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message to Joan Wheeler: I don’t play games with little brats April 29, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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I refuse to be intimidated by Joan Wheeler, who in the past few days, in her alter-ego of Chimp, puts down my being a Trekker.

In an episode of The Original Series, Capt. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter a seemingly omnipotent being, who called himself The Squire (retired) of Gothos. His name was Trelane, and he put Captain Kirk through some pretty tough trials. Then it came out that Trelane was playing a game – and in reality, he was actually a child. He had taken on the form of an adult human, but was really a child. But even before this fact was discovered, Captain Kirk made it quite clear that he was not going to play games with Trelane.

And so have I. I may place some humorous things on this blog, but make no mistake – I am not playing games with Joan Wheeler. Joan Wheeler is a bully, and bullies are not to be taken lightly. Yes, I laugh at some of Joan’s antics, but I do not dismiss the fact that Joan Wheeler is a clearly mentally ill person who is in dire need of some psych meds. Because even though Joan looks like a 56 year old adult human woman, she acts like a little brat. Her behavior this past week shows what a little brat she is. (nyah, nyah, RuthIE, nyah nyah). ha ha ha ha. brat.

Joan is disgusting to put me down for liking Star Trek, when in fact, she herself was a Trek fan. She wrote a fan letter to Leonard Nimoy when she was a teenager. And accompanied me to a Star Trek Convention in New York City in 1975 and attended a Trek convention in Buffalo in 1980. She even wrote about us going to the 1975 convention in her book. So who the hell does she think she is?  Now supposedly, Chimp is a friend of hers coming to her defense. Chimp claims to have read her book, so Chimp knows of Joan’s past liking of Star Trek. Chimp goes out of “his” way to put me down for liking Star Trek – but says nothing about Joan’s liking of Star Trek. Chimp is trying to point out that in his coming to Joan’s defense, he is showing what a true blue friend he is. Well, true blue friends don’t put down someone who likes a tv show that their “friend” also likes. Because if you are putting people down for liking a particular tv show, you are including your friend as well. Didn’t think of that did you Chimp/Joan? Because your logic is faulty. As we have been pointing out again and again on this blog and elsewhere.

But hey – if you want to keep posting your illogic, knock yourself out. Because you are documenting for the entire world what a nutcase you are.




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