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to Chimp June 15, 2012

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chimp – grab a banana and stuff it

Your last garbage WAS acknowledged. IF you had any brains – and IF you could read – you would know that I haven’t answered in full because I am just too dam busy.

But since your monkey ass needs attention – I guess I will have to turn some attention to little Chimpy. but just for a minute.

IF you had read my comments to Gert’s blog – I said a couple of times that I had planned to answer you around the beginning of June. But I couldn’t. And Gert put up a blog post saying that  Ruth was taking a breather – was bogged down in stuff. And IF your feeble little brain would comprehend my posts on facebook you would know WHY. (go here to my facebook).

Ah yes, facebook – where Joan can’t see me because she has blocked me. BUT the general public CAN. And my settings are set so public can see me. So Chimpy – YOU can see me. But then again, as we all know – Chimpy and Joanie are the same.

Two weeks ago my computer, a netbook, an Acer Aspire One crashed. I had if for almost three years and I worked the hell out of it. Contrary to Joan, my every minute of computer time was NOT devoted to her widdle butt.  I use my computer for other writing tasks, archiving purposes, and entertainment. – in fact I just yesterday made a status blurb on facebook on how I had just finished up digitizing and cataloging three new additions to my music collection: the soundtracks to E.T.; Superman the Movie, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. And annoucned the next ones will be the soundtracks to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; and Return of the Jedi.

In the last two years, I have digitized most of my CDs. I still have about 75 CDs to do. These are all my classical ones – and they are going to be a lot of work. Lots of typing, scanning the booklets, downloading artwork. I also created a database via Microsoft Access. Everything has to go into my database. On my one external hard drive – I have a total of 836 albums – that’s FULL albums, – I have the entire Beatles collection – the UK and the US releases – 28 full albums – 19 out of 25 John Denver albums. I also spent two weeks in May, cataloging all my vinyl records that are up in my attic. I had already cataloged my cassettes. Which are still in good working condition. don’t know why Joan’s tapes were f’ed up – as she indicated in her book. Mine are perfectly fine. – and I have the equipment and software to transfer those onto the computer. AND I’ve even got MP3’s of all the music albums that I had on 8 Track! yeah – I still had about 10 of those guys. lol. Oh – speaking of vinyl records – guess what I found in my attic – Inside Star Trek – and it was Joan’s. – Hey Joan – an even swap – I’ll give you back your property in exchange for mine – the busted bronze replica of King Tut’s throne that Colby promised to weld back together for me and never did and I never got back. PLUS all the money you stole from me in 1990 PLUS interest – because I had to pay that money back to the bank at 18% interest. Let’s make a settlement here – $1000.00 – that should cover ALL the money you stole from me, the interest, AND the King Tut throne. In exchange, I will give you back your Inside Star Trek record. And the exchange will be done by a person of MY choosing at a place and time that I choose. And in addition to the exchange – I want a public apology and explanation of how and why you stole the money from me – by dipping into a joint checking account that was supposed to be to buy real estate – but YOU dipped into it to fix the brakes for your car. MY money was NOT to be used for YOUR living expenses. You had a busted car? You should have done what other people do – got off your ass and got a job to earn the money to fix your car. But noooo – little brat Joanie stole Ruth’s money to fix her car -and did it without even asking. bitch. If you pay me the $1000.00 and make a public apology and explanation of this – AND your treatment of me over Mr. Campo’s refund of his fee – that will remove 2 of the items of the list of demands from you that I have listed on the page titled “What is Demanded of Joan Wheeler.” – found right at the top of this blog’s home page. And don’t forget Joanie baby – I still have all the paper documents related to 1989 and 1990 – even Mr. Campo’s letter. They have been scanned into the computer and some of them are already on this blog. See, not only do I tell the truth of Joan’s actions and words – I provide the dam proof. Irrefutable proof of Joan’s lies and thefts.

Back to my music collection.Some of the music I get from my personal CDs, some from friends, some I purchase the MP3’s from Amazon. See what you can do when you have a job Joan? You actually have dollars that you can use for your enjoyment! And I don’t have to rely on handouts from society. I worked from the age of 19 – and reap the rewards. And I have the good feeling that all I have accomplished in my life – I did it myself – I never have had to compromise myself to ANYbody – not even my two husbands to do it. I have never taken any shit from anybody just to have them pay my bills and shove it in my face about it – like Joan did. She readily accepted her adoptive mothers paying her bills and had to listen that harpie – but then Joan loves confrontations – she is not happy unless she is fighting with someone – and deep down, she wanted the excuse to fight with her amother – just so the topic of her adoption would come up and she could shove it in the woman’s face. I know – I’ve those two in action.

So getting back to the events of the past 2 weeks – The guys at Office Depot were working to retrieve my data off my poor busted hard drive. Gert had an older Compaq laptop and a small Acer Aspire, just like mine. Gert had bought herself a new regular size laptop and made plans to give her old one to me. Even as my little Acer was at Office Depot, Gert was packing up her Compaq and shipped it out to me. Meanwhile, I went to a public computer and ordered myself a new little Acer. Gert’s Compaq came to my house and just 3 days later, my new little Acer came. The guys at Office Depot got all my stuff – so I didn’t lose anything of importance – but I did lose my favorites file.- Most of my info and music collection are on 3 separate external hard drives. What’s on the actual computer’s hard drive are my working projects.

I’ve also been busy closing down my HSBC accounts since they are leaving WNY. AND my husband has been doing necessary upgrades to his financial portfolio. We have been busy upgrading our finances, both individually and jointly. It has actually taken me two weeks to personalize the computer Gert gave me. I had to rebuild my favorites (websites) folder – that info got lost when my little Acer died. And to keep from losing that info again, I have made a seperate Word Document listing my favorite websites’ web addresses and storing them on a separate flashdrive. These websites are not just entertainment – but necessary ones, like where I file my taxes, the DMV, and other important sites. And I haven’t even begun with the new little Acer.  Once I get everything all set up – the Acer stays in my home office – and the larger laptop will be for John to use. Yes Joan – John is itching to learn the internet and contribute to our horror website. Because his screen name is The Cadaver Man and he has lots of horror things to write about. Now go ahead – put us both down for the things we like. Just like the little pisspot schoolyard bully that you are! You don’t like horror? that’s fine. It’s not your cup of tea. So go blow your stupid idiotic comments out the window – and yes – I started a new blog – it’s not really up and running yet – but it will be to share my Star Trek memorabilia – articles, clippings, photos, – because an internet buddy of mine encouraged me to do it – to compliment his Star Trek site. Now go ahead Chimpy – do the same thing – be a little pisspot schoolyard bully and ridicule me for my liking Trek. All you did was show people was an ass YOU are – to hold up and ridicule another human beings choice of what they do for fun in their spare time. – My Trek hobby does not interfere with my job, my finances, my relationships. Who the hell are YOU to put me down for what I do in my spare time. You are nothing – a nobody – you only exist in Joan’s warped brain anyway.

And why is it everything breaks at one time? We put in our air conditioner a couple of weeks ago. It worked for two days then died. (well, it was 13 or 14 years old). Our can opener died. So yesterday, John and I went shopping. New a/c and can opener at Wal-Mart, new purse for me for K-Mart (the strap was ripping) – new sneakers for John – then we filled up the gas tank and got groceries. Ah yes – it feels good to have $$$$ to replace things when they break – or even get new things! I bust my ass at my job – and reap the rewards. I have a well earned sense of pride of doing for myself and not having to owe anything to anybody – except my mortgage company and the gas company and the electric company and Discover card and JCPenney and Home Depot,  lol.

So Chimp – you will just have to wait your turn – I got a busy life. Take a  number and have a seat. I’ll get back to you.
have a banana while you wait.

quit your damn whining Chimp – you bad little monkey. I’ll answer you when I feel like it.



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2. Ruth - June 15, 2012

My thanks to the techie guys at Office Depot on Walden Ave. in Cheektowaga – between Thruway Plaza and Galleria Mall for their kind assistance and expertise in retrieving my data.
And Patrick in particular – another Trekkie! We started talking Trek and the other employees and customers got a big kick out of it.

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