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My answer to Gert’s post ‘Champ has left the building, Joan Wheeler has taken over’ and lots more! June 29, 2012

Posted by Ruth in a. What is demanded from Joan Wheeler - the purpose of this blog., Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, mental illness, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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Ruth here
Good morning. I went to bed at 10pm. I was going to stay up and do some blogging, but was just too tired.

So here it is 3:30. I find a bunch of comments on Gert’s post “Champ has left the building…Joan Wheeler has taken over….”
I was going to comment myself, but find I have to much to say – so here is a new blog post.

Thank you Paula for having the courage to write your observations. We have long suspected that people reading our blog and Joan’s blog can tell for themselves that Joan is mentally ill. Joan knows herself that she is mentally ill. She readily admits that she’s been in therapy for over 30 years and describes herself as “damaged.” She finally got something right.

For the life of me, I cannot and have never understood WHY she has gone after me – all these years. Sure, she has hurt Gert and Kathy, and I’ve said it before to both of them – that book was NOT about adoption – it was to trash everyone in her life who ever angered her, and in particular ME. She calls me Brenda in the book. My god, every other page is Brenda this, Brenda that. Is the book a biography of Brenda or a biography of Joan. She writes about my first husband, my job, makes a mockery of my miscarriage, makes outlandish claims regarding a telephone annoyance incident – has a police detective talking nonsense about my pets – yes – my pets! A police officer would not do that. I had my phone listed under a different name – Brittany. She has the police officer asking her who is Brandy Sippel? Joan writes that she told him that was my cat – actually it was my dog – and the officer says the phone bill is under the cats name and Joan says my gas bill is under the other cat’s name. A letter written to Gert’s daughter has her admitting that she knows my phone is listed under Brittany. So why not tell the truth in the book?

And how did I get into court for annoyance calls? Because in June 1993 (at the same time she was making trouble for Kathy, via her pal Rene Hoksbergen), I get a letter in the mail. The envelope, in Joan’s handwritiing, was addressed to me. So I open it up. Inside was a sloppy note, supposedly written by her ten year old son, to my husband. It does not say Dear Uncle John, just Dear John, – and comparing it to Joan’s handwriting – it was her. So I called her up. She hung up on me. I thought we were disconnected. I called again. She hung up. I called again. She hung up. – Well, the sly one had already falsely reported to the Annoyance Call Bureau that she was getting calls. And made them install a trace trap. And calls WERE NOT recorded. She sent that note to bait me, and I fell for it. The following week, my electricity was shut off. I called her again – because she owed me money, – the money that she stole from me in the first place – now I needed it – same thing. She kept hanging up on me. Then she reported me to the police.
I got a call from the police officer and I told him my side of the story. He told me that he would recomend to Joan not to press charges, but she went ahead and did anyway. That’s how she got the Order of Protection against me – and it was for six months. Not for one year as she writes in the book.
by the way, you can see the actual letter in this post.”Did Joan’s 10 year old son write that letter I got in June 1993? Or did Joan herself?”

The following year, a completely innocent typing mistake mixed up her hospital bill and she swore up and down that I had done it. Never mind that I did not, never did, work in the billing office. For forty years, I’ve worked as a nurse’s aide. Joan calls my job and they investigate it. They found me innocent. But she wasn’t going to have it. She KNEW I was guilty and despite being assured by my employer that I DIDN’T do it, she was going to change the facts and set out to destroy me. She called my job for months trying to get me fired. She made that false child abuse call against herself to destroy my relationship with my fiance (now husband), she wrote letters to the mayor of Buffalo. – This took us into 1995. I filed harassment charges against her, but the stupid judge dismissed it, saying “sisters should get along.” – I was so angry. I was victimized by Joan, now I was victimized by the judge.

The harassment stopped after an assitant district attorney yelled at both me and Joan in 1995, but then in 1998, out of the blue, Joan started up again. The assistant DA who yelled at us was not there any more, so I had to start from scratch – and in 1999, Joan wrote me a letter using a friend’s return address – without her permission – and in the letter Joan tells me my infertile husband got the next door neighbor pregnant and they had a daughter in 1993. I go down to the district attorney and they didn’t want to do anything. A friend of mine, who works in the present city government suggested Family Court – and they took my case, slapping a one year order of protection for me against Joan. But she doesn’t write about that in the book – instead, she has all 3 court cases all mixed up and convoluted with a statement that we had a 3 month court battle in 1994. – What she was talking about was the case I brought against her in 1995 – First appearance, she is arraigned and a trial date was set. Second appearance, the case gets postponed. Third appearance, the judge dismissed it. Three short appearance, probably 15 minutes in length each time in front of the judge – gets reported in the book as “a three month court battle” with her kids on the stand testifying against me.

When I read that for the first time – I was like stunned! It was a total fabrication – I’m still amazed that Joan wrote that and actually BELIEVES that things happened that way. Because she really does BELIEVE that things happen the way she reports.

That is why she canNOT ever EVER explain even actual court documents that PROVE WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT WHAT SHE SAYS DIDN’T HAPPEN OR HOW SHE SAYS OR THAT SHE LIED. She turns a blind eye to her own handwritten letters to me and my fiance and my mother in law. She didn’t do that. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

She whines and says that nobody knew how to proceed with the reunion. I have already addressed that on my blog – I don’t know what she means by that – that the birth siblings were supposed to be some sort of all-knowing gods?

In 1974, I had just gotten my first real apartment. I had been on my own from 71-72, moved back in at my dad’s to help out watching the little ones. My first “apartment’ was just a room in a boarding house, now I had a full apartment, with my own fridge, etc. A new adult. lol. I was 23, starting late, but was finding my first adult steps. And we had our reunion. What deep psychiatric bullcrap was I supposed to know? All I did was f’ing welcome her into my life. I was working full time nights. When I had a free time – we went out. We got together. We were like new friends getting to know each other, but we were sisters. And we were re-connecting. What the hell did she want from me? Apparrently my life. Because when she started her interfering in 1980, and we started telling her, don’t do that, she would act like a five year old, (whiny) “I didn’t mean it. I don’t know how to act.). She says in her book she was a naive sheltered white girl from the suburbs.) Bull – she was an adult. But yeah, she acted like a brat. By 1980, it was clear to us that she, despite being raised by two parents, did not have the same morals and values that we did. We did not try to mold her to fit OUR pre-conceptions of what Doris might be, we simply put our foot down to someone who began interfering with our lives. Lying to us, and eventually stealing from us. These are things that are NOT tolerated by ANYone.

I recently broke off a freindship with someone who had the nerve to swear at me on my facebook page. At 1 in the morning she calls me up demanding to know why I took her off my facebook page. Then she starts swearing at me on the phone. This is a friend? Not in my book. So I said “goodby” – end of friendship. I don’t allow ANYbody to abuse me, not phyisically, verbally or otherwise. You disrespect ol’ Ruth – be prepared to be thrown out of her life. Boom. End of story.

Joan couldn’t accept that one by one, not only her birth siblings, but her birth father, and other members of both her adopted and birth family turned their backs on her – not because she was adopted, or is a militant adoptee – IT IS JOAN’S OWN BEHAVIOR – HER WORDS AND DEEDS THAT GOT HER KICKED OUT OF THE FAMILY.

Now she gets on the internet and wants people to feel sorry for HER. Because we birth sisters are telling the truth of what happened. We’re being admonished by her in her guise of Chimp to “understand” HER feelings of being adopted. NO way!

I did that back in the 70’s. I bent over backwards for her – all the way thru the 80’s and finally had enough when she stole from me. And from January 1991 to the present, I’ve been punished for simply saying I WON’T BE ABUSED BY JOAN WHEELER ANY MORE.

Joan Wheeler tried to destroy my life. She railroaded me in court. She tried to break me and John up. She tried to get me fired from my job. She wrote letters to the mayor and other elected officials in an attempt to ruin my reputation. She writes that book and trashes me left and right in that book. And worse of all – the worst of it – and she was there – during the years I was trying to get pregnant. And she even borrowed my books on pregnancy and child-raising, and was there when I miscarried in 1985, yet in the book states: “at one point she (me) claimed to want to have children.” then mocks my infertility by saying, “just as well she didn’t get pregnant.”

What does THAT have to do with Joan’s adoption, her reunion, or her adoption reform work? NOTHING -ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was a pure attack on me – a vicious, below-the-belt comment, written especially to slam me and hurt me, BECAUSE JOAN KNEW HOW MUCH I WANTED A CHILD.

No, I don’t feel sorry for Joan – I hate her. But no, my life does not revolve around her or my hate of her- or this blog. I have a life and a busy one at that. – I actually have not had much time to do a lot of blogging – it has been sporadic lately. Since the last week of January of this year, I’ve had some health issues. And because of being injured on my job last summer, we had fallen behind in some bills, so our finances were strained. So despite my health issues, I did what people with morals and values do – instead of stealing money from someone, sick as I was, I picked up extra shifts at work.

In the meantime, my husband John has been getting his documentation together. He never had his original birth certificate, and despite being a know-it-all about birth certificates and expert in those matters – Joan never helped John obtain his original birth certificate. Well, I did. And by god, I’m not even an adoption expert or birth certificate expert! We just went to Lackawanna and got it. And everything is A-OK.

When John turned 65 a few years ago, he was supposed to be automatically placed on Medicare Part B. We never heard from Social Security. And he is covered under my family plan thru my job, so we never paid any attention. Well of a sudden, our health insurance was denying his doctor bills. So – we had to get all that straightened out. Several weeks ago John went to social security and while there for one thing, made the decision to retire. He was going to retire in 2013, but why wait?

So while we were waiting for all that paperwork, the first week of June, my computer – a netbook, crashed. Gert in the meantime, bought a new computer and shipped me her old laptop, a bit outdated, but still works just fine. AND I went and ordered a new netbook. So now, I got two computers and have been busy transfering files from my external hard drive to Gert’s old laptop and personalizing it. I still haven’t even gotten my new netbook up and running. I turned it on the first day I got it – it works. I installed a game, played it – it works, and it’s been in my office ever since. I’ve been working on the larger laptop in the living room, which will be transfrered to the kitchen by next week for John to work on.

Sooo – John’s social security check came – for two months worth (May and June) and we’ve been busy catching up with our finances. Just yesterday, Thursday, I was downtown paying my county taxes and water bill. It feels good to have zero balance on all our property taxes. And we had to go to our health insurance and show them that now that he has Medicare part B – they need to straighten that out. They said that they will go back and take care of any claims that had been denied. whew!

NOW – today, is John’s last day at work. I have to work this weekend, and of course there’s the holiday coming up next week, which I have to work (hospitals never close ya know). Next weekend, we are going to Red Lobster to celebrate his retirement. Then next month, we have three things to celebrate – both our birthdays, and our tenth wedding anniversary. We have long wanted to check out a restaurant near downtown Buffalo – Chef’s – the official restaurant of the Buffalo Sabres. I’m not kidding – it is! Apparently the players go there for dinner a lot. It’s an Italian restaurant, and must be good – the parking lot is always packed!

I’m also busy with my other passion – Star Trek, and I am head of a local Star Trek group. And a newsletter is due. So I simply MUST get one of my computers hooked up to my printer and get to work. And we are having our July meeting downtown at the waterfront in a couple of weeks. AND I’m still busy with my archiving work. Scanning into my computer pictures, and papers, articles of topics that I’m interested in. I’m interested in many topics, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Meso-America, other historical eras, I love art – Art Deco and Art Neuveau (I can never spell that right).metaphysics, crystals and herbs, AND I’m digitizing my music collection. I have on my external hard drive almost 850 albums of music.With more to go. I love all forms of music – from head banging metal to Mozart.

So with all this stuff going on – I don’t always have to time to blog. And Joan also put me down in her book for me liking horror movies. And just recently slammed me because I have multiple blogs! So f’ing what? I am a multi-faceted person with passion for the things I like. If you ask me, Joan is simply jealous that my life is so rich! And that I get the hell out there and do things I love. And yeah, I do have multiple blogs – one is the main blog about refuting that book, one was set up just to have simple statements from us three sisters that we will not accept abuse from Joan Wheeler. Another blog is set up to share family stories. Another blog is my horror site Midnight and Mythos. John is itching to learn the computer and the internet and contribute to our blog. His screen name is The Cadaverman. That gives you a bit of hint of what you can expect he will write about. 

And two months ago, I set up another blog for my Star Trek group The USS Ari, and to share my vast Star Trek scrapbook. There is a website already –  My Star Trek Scrapbook  by my friend Fred. He has been doing this for a few years now. Last summer, he put up a magazine article from 1979, but was missing the last page. Well, I had that article in my collection, and put that page on my blog to share with him. He suggested I start my own webpage and post the pictures and articles that I have, and this way, he and I can share with each other, and the world, our Star Trek passion. My Ari site is not ready to be up and running – but it will be soon. And Joan, in her guise of Chimp, can put me down, and ridicule me all she wants, because what she is doing by ridiculing me for my passions, and my choice of a tv show or genre of movies, – she is showing the world that despite her being 56 years of physical age, her mental age is that of a 10 year old. Acting like a schoolyard bully – she is the same as those bullying brats on the school bus two weeks ago, that bullied bus aide Karen Klein. By the way, if you click on the link and go see Fred’s site – he also has multiple blogs and likes horror too. So whaddya gonna do now Joan/Chimp? slam Fred for liking Star Trek and horror and having multiple blogs? bitch – your bitchiness is showing. ha ha. That didn’t help your cause any. All you accomplished was to show the world just what an abuser to your sister Ruth you are. You failed to show that YOU do not harass or engage in abusive behavior to Ruth – because — you just did.

So yeah, I got a busy life. And when I have a few minutes to write, I will. But most times, I have very little tiime for losers like Joan and her imaginary playmate Chimp. Another thing people (read Joan/Chimp) fail to understand – that going through her book and blogging about it – it is therapuetic for us. Because we have never ever been able to get a word in edgewise with Joan. When you talk to her in person – she starts arguing, her voice raises, next thing you know she’s shouting at you – screaming – and her voice is so piercing it hurts your ears. And you can’t get your point across because SHE’S now controlling you – by screaming at you, not allowing your opinion to be heard. If you write to her – it’s harassment, if you’re on the phone with her – the second you disagree with her – she hangs up on you. WE HAVE BEEN BULLIED INTO SILENCE FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS. And the blogs are now a way for us to get a chance to have our say. There is that well-known statement – “there’s two sides to every story.” And Joan as Chimp, has a lot of nerve to say that because WE are writing our blogs, WE are not listening to Joan’s side. ???? WTF??? JOAN’S BOOK WAS HER SIDE. OUR BLOGS ARE ANSWERING HER BOOK AND PUTTING OUT THE OTHER SIDE – THE TRUTHFUL SIDE.

Above, I said that Joan “believes” things happened this way or that way, but I’m not so sure that’s true. Because if it was, Joan wouldn’t have a problem with our blogs. No, the real thing going on is this: JOAN DESPERATELY WANTS US TO SHUT UP BECAUSE SHE DOENS’T WANT THE TRUTH TO COME OUT – THE TRUTH OF HER OWN DIRTY DEEDS. But sick and perverted as she is, she keeps talking to us, knowing we won’t shut up. It’s like the child who is misbehaving – acting out to get attention – ANY kind of attention, even getting knocked down again. And by gods, I will keep knocking her down. Until she publicly admits that she set out on a campaign of hate against me. And publicly admits she stole from me and lied about me. And publicly apologizes to me.

Get a life Joan/Chimp – my life is not yours. You tried to destroy my life in the past with all your stupid harassment – but it never worked. Now you get the tables turned on you. It’s called “reaping the seeds that you have sown.” I loved you once. as a sister. But you destroyed that love with your abuse. Now I hate you. Deal with it.


June 28, 2012

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since someone from The Netherlands is reading our blog, I will pull up this old post for newer readers and followers to read. This is about the guy who wrote the foreword to Joan’s lying book. he was shown a different manuscript that was eventually published, because the published book contains a big fat lie about him and me.
but this guy has been led around by his nose by Joan for years. lol, so I have no respect for him.
What he needs to do now, is publicly withdraw support from Joan, publicly apologize to the birth family of Joan Wheeler for his part in this slanderous book that contains filthy lies about me and my family. He needs to publicly demand that his foreword and review of the book be taken off Joan’s blog and Amazon.com. Until these things are done, Professor Rene Hoksbergen will continue to be written about on this blog.
This post contains a letter that Hoks wrote to my sister back in 1993 – when he was lied to by Joan Wheeler in her attempt to extort money from Kathy.
so happy reading everyone!


from Gert…come and see this post too..

Joan Wheeler’s own behavior….exhibit C on August 18, 2011

Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --


Joan M Wheeler has published a new ‘revision’ of the same old hate manifesto and renamed it ‘Duped by Adoption’. I have created a new blog and Facebook page…

Here are the links to my NEW blog and Facebook page



On Amazon, I have reviewed 7 reviews of this ‘new’ garbage book and created a ‘discussion’ on the Forward, by Rene Hoksbergen.

Here’s the link to the DISCUSSION about the FORWARD on Amazon


Here’s the link to a recent blog post Nov 3, 2015 about the contents of the forward


Here are the related links to blog posts that Ruth and I have already written and addressed topics related to Rene Hoksbergen, the author of the Forward.


https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/gert-mcqueens-review-of-rene-hoksbergens-review-of-forbidden-family-by-joan-wheeler/     this one is about the review in LAVAContact2  2010 English translation





NOW to continue on with THIS POST…


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A Special Announcement June 27, 2012

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off blog topic:

I want to make a special announcement – this Friday, June 29, 2012, will be the last day my wonderful husband John Pace is going to work. As of 6pm, he will be retired. After enlisting in the Navy and serving six years in Viet Nam as a Navy Seal, John had worked for several companies, including Chess King and Thom McAm. He is now leaving his job at Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus Store.
He has worked hard his entire life and deserves this retirement. I congratulate him.


more insanity from Joan Wheeler and her inner self… June 27, 2012

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come on over to Gert’s blog…so see these new developments.


Bullying needs to be addressed and stopped June 25, 2012

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Last week’s horrible bullying incident of bus aide Karen Klien should wake people up to the fact that kids not only bully other kids – they bully adults as well.

I’m not surprised this happened. But am sort of glad – so this can get out in the open. And educators and bus people are NOT the only adults who get bullied by kids. Neighbors and other elderly get it too.

I was bullied mercilessly for 4 years by two girls of a family up the street from me. I was 35. It came out of the blue and I didn’t know what to do. I tried ignoring it. didn’t work. I tried talking nicely to them. didn’t work. I tried talking to thier parents, all I got was “their only kids. geez.” It started escalating to the point that the older girl (she was 10 when it started and 14 when they moved away) – she got the other kids in the neighborhood to harass me. The police were no help. they told me to move! When I had just bought the house! As it continued, by 1992, I had enough – I marched to thier house and the mother slammed the door in my face, saying she didn’t want to hear it. So I kicked in the storm door and screamed that she gave birth to them and she WAS going to hear it. I proceeded to use ghetto language – I didn’t care – FOUR YEARS OF HARASSMENT AND I LOST IT. The police came (different officer) and the mother admitted to them she knew her kids harassed me. The police then yelled at her. (about time).

When their landlord heard the whole story, he felt bad for me and didn’t charge me for the storm door. My problem wasn’t quite over when they moved, because I was now the “target” for all the f’ing little brats. It slowed down a bit in 1996 when I got a car, so I wouldn’t have to walk and hear their taunts. And I learned to use a walkman to drown out thier taunts.

What was my crime? When we moved in the neighborhood, we had three cats, and one had a litter, The ringleader wanted to see the kittens one day, and I told her no, and not to bounce her basketball in my driveway as I work nights. Because I said no to her, and laid down groundrules, she saw me as an enemy. I was labeled Crazy Cat Lady and told that I eat cat litter for breakfast. Ignore it? – it doesn’t work. I was also told I was slime, I was ugly, the ringleader also mocked me for my professional belly dance career. sigh, well, 25 years later, she should have taken up belly dancing, because she, at the age that I was when she targeted me, is now ahem, a “full-figured” woman. Karma got her. Danielle R—-rd – Dee R—-rd – you are now sowing the seeds of the crop you reaped 25 years ago. I did nothing to you. My husband and I were always nice to you. Now you’re working with dogs – maybe I should call you Dog Lady.

I don’t excuse her behavior – because she was old enough to know right from wrong. But I also blame her parents for enabling her to be wild and do this crap to someone who didn’t deserve it.  They were poor parents. and I don’t mean financially – they were rotten parents with no parenting skills. So I had to suffer because they were rotten people.

In retrospect, I know now what I should have done – I should have called Child Abuse Authorities on them for child neglect. One day, the little one was crawling around in the bushes on the side of my house. I took her back to her house and admonished her father Henry, who was sitting on his porch. I told him to keep his kids out of my yard. He yelled at me! “She’s only two years old for god’s sake!”

TWO YEARS OLD! and crawling around in the bushes on the side of a house 2 doors down – and she was out of his sight! That was neglect. What if a rat had jumped out and bit her. The R—-rd family were a family of nuts. I long suspected the mother of just laying around the house all day watching TV and eating chocolate. How right I was! In 1998, I met someone who used to be friends with them. When I was told Henry and Mary had divorced I wasn’t surprised. But my friend also said to me: “Henry told me he got tired of Mary sitting around the house all day watching tv and not watching the kids.”

WHA????  — oh, what he was an angel – cos he sure watched 2 year old Heather real good the day she was in my bushes.

 Well, I learned my lesson – I WILL NEVER BE A VICTIM AGAIN. If someone, and I don’t care their age, harasses me, harassment charges WILL be filed. If the harasser is a minor, harassment charges will be filed against their parent or guardian.

I have the civil right to have whatever pet I choose. I have the civil right to not have trespassers in my driveway. I had every right to chase away people who don’t belong on my property. Mary and Henry had the obligation to teach their children to stay off of other people’s property and to respect them.

And I was not the only one Danielle harassed. She threw a brick up on the porch of Eddie, a Korean War Veteran, who lived across the street. Danielle was a bully of the highest degree.

But the bullying didn’t stop when the R—-rds moved off the street. Because Danielle had gotten the other kids in the neighborhood to harass me. Every time I left the house – that’s all I heard – “cat lady. cat lady. cat lady.”

I talked to parents – some slammed the door in my face. Some said “kids are kids.” TWO and only TWO mothers stepped up and stopped their kids from harassing me. I didn’t have a car. I had to walk 10 minutes with a shopping cart to the supermarket. And of course all I heard was the taunts. I finally got a Walkman and put in earplugs. But if the times I didn’t have the Walkman with me, I was still getting the taunts.

It finally started to slow down in the early 2000’s – when the little brats got to be teenagers and their hormones took them in other directions. And with me with earplugs, and not responding, they got a little tired of not getting a rise out of me. (it’s easy to tell someone ignore it – but you can’t. It enters your ears and hits you in the gut.) But some of them were still at it. A family moved in next door to me and they were horrible. Loud music, used condoms thrown in my driveway.

It all ended in July 2005 when the teenage boys next door pissed off drug dealers and two gunmen came at them. The gunmen missed their targets, and killed an innocent man – there were bullet shells in the end of my driveway. But my house wasn’t hit. – And by this time, we had a vehicle, so now I had “some” privacy.

So, from 1987 to 2005, I was bullied. The sad thing is – those “parents” who did not step in to stop their kids from bullying me, BURIED their kids. Yes, most of them died from drug related shootings. Others, got knocked up and grew up to a life of crime.

I have prevailed – but thank you very much Danielle R—-rd. YOU started all this shit. I will never forgive you. I spit on you.

Joan Wheeler should learn the Tarot – particularly the Nine of Swords June 24, 2012

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how prophetic is this? – wow!

So about a month ago, I signed up for a facebook app – “Your Daily Tarot” – each day, we are given one Tarot card and it’s meaning. Today, The Nine of Swords was posted.

I just got done with a new blog comment over at Gert’s blog, outlining Joan’s filthy STEALING from me. Then I go to facebook and see today’s Tarot card. What is the meaning of the Nine of Swords? Well here it is:

“The Nine of Swords

Affluence obtained via deception. Theft, swindling and pilfering. Corruption and success earned from the backs and misfortunes of others. This card also warns that present calm and stability will not be sustained”
Now in the past, we sisters of Joan have condemned her for writing that filthy book of hers, containing much slander and bullshit against us and our family, and trying to make dollars of a sad family situation.  Well, that also fits the description of the card’s meaning. The card also warns that present calm and stability will not be sustained. Amazing! That is what we keep telling Joan also – that her sweet little house of cards is tumbling down around her. And it is all because of the bad Karma that Joan has reaped throughout the years.
The picture on the card is very telling as well. This is Joan – who weeps over her crummy life, who weeps in despair, because all she ever wanted was her birth family, and because of her very own actions, her birth family, kicked her out of their lives, because they refused to be Joan’s doormat. Nobody wants a person in their life who is a liar, a thief, a trouble-maker, a disrupter, and someone who writes a lying book. Joan can’t even come up with a good explanation of WHY the publisher of her book YANKED IT OUT OF PUBLICATION! All she can say is another bullshit statement – that the book is currently out of print. She won’t say WHY it’s out of print. And she continues with her delusion that it will be published. She says it is “sleeping, while waiting for another publisher.”
NO it’s not sleeping – it’s DEAD. and if Joan tries to con another publisher – we sisters are right here to show them the documented proof  that Joan LIES in her manuscript. Joan forgot that I have every dam receipt, every dam letter and almost every dam envelope, every dam court document that pertains to her. And it was because of the ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENTS that I had and submitted to Trafford Publications, that her book got killed.
Weep for your sorry little soul Joan. Weep.

pictured above the weeping lady are nine swords. Joan has always lumped her birth sisters into one entity called “The Three Sippel Sisters.”

Three times three – theres the nine swords hovering over Joan as she weeps in bed. The power of three.

Those swords can only be removed when Joan rights the wrongs she has done to us and the entire family.

If you want to sleep peacefully Joan, you’d better get to work.

Joan Wheeler talks behind a mask… June 20, 2012

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Yep her imaginary friend champ is her mask…this way she can claim she didn’t have anything to do with it…it was that other guy talking…and she thinks she is fooling everyone

so here are the two newest exchanges between Joan and me…which I also placed as comments on Champ’s blog…and Joan of course just keeps going and going and going…she has no other avenues left to her…


to Chimp June 15, 2012

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chimp – grab a banana and stuff it

Your last garbage WAS acknowledged. IF you had any brains – and IF you could read – you would know that I haven’t answered in full because I am just too dam busy.

But since your monkey ass needs attention – I guess I will have to turn some attention to little Chimpy. but just for a minute.

IF you had read my comments to Gert’s blog – I said a couple of times that I had planned to answer you around the beginning of June. But I couldn’t. And Gert put up a blog post saying that  Ruth was taking a breather – was bogged down in stuff. And IF your feeble little brain would comprehend my posts on facebook you would know WHY. (go here to my facebook).

Ah yes, facebook – where Joan can’t see me because she has blocked me. BUT the general public CAN. And my settings are set so public can see me. So Chimpy – YOU can see me. But then again, as we all know – Chimpy and Joanie are the same.

Two weeks ago my computer, a netbook, an Acer Aspire One crashed. I had if for almost three years and I worked the hell out of it. Contrary to Joan, my every minute of computer time was NOT devoted to her widdle butt.  I use my computer for other writing tasks, archiving purposes, and entertainment. – in fact I just yesterday made a status blurb on facebook on how I had just finished up digitizing and cataloging three new additions to my music collection: the soundtracks to E.T.; Superman the Movie, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. And annoucned the next ones will be the soundtracks to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; and Return of the Jedi.

In the last two years, I have digitized most of my CDs. I still have about 75 CDs to do. These are all my classical ones – and they are going to be a lot of work. Lots of typing, scanning the booklets, downloading artwork. I also created a database via Microsoft Access. Everything has to go into my database. On my one external hard drive – I have a total of 836 albums – that’s FULL albums, – I have the entire Beatles collection – the UK and the US releases – 28 full albums – 19 out of 25 John Denver albums. I also spent two weeks in May, cataloging all my vinyl records that are up in my attic. I had already cataloged my cassettes. Which are still in good working condition. don’t know why Joan’s tapes were f’ed up – as she indicated in her book. Mine are perfectly fine. – and I have the equipment and software to transfer those onto the computer. AND I’ve even got MP3’s of all the music albums that I had on 8 Track! yeah – I still had about 10 of those guys. lol. Oh – speaking of vinyl records – guess what I found in my attic – Inside Star Trek – and it was Joan’s. – Hey Joan – an even swap – I’ll give you back your property in exchange for mine – the busted bronze replica of King Tut’s throne that Colby promised to weld back together for me and never did and I never got back. PLUS all the money you stole from me in 1990 PLUS interest – because I had to pay that money back to the bank at 18% interest. Let’s make a settlement here – $1000.00 – that should cover ALL the money you stole from me, the interest, AND the King Tut throne. In exchange, I will give you back your Inside Star Trek record. And the exchange will be done by a person of MY choosing at a place and time that I choose. And in addition to the exchange – I want a public apology and explanation of how and why you stole the money from me – by dipping into a joint checking account that was supposed to be to buy real estate – but YOU dipped into it to fix the brakes for your car. MY money was NOT to be used for YOUR living expenses. You had a busted car? You should have done what other people do – got off your ass and got a job to earn the money to fix your car. But noooo – little brat Joanie stole Ruth’s money to fix her car -and did it without even asking. bitch. If you pay me the $1000.00 and make a public apology and explanation of this – AND your treatment of me over Mr. Campo’s refund of his fee – that will remove 2 of the items of the list of demands from you that I have listed on the page titled “What is Demanded of Joan Wheeler.” – found right at the top of this blog’s home page. And don’t forget Joanie baby – I still have all the paper documents related to 1989 and 1990 – even Mr. Campo’s letter. They have been scanned into the computer and some of them are already on this blog. See, not only do I tell the truth of Joan’s actions and words – I provide the dam proof. Irrefutable proof of Joan’s lies and thefts.

Back to my music collection.Some of the music I get from my personal CDs, some from friends, some I purchase the MP3’s from Amazon. See what you can do when you have a job Joan? You actually have dollars that you can use for your enjoyment! And I don’t have to rely on handouts from society. I worked from the age of 19 – and reap the rewards. And I have the good feeling that all I have accomplished in my life – I did it myself – I never have had to compromise myself to ANYbody – not even my two husbands to do it. I have never taken any shit from anybody just to have them pay my bills and shove it in my face about it – like Joan did. She readily accepted her adoptive mothers paying her bills and had to listen that harpie – but then Joan loves confrontations – she is not happy unless she is fighting with someone – and deep down, she wanted the excuse to fight with her amother – just so the topic of her adoption would come up and she could shove it in the woman’s face. I know – I’ve those two in action.

So getting back to the events of the past 2 weeks – The guys at Office Depot were working to retrieve my data off my poor busted hard drive. Gert had an older Compaq laptop and a small Acer Aspire, just like mine. Gert had bought herself a new regular size laptop and made plans to give her old one to me. Even as my little Acer was at Office Depot, Gert was packing up her Compaq and shipped it out to me. Meanwhile, I went to a public computer and ordered myself a new little Acer. Gert’s Compaq came to my house and just 3 days later, my new little Acer came. The guys at Office Depot got all my stuff – so I didn’t lose anything of importance – but I did lose my favorites file.- Most of my info and music collection are on 3 separate external hard drives. What’s on the actual computer’s hard drive are my working projects.

I’ve also been busy closing down my HSBC accounts since they are leaving WNY. AND my husband has been doing necessary upgrades to his financial portfolio. We have been busy upgrading our finances, both individually and jointly. It has actually taken me two weeks to personalize the computer Gert gave me. I had to rebuild my favorites (websites) folder – that info got lost when my little Acer died. And to keep from losing that info again, I have made a seperate Word Document listing my favorite websites’ web addresses and storing them on a separate flashdrive. These websites are not just entertainment – but necessary ones, like where I file my taxes, the DMV, and other important sites. And I haven’t even begun with the new little Acer.  Once I get everything all set up – the Acer stays in my home office – and the larger laptop will be for John to use. Yes Joan – John is itching to learn the internet and contribute to our horror website. Because his screen name is The Cadaver Man and he has lots of horror things to write about. Now go ahead – put us both down for the things we like. Just like the little pisspot schoolyard bully that you are! You don’t like horror? that’s fine. It’s not your cup of tea. So go blow your stupid idiotic comments out the window – and yes – I started a new blog – it’s not really up and running yet – but it will be to share my Star Trek memorabilia – articles, clippings, photos, – because an internet buddy of mine encouraged me to do it – to compliment his Star Trek site. Now go ahead Chimpy – do the same thing – be a little pisspot schoolyard bully and ridicule me for my liking Trek. All you did was show people was an ass YOU are – to hold up and ridicule another human beings choice of what they do for fun in their spare time. – My Trek hobby does not interfere with my job, my finances, my relationships. Who the hell are YOU to put me down for what I do in my spare time. You are nothing – a nobody – you only exist in Joan’s warped brain anyway.

And why is it everything breaks at one time? We put in our air conditioner a couple of weeks ago. It worked for two days then died. (well, it was 13 or 14 years old). Our can opener died. So yesterday, John and I went shopping. New a/c and can opener at Wal-Mart, new purse for me for K-Mart (the strap was ripping) – new sneakers for John – then we filled up the gas tank and got groceries. Ah yes – it feels good to have $$$$ to replace things when they break – or even get new things! I bust my ass at my job – and reap the rewards. I have a well earned sense of pride of doing for myself and not having to owe anything to anybody – except my mortgage company and the gas company and the electric company and Discover card and JCPenney and Home Depot,  lol.

So Chimp – you will just have to wait your turn – I got a busy life. Take a  number and have a seat. I’ll get back to you.
have a banana while you wait.

quit your damn whining Chimp – you bad little monkey. I’ll answer you when I feel like it.

new development from joan’s imaginary friend June 14, 2012

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new on Gert’s blog…


Joan Wheeler obviously doesn’t read the NEWS…that is our blogs…or she would know already that she is dead and gone already! No, she NEEDS ATTENTION and we haven’t been giving her any!


Joan Wheeler is beginning to learn how to do the right thing… June 13, 2012

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For updated materials see the following post at gertmcqueen.wordpress.com


Joan Wheeler finally caved in, to the pressures from birth siblings and others, to remove certain references about us, from one of her web sites…but there’s more, much more, to be done…

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