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New contradictory bullshit by Joan Wheeler as she “counsels” a pregnant lady. May 8, 2012

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Over at an adoption site, a pregnant woman, is considering relinguishing her child. Joan gets on and starts telling her not to. But give a look-see at what Joan writes:

“You are a pregnant woman and NOT a birthmom. You need to get your head on straight by not being sucked into this modern-adoption-lingo bull-sh—t.

Seriously. Get a grip. You are a mother and your child needs YOU.”

In her firt sentance, Joan is telling the woman that she is a “pregnant woman” and NOT a birthmom. Then three sentances later, Joan says “you are a mother.”

MAKE UP YOUR MIND JOAN! First you say she is NOT a (birth)MOM, then you say she is a MOTHER. – um, Joan – MOM is short for MOTHER!

 Joan – sERIOUSLY, Get a Grip – you need to get your head on straight and stop talking your usual contradictory BULL SHIT.

Note from Gert…27 Nov 2015

this is just too FUNNY! Joan has NO IDEA how she comes across or how people see her. A fool only believes their own BS.

And while I’m here…let’s UPDATE…please check out my new blog and Facebook page dedicated to exposing Joan’s newest revision of the same of shit…




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