncle and cousin not wanting contact with her, and think to herself, “It’s Ruth’s fault. She told them.” Never mind that they can read English and find that shit out for themselves. Everything all boils down to being Ruth’s fault. Ruth does nothing – but it’s all her fault.

That adoptive mother of Joan’s was a sick individual – she talked trash about us – the birth family and Joan came away believing it. And if she “re-writes” her book and explains that she had impetigo from the hospital – she had better give me credit for it – because as of March 2010, it was ME who reported the truth, and my uncle will not have told her about it – because he wants nothing more to do with her. And if the re-write contains this truth – it will show that she was NOT forthcoming with the truth in the first edition – which means all her statements that her book is a truthful account — FALSE!

1. gertmcqueenApril 16, 2012

Gert here…

And Joan, on her web page, wants to impress people with her ‘not harming people’!!! What a laugh!! Joan doesn’t have a decent bone in her body. All she can do is repeat lies and negative impressions about people, in this case, the birth family. Apparently Joan never was taught that ‘if you don’t have a nice thing to say about someone…keep your mouth shut’.

The birth family’s exposing of Joan’s words and deeds is just that….EXPOSING…the hate, the anger, the negativity that Joan has for any one who opposes her view…she is a very dangerous, vile person. We will continue to point out all these hateful words from Joan’s mouth until she learns to speak with dignity and respect of the birth family.

this particular lie and the retelling of it, is not only disgusting but it proves that Joan has no regard for those, birth relatives, that took care of her. Joan ought to hang her head in shame.

if she has a beef with the adoptive mother, say so, but Joan needs to stop repeating hateful, lies about people that are blood relatives.


The latest “wisdom” from Joan Wheeler, um, well, actually, she’s trying to show that she has some widsom April 14, 2012

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I rarely go over to Joan Wheeler’s website – because it’s all the same bullshit over and over. anti-adoption, and how Joan has suffered because of her adoption. Ho-Hum.


But this morning, I went over there and found this little ditty that she put up:
A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. – Wayne Dyer

I like Dr. Dyer. I have several audio cassettes and cd’s of his  motivational lectures. But I think Joan is just trying as usual to pump herself up for her blog-readers. Well, actually, what is going on, is Joan is trying to “stick it” to us again. She has found out the past 2 and a half years that she can’t shut us up. Since we’ve had this blog, and were successful in getting her filthy book pulled from publication, Joan has tried to shut us up several ways.

She went to the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum and incited them to come over to this blog and try to shut us “fuckheads” down. (Her words: “If enough of us complain to wordpress, we can shut those fuckheads down.” And a whole bunch of them came over and left obscene messages here. That was in February 2010. She tried it again in May 2010. A few of them came over. She tried again several months later. Nobody came. She got her then-boyfriend to do it. He left a couple of nasty messages here. She got Susan Thompson Underdahl to try some shit with us. Failed. Just as in the past, she tried to get Rene Hoksbergen (in 1993) to help her extort money from Kathy. And this was just 3 years after she stole hundreds of dollars from me.

She put up a “cyber-bullying” blog to show that we birth sisters of hers are cyber-bullying” her because we dare to take lies from her book and tell the truth. This so-called cyber-bullying” page is in itself an act of cyber-bullying by Joan of us, because it is full of our personal information. And twisted lies.

She keeps saying all over the internet that because we dared to speak up about the truth of our own lives, we are “hurting” her. We are “harassing” her. We are “running her into the ground.” We are making her “go inside herself.” We are making her “have panic and anxiety attacks and be depressed.” – all this, because we find a lie she said about us and we told the truth.

And the worst thing she did was enlist her then-boyfriend to write a hate message in my father’s memorial book in the funeral home, just across the room from my father’s body.

She posted some lying crap about my grandfather on the Huffington Post, and the results were that she got kicked off that website.

On March 5, 2012, she left her first and only comment to this blog, taking a past post of mine, and taking things out of context, tried to show that I was inciting her to commit suicide. I picked about her comment, and even posted an actual photograph of Joan that showed a line in her comment was a lie.

Now we have this quote from Dr. Dyer. Is it to show how progessive she is in her thinking? No, not by a long shot.

Here is the quote again, and pay attention to the bolded words:  A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.

No, Joan didn’t put that quote up there to help anyone (not even herself), or to show that she’s getting some wisdom – she put that up there to try to “teach” us nasty birth sisters to stop “harming” her.

We’ve been accused of all sorts of harm to Joan. The big one that I was accused of was calling child abuse on her in December 1994 and saying that she and my then-fiance were sexually abusing her children. The caller identified themself as me.

I have posted actual written letter BY JOAN to my fiance and his mother after this child abuse call. In it, she is telling John to leave me, trying to get his mother to turn against me.

In the months before the abuse call was made, Joan was on the phone with my employer calling them almost every day to get me fired over a false accusation that I had hacked into my employer’s computers and tampered with her medical bill. I was investigated and found innocent. Joan says again on her cyber-bullying page that I am a computer hacker. So in 1994, she couldn’t get me fired, so she calls child abuse on herself, and gives my name as the caller, names my fiance as the abuser. This was a blatant attempt to break me and John up. Didn’t work, the fiance is now my husband – 10 years now. – This was also the time frame (1993-1995) that Joan’s own marriage was breaking up.

I’ve been accused of other “harms” to her – read this blog – you’ll find them all documented here.

So now we have Joan, trying to give some “anti-harm” wisdom. Oh really Joan, you’ll have to do better than that. – For one thing, to soothe your guilty conscience, you need to read that page at the top and on the right side menu – “What is demanded of Joan Wheeler.” and I have copied and pasted that entire list of demands at the end of this post.

No, reader, Joan Wheeler is not Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. In reality, she is Ms. Bull-Shit-Boots.

“Anti-harm” wisdom? oh puh-leaze Joan. Like you didn’t mean to harm me when you called my employer repeatedly to get me fired? Like you didn’t me to harm us when you called us “fuckheads” on the adoptee forum? Like you didn’t mean to harm us when you told all those filthy lies in your book? Like you didn’t mean to harm us in that filty rant of yours on your blog in December 2009 when you threatened to expose “all the dirty little secrets” you think we sisters have? That’s called emotional blackmail Joan – and it is HARM. And readers, I have challenged Joan many times in the past on this blog to come forth and tell everybody just what dirty little secrets she thinks she has over us. I challenged her again last month! We have no “dirty little secrets” to have exposed.

So you see reader, what a sniveling little bull-shitter Joan Wheeler is. And a low-down hypocrite.

“A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.”

Right Joan – if I were you, I would read those words very carefully, over and over and then read this list of demands again. Only one demand has been met, the pulling of the book off the market, and it wasn’t done voluntarily by Joan. We birth sisters did it. By showing documented proof – actual court documents – that Joan Wheeler HARMED us by slandering us in her book.

What is demanded from Joan Wheeler
The Three Sippel Sisters, having read the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler, have discovered many many falsehoods, lies, misrepresentations, and false accusations of us, our family members, our family situation, and even some of our friends. Ms. Wheeler has also been on her website and various places on the internet spreading these same lies and accusations.

The purpose of this blog is to refute and debunk Ms. Wheeler’s statements that she puts forth in her book and on the internet. We also will discuss Ms. Wheeler’s behavior in real life, because it is detrimental to us and our family.

The Three Sippel Sisters demand the following:

1. Public apology and retraction from Joan Wheeler for the following:

1.Falsely accusing Gert of repeatedly sexually molesting Ms. Wheeler.
2.Falsely accusing Ruth of having a criminal record and being placed on probation.
3.Falsely accusing Ruth of calling child abuse on Ms. Wheeler in December 1994. In the book, she lists it as happening in 1993, on the internet in May and September 2010, she lists it as 1996. – (only a liar can’t keep dates straight – I have scanned and posted an actual letter sent by Joan dated December 1994 to New York State Child Abuse authorities and in it she states the call was made Dec. 1994. Why are there 3 different years listed by Joan in this letter, in her book, and on the internet?
4.Falsely asserting that there was a 3 month court battle in the spring of 1994 over this child abuse call. (which according to her letter didn’t occur until months later, and on the internet, years later). There was never a 3 month court battle between Joan and Ruth. and again, why does she keep mixing up the date of the call? Perhaps because she keeps lying about it.
5.Falsely accusing Ruth of hacking into computers where Ruth works and tampering with Ms. Wheeler’s medical bill in late 1994.
6.For six months of almost daily phone calls placed to Ruth’s place of employment for the purpose of Ruth losing her job. This was AFTER Ruth’s employer’s investigated Joan’s complaint in the fall of 1994, determined that Ruth was innocent, informed Joan of this, yet Joan continued into the spring of 1995 with calling various departments in the hospital and falsely informing them that Ruth did tamper with her bill.
7.Falsely asserting that Ms. Wheeler has had “multiple orders of protection” against the 3 Sippel Sisters.
8.Falsely asserting that the one and only Order of Protection Ms. Wheeler ever received (against Ruth) was for one year, when in reality it was for 6 months.
9.Falsely asserting that the 3 Sippel Sisters repeatedly interfere with Ms. Wheeler’s life and harass her.
10.For using our picture on the back cover of her book without our permission. The book is used for monetary gain, therefore, Ms. Wheeler is making money from our likeness.
11.For writing letters to Anthony J. Masiello, when he was mayor of the city of Buffalo and other elected officials, giving them personal and private details of Ruth’s life, thereby invading Ruth’s privacy.
12.For stealing Kathy’s money and belongings in 1993.
13.For stealing Ruth’s money in 1990 and the bead trim off the wedding dress of our mother, which was Ruth’s property.
14.An apology and explanation that Ms. Wheeler lied to Professor Rene Hoksbergen, and asked him to interfere with Kathy’s life in 1993, thereby invading Kathy’s privacy.
15.For all lies and misrepresentations that are contained in the book and on her website.

2. Joan WILL comply with the following:

1.The complete pulling of the book Forbidden Family off the market.
2. Full return of Kathy’s money and belongings that was stolen by Ms. Wheeler in 1993.
3.Full return of Ruth’s money that was stolen by Ms. Wheeler in 1990
4.The cessation of posting any more about her sisters ANYwhere on the internet, except when discussing her adoption and she is to limit her discussion of her sisters to say that she has 3 older birth sisters, one who first made the contact with her, and due to personality conflicts, any reunion between Joan and her 3 birth sisters has been terminated.
3. Ms. Wheeler will cease her public statements that:

1.Our father was coerced into relinquishing her for adoption. It has always been his assertion that he was NOT coerced.
2. The 3 Sippel Sisters are “trashing” her on the internet via “multiple” adoption reform sites.
4. We Three Sippel Sisters further demand a public apology from Professor Rene Hoksbergen for his interference with Kathy in 1993, and his recent “professional” review of the book Forbidden Family, wherein, he is guilty of spreading a false allegation of sexual abuse by the person of Gertrude McQueen. Professor Hoksbergen did not check any “facts” that Joan Wheeler alleges, and therefore he is guilty also of damaging the reputation of Mrs. McQueen, and the other two Sippel Sisters.

Unless and until ALL these listed items are complied with by Joan Wheeler, (and Professor Hoksbergen), this blog will remain an active blog with every printed lie, misrepresentation, or misdeed of Joan Wheeler’s, either in the book, or on the internet, or real life, WILL be refuted and the truth WILL be documented.  Further, any future lies, falsehoods, misrepresentations, and further invasion of the privacy of The Three Sippel Sisters, their families and friends, will result in the continuation of this blog.

ALSO: Ruth hereby demands that Joan Wheeler’s ex-husband Colby Allen Bell repay every penny of the money he stole from her in 1990. – $490.00. He withdrew $500.00 from the joint checking account that Ruth had with them to purchase real estate (with her permission) to purchase a case of fireworks. Colby was supposed to replace that money when the fireworks were sold. He did not. He repaid Ruth only $10.00.

Further, in 1991, 3 ATM withdrawals were made totalling $400.00 from Joan and Colby’s checking account, causing their rent check to bounce. Joan and Colby accused Ruth of doing it. The following year, Colby was caught on a student video, admitting that it was HE who withdrew the money to support his  habit of frequenting strip joints.

Ruth demands a formal and public apology from Colby from his theft of her money and a formal and public apology  from both Joan and Colby concerning the accusation that she illegally made ATM withdrawals, which could have resulted with a criminal investigation of her by the bank and law enforcement. This could have damaged her reputation irreparably.

Again, until ALL demands here listed are FULLY met, this blog will remain active and the public shall know just what kind of persons Joan Wheeler and her ex-husband are.

2. gertmcqueenApril 14, 2012

Gert here…

very interesting!! So Joan put this little ditty up yesterday? after I posted on my blog

Do we see Joan Wheeler’s childhood anywhere in here? And is it possible for her to ‘heal’ herself?
which contains the article—
7 Steps to Lasting Change: Finding Freedom from Addiction by Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P.

In the article he focuses on Childhood Roots of Addiction…

and my point is that Joan Wheeler has had a childhood of many abuses and she has NOT addressed them and that is WHY she is so hateful and angry.

Joan…your karma is catching up to you…you can’t get away from it.

3. RuthApril 14, 2012 [Edit]

right Gert – we have long suspected that Joan suffered abuse from someone when she was a child. She speaks very little of her childhood in her book. Indeed, she hardly ever spoke of her childhood to me while we were close – once upon a time.

In her book, while relating several incidents, Joan goes out of her way to describe hand and arm movements from those who she is talking about. stuff like: Hands up, arm sweeping, arms outstreched, hands open, a swipe of his right arm, palm facing down,a swipe of his open hand in the air, palm side down, upper arms close to his side, elbows bent, clenched fists at waist.swept his arm in the air, palm up to the night sky, ..ran away from me, her arms up in the air, …vigorously waved his finger in the air, hands behind his back,
There are many other such instances. of hand and arm movements.
And people are always snapping and snarling.growling – I have never read a book before in my life that has so much attention on hands hands hands – Joan – this is something you need to tell your therapist – and that ditz therapist Nicole Urdang, who gave a “good” review of this crap book on Amazon – it’s another clue she missed. – readers – I wrote a letter to Urdang in 2010 telling her she was a poor therapist because she missed the clues – this was not a good book at all – it is not helpful in any sort of adoption reform – it’s a manifesto of hate against anyone who ever disagreed with Joan, and a desciption of an alcoholic woman descending into madness.

So Joan is now “against” harming people. right, sure, if she so believes Dr. Dyer’s words, she would put her money where her mouth is – and take down that cyber-bullying blog – because it is nothing but harm to us. Take your own advice Joan and stop harming me and my sisters with your lies.

Joan – if you truly advocate Dr. Dyer’s words – you would make amends for all the harm you have done to people thruout your life. Not just to us birth sisters – but to everyone you have insulted thru the years and in your book. Yes, by insulting Polish people, Catholics, and people who live in trailer parks, you have sent harm to them. – Readers, in her book, Joan refers to people in trailer parks as “trailer trash.” She puts down people who live on the East Side of Buffalo (traditionally teh rough tough inner city.) – So the inner city is rough, has gangs, is economically depressed. Does that mean EVERYone who lives is trash? The mayor of our city lives on the east side. My district councilman lives on the east side. My mother’s family grew up on the east side. My husband’s family lives on the east side (and all my brother in law’s kids went to college). – And I live on the east side. I organized a block club on my street. Attended seminars and meetings with city officials to better the life of not just my neighoberhood, but the whole city. What does Joan do with that little bit of info? – She slams me for it in her book. What asshole slams another person for doing their civic duty by trying to improve the quality of life in their community? – Joan! Because all she knows what to do is insult people and put them down – thereby HARMING them.

Joan, why don’t you just SHUT THE HELL UP?!!!

4. gertmcqueen Gert again…

And before Joan starts again with the lie that we were abused and that HER ADOPTION caused us severe mental illnesses…I will state here NOW…

I was NOT abused as a child. I have never been been treated for any kind of addiction…I quit smoking 12 years ago…I have never been treated of any kind of mental illness or depression…Besides life’s usual ups and downs I’ve NEVER stayed in bed for days! I have held private and government jobs for over 40 years.

And perhaps most importantly….I have taken care of my physical, emotional and spiritual live with an on-going holistic life-style.

Joan’s insistence that we and others are damaged is just another form of ‘projection’ of her own ills onto everyone else.

Joan is a very sick person who harms everyone who stands in her sick way. And…time is ticking away…she isn’t getting any younger and before long she will be on her death bed wishing someone cared about her and gives a shit about her…the harm that she has done to everyone in the birth family is starting to turn itself on to her…

Joan’s face is being rubbed into her own shit, because, she doesn’t know enough to not shit where she lives….

5. Ruth

Oh another thing – I mentioned Joan slams the Catholic religion. She also slammed Pagans.
Way way back in an unprovoked incident of cyber-bullying of her birth sisters in September 2008 on her now-defunct blogspot blog.
At that time, I was the only one on the internet. Gert, having been working on computers and early internet in the mid 1990′s, publishing books, was burnt out and stepped away from the internet. Kathy, had never touched a computer, let alone expereinced the internet.
I had found her blog and saw a rant she did about (ho-hum) her crappy adoption. She was slamming her adoptive family. Then she slammed her birth family. She put out a “warning” to the Three Sippel Sisters to stay out of her life – which we were! Then she went on to slam the Christians for not preventing her adoption – then she said something about Christain and Pagan values.- This was a direct slam against Gert and mine religion. And she knew Gert was a pagan. She talks about in her book. I’m not sure if she knew I was a pagan at the time.
I am what is known as Neo-Pagan, Wiccan. And the most important charge we have is this: HARM NONE.

As I said, the attack on our pagan religion was done in September 2008 BEFORE her book was published. BEFORE this blog was in existence, BEFORE I tried to defend our family from Joan’s lies and misrepresentations of our family in an online news article in October/November 2009.

So Joan the HYPOCRITE has a lot of dam nerve putting up a blog accusing me and my sister of cyberbullying, when it was JOAN herself who began the cyberbullying A FULL YEAR BEFORE THIS BLOG WAS IN EXISTENCE!

AND on that blog of 2008, she committed the HATE CRIME of slamming other people’s religion!

NOW she comes on the internet and quotes a motivational speaker’s words against HARMING people?


6. Ruth

To this day, Joan goes on the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum and other anti-adoption sites and swears at and aobut anybody who is pro-adoption. She cyber-bullys ANY one is for adoption. She swears at them, calls them names.

Joan, my dear, by swearing at people on the internet, for their lifestyles, their beliefs, their choice of family life is HARMING people.

Joan – you are nothing but a hypocrite and a bullshit LIAR.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2017;  I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism’ was published in 2009 but then was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011, for libelous material within the book. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!

https://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ this blog is titled Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

Also see this Facebook page


In addition…see the ‘discussion’ forums, on Amazon, for two of the books. The first book has one review and several comments related.

Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum

Joan Mary Wheeler forum

review of first book and 4 comments



Joan Wheeler says her “truthful” book (Forbidden Family) is currently under revision. April 10, 2012

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On Joan Wheeler’s  facebook page dedicated to her lying book Forbidden Family, is this announcement:

Just to let everyone know, my book is out of print. Currently under revision! Second edition will be out soon!”

Her book is out of print from Trafford Publications because of the many lies she told in it. When Gert and I read the book and found the many falsehoods in it, lies engineered to smear our characters, such as saying I have an arrest and criminal record, when I do not, (slander and libel), we contacted Trafford Publications.

When Trafford researched the many actual court documents that I sent them, that proved that Joan lied in her “truthful” book, and that Joan lied to Trafford when she signed a contract with them, saying she owned copyrights to “the work and all its content” (actual contract language from Trafford) – TRAFFORD PUBLICATION KILLED THE BOOK. IT IS NOT ONLY OUT OF PRINT FROM TRAFFORD, IT HAS BEEN PULLED FROM ANY PUBLICATION THROUGH TRAFFORD. – She DOES NOT own the copyright to MY photograph that she put on the back cover.

Joan still has on her facebook page a blurb that says the book can be purchased from Trafford – so that in itself is a lie.

Now let’s get to her new announcement. She says her book is “currently under revision.”

How can a TRUTHFUL book be under revision? If the second edition comes out, and it has been changed, that would negate the first edition – right? And that would make all her assertions that she did NOT lie in her book  lies in themselves.

Since November 2009, when her book first came out, Joan Wheeler has been saying on the internet – that she did NOT lie in her book. Then there would be no need to revise it, because you cannot revise the truth – right?

So if the second edition comes out, and she changes events – then she will be guilty of LYING again.

But this is what Joan does best – LIE HER BUTT OFF AND REVISE THE TRUTH AND REALITY.


And do you think that we will allow more lies told about us? Think again sweetie.

. gertmcqueenApril 11, 2012[

Ruth is quite right…the truth is the truth and one can not revise a book that bills itself as a true account! How stupid is Joan? A REWRITE would be a better term!

and I’ll save Joan lots of time and energy…here’s the rewrite

I was born, because I wasn’t aborted. My mother was sick and died while I stayed with relatives, then I was placed into adoption because my father had no way of caring for me. I did not belong to that birth family. I was adopted by two very sick people who obeyed the law by not telling me the truth about my birth family. They also told me many hateful stories about my birth family and my childhood was hell. I was found when I was 18 by my birth siblings, but I was too naive and stupid to handle things. I was a spoiled child and my adopted parents always hated me and my birth family. My reunion was not happy or productive because I always got in everyone’s face and business. I caused lots of trouble, and over time, every family member ended up hating me. I tried to exploit my elderly father and step-mother and when I continued to insult my birth father, he kicked me out. When he died, because I was not on his obit, I made my own! I wrote a lying hateful libeous book that was pulled by the publisher because I violated our contract. Now I’m trying to ‘rewrite’ my life story because I live in a living hell called ADOPTION and I must tell the entire world because my life is a reason why adoption is wrong. I will always exploit my birth family because I’m stupid and mentally ill and because I need to make lots of money on the backs of my birth family because I can’t work because I have had a life of hell because I’m an adoptee.

So there, is Joan’s rewrite of her truthful life story…go for it, honey…but while you are doing so…you ought to remember that there are whole families out there, called the Herrs and the Sippels that might like a piece of you…so go ahead and continue on, by all means, and give them all something to see! It isn’t just your birth sisters that are going to continue to expose your lies and hate but many many more people in the families.


2. Ruth

yep – Gert speaks TRUTH in her comment.
but it doesn’t matter – whatever you call it – revision or rewrite – it means the same thing. If the first edition of Forbidden Familyis a truthful account of her life, as Joan has been insisting for the past two and a half years, or even as she tried to fudge the truth by saying the book was her “point of view” of her life and the lives of her birth family, – a rewrite or revision, would still negate that first edition.

You canNOT rewrite the truth! The truth is the truth. If Joan wrote the truth the first time – why is it necessary to REWRITE IT OR REVISE IT! or – did she change her point of view of her life? – yeah, that’s it – she’s gonna go that way -she’s gonna say “I’ve done some soul searching and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve interpreted some things wrong in the first edition of my book.”

But if she does that – she will show the world what we birth sisters have been saying all along – Joan Wheeler speaks with a forked tongue and will twist her words to suit whatever mood she is in or to what audience she is speaking to. And we have harvested her lies and misrepresentations and HATE RHETORIC that she has posted on the Adult Adoptee forum and other internet sites.

I told the forum members back in 2010 to copy and paste what Joan says – date it and save it. Because she changes what she says all the time. She contradicts herself alll the time. In one internet whine about us birth sisters, she starts out saying she is disabled, on social security disability because SHE CAN’T WORK. Then after trashing us, she’s concerned about her name showing up on google and scaring away prospective employers. um, didn’t she just say she CAN’T WORK? That’s just one example of how she says one thing and several sentances later, says the complete opposite.

Joan is a pathetic loser. No matter how many rewrites or revisions or editions she puts out via vanity publication houses the result will still be the same – it will be full of lies and it will get pulled from publication.

More Deluded Ramblings from Joan Wheeler’s Sick Diseased Mind April 6, 2012

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In Gert’s recent post “The beginnings of Joan Wheeler’s Internet campaign against her birth siblings (part 1), Gert revisits the early posts in Joan’s blog and tells about Joan’s ranting on her website on December 9 and 10, 2009. I left a comment on Gert’s post, but I want to post it all here.

But first, I want to address a paragraph from a post of Joan’s from December 11, 2009: Adoption Gone Bad – Not Reunion, where Joan is rambling on about (ho-hum) her crappy adoption:

“Meanwhile, my father was not aware that meddling relatives from his deceased wife’s family would spread filty lies about him killing his wife and that he “could not stand the sight of me” that’s why he “got rid of me”. THAT was the content of hate mail sent to me for decades from anonymous letters whom I suspect are members of my extended adoptive family who listened to these lies and beleived (sic) them.”

Really? My father KILLED my mother? She died of cancer. Her relatives said that? I’d like to know who said that. Because I had never heard it. Here is what happened:

In early winter 1955, Mom, who was pregnant, was not feeling good. By Christmas, she had to go to the hospital. They couldn’t find out what was wrong. On January 7, 1956, she miscarried her baby at 7 months gestation. The baby was placed in an incubator and survived. Mom had exploratory surgery on January 19. She was found to be full of cancer, nothing could be done, so they closed her up.

Meanwhile, her brothers, asked my father to send her to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I am unclear why, perhaps he didn’t have proper health insurance in those days, but my father said he couldn’t afford a specialist. The brothers talked it over and they agreed to pool their money. (as told to me in a telephone conversation with my uncle in the spring of 2010). Meanwhile, (and this was told to me by my mother’s sister), my mother knew that it was hopeless, and also refused to see a specialist. This is not uncommon, at the end stages of life, sometimes people just “know” it is their time – why bother with treatments etc.? – My aunt also told me she told her brothers this and to “let it go.”

My mother died on March 28, 1956. My uncles, in their grief, blamed my father. This also is not uncommon. Funerals sometimes bring out the worst in people. BUT they blamed him for her death – by not calling a specialist, but NOT killing her. There is a difference.

During the 1960’s, two of my uncles and my aunt lived in the city of Buffalo. I saw them frequently. The other two uncles lived where it was necessary to have a car to see them. We did not have a car in our family. But I did see my uncles from time to time.

I well remember my cousin Judy’s wedding in the early 60’s. I was there with my father. Judy’s husband Jerry, well respected my father. Anytime the family got together for funerals or weddings, or family reunions, my cousins all showed respect for  “UNCLE Leonard.” My uncles, yes, because of the bad feelings, did not associate with my father. But they never disrespected him.

There were two incidents, in 1985 and in 1990, where my Uncle Mike snubbed my father. And my father took offense to it. I told him both times to just let it go. There were no words spoken between Mike and my father – just a snubbing – and in the long run – who cares? – Uncle Mike, and indeed ALL my mother’s brothers – despite their not liking my father, NEVER held any of this against us, Leonard’s children. We were always welcomed in their houses. And loved.

So to refute what Joan blabs on nonsensically and irresponsibly:
1. My father did not “murder” my mother.
2. My mother’s brothers did not ever say he “murdered” or “killed” my mother.
3. Yes, they held it against my father (wrongly) for not taking  my mother to a specialist.
4. Yes, there were bad feelings down the years towards my father.
5. Except for 2 short and relatively insignificant instances, my uncles never disrespected my father.
6. My uncles raised their children to be respectful to my father.
7. My uncles never disrespected me or my siblings, despite their not liking our father.
8. My cousins never disrespected me or my father.

Now here is my comment that I posted to Gert’s post, and it certainly applies to this BULLSHIT that people said my father killed my mother as well:

Joan gets herself into a rage and starts talking nonsense. She does it in real life, I’ve seen in letters she’s written to me – and now we see it on the internet. She will start out quietly and rationally, then rapidly starts talking about things that have NOT been in the conversation – she then pulls those things into the conversation and starts accusing the other person of it. Then her voice becomes rapid and high-pitched and she ends up screaming. And swearing. (maybe she has Tourette’s). Any chance of the other person to continue an intelligent conversation, or even denying what Joan is accusing them of is gone. You have NO chance to stand up for yourself – because if she ‘s in person, your ears are hurting, a fight now starts. If on the phone, as soon as you begin to defend yourself, Joan hangs up on you.

She is an irrational mentally ill person. Like the stewardess who had the melt-down on the plane a couple of weeks ago, Joan is screaming nonsense. The stewardess was yelling the plane was going to crash and she wasn’t going to be responsible – before they even took off – and so does Joan – she takes off on a nonsense tangent – things you don’t even know what she’s talking about – things that happened to her, but not to you. But in her delusions, she believes that YOU did it. She speculates as to your motives. Every little look on your face, gesture of your arm, is interpreted. And usually wrongly. And then – she’s got you!

“Aha!”, she thinks, “I just KNEW it, she thinks I’m a shit head, she’s the one who called me this morning and hung on me. (it was probably an innocent wrong number) – yeah, those f’ing birth sisters of mine – they think I should have died,then they would have had mom to themselves. Well, I’ll show them. I’ll call the police on them. I’ll write to the mayor about them. yeah, because I know that’s what they did to me. They hate me. They’ve hated me for years. I know everything they’ve done.”

And on and on she goes. Then she starts BELIEVING the things that we’ve “supposedly” done. And reports those things as true.

This is a sick woman who seriously needs to be committed to the psych center. She is always whining that she wants HER privacy respected, but as we see in her rants, she blabbed OUR personal business to the internet.

— end of comment —

Yep – Joan gets a wild idea in her head and goes off and running with it. Never mind it never happened, it isn’t the truth, it’s a deluded imagining of someone who is very clearly mentally ill. To post on the internet that 1. my father killed my mother. 2. my uncles said this about my mother – IS SMEARING THE REPUTATIONS OF MY FATHER AND MY UNCLES. And make no mistake about it – JOAN LOVES TO SMEAR PEOPLE’S REPUTATIONS. I don’t give a shit if she says she got hate mail from her adoptive family down through the years that said that about my father and my uncles – JOAN HAS NO BUSINESS PUTTING THAT CRAP ON THE INTERNET – SHE IS DAMAGING THE REPUTATION OF DEAD PEOPLE WHO ARE NO LONGER HERE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES! Rumors, innuendos, gossip, and only JOAN’S version of my family’s dynamics.

WHERE ARE THE LETTERS THAT SAYS MY UNCLES ACCUSE MY FATHER OF KILLING MY MOTHER JOAN? POST THEM. — Bah, Joan is liar, she has no letters – all we have is her hearsay that her adoptive family wrote that shit. I don’t believe for one minute that ANYbody wrote that shit.

We have seen time and again, the past two and a half years, Joan throwing accusations out left and right against a whole bunch of people on her blog, on her cyberbullying page, on the adult adoptee forum, and on various other places on the internet. Accusations that are NEVER substantiated with any kind of PROOF! Meanhwile, all over this blog, and our other blog, I have posted photographs, documents, actual court documents, written letters (by Joan) that prove without a shadow of a doubt that Joan Wheeler is a filthy liar. Because of actual court documents that proved Joan lied in her so-called “truthful” book, her book got yanked by the publisher. Joan needs now to remove her cyberbullying page and ALL mention of her birth sisters on her Forbidden Family website. She needs to stop spreading rumors and lies about us and our family. Until these demands are met, this blog and it’s sister blog will stay up and we will continue to harvest EVERY word that Joan says on the internet – and if it is NOT the truth – we will post the truth.

The only way to stop us Joan, is to remove all mention of us from your blog, and come forth publicly and admit you lied in your book and to publicly apologize to us and ALL members of our family for your smearing good people’s names through the mud.

where does Joan get off painting everybody as murderers, harassers, and downright despicable people?
Seems to me that I know who the despicable person is – and their name is Joan Mary Wheeler!

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