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Bullying needs to be addressed and stopped June 25, 2012

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Last week’s horrible bullying incident of bus aide Karen Klien should wake people up to the fact that kids not only bully other kids – they bully adults as well.

I’m not surprised this happened. But am sort of glad – so this can get out in the open. And educators and bus people are NOT the only adults who get bullied by kids. Neighbors and other elderly get it too.

I was bullied mercilessly for 4 years by two girls of a family up the street from me. I was 35. It came out of the blue and I didn’t know what to do. I tried ignoring it. didn’t work. I tried talking nicely to them. didn’t work. I tried talking to thier parents, all I got was “their only kids. geez.” It started escalating to the point that the older girl (she was 10 when it started and 14 when they moved away) – she got the other kids in the neighborhood to harass me. The police were no help. they told me to move! When I had just bought the house! As it continued, by 1992, I had enough – I marched to thier house and the mother slammed the door in my face, saying she didn’t want to hear it. So I kicked in the storm door and screamed that she gave birth to them and she WAS going to hear it. I proceeded to use ghetto language – I didn’t care – FOUR YEARS OF HARASSMENT AND I LOST IT. The police came (different officer) and the mother admitted to them she knew her kids harassed me. The police then yelled at her. (about time).

When their landlord heard the whole story, he felt bad for me and didn’t charge me for the storm door. My problem wasn’t quite over when they moved, because I was now the “target” for all the f’ing little brats. It slowed down a bit in 1996 when I got a car, so I wouldn’t have to walk and hear their taunts. And I learned to use a walkman to drown out thier taunts.

What was my crime? When we moved in the neighborhood, we had three cats, and one had a litter, The ringleader wanted to see the kittens one day, and I told her no, and not to bounce her basketball in my driveway as I work nights. Because I said no to her, and laid down groundrules, she saw me as an enemy. I was labeled Crazy Cat Lady and told that I eat cat litter for breakfast. Ignore it? – it doesn’t work. I was also told I was slime, I was ugly, the ringleader also mocked me for my professional belly dance career. sigh, well, 25 years later, she should have taken up belly dancing, because she, at the age that I was when she targeted me, is now ahem, a “full-figured” woman. Karma got her. Danielle R—-rd – Dee R—-rd – you are now sowing the seeds of the crop you reaped 25 years ago. I did nothing to you. My husband and I were always nice to you. Now you’re working with dogs – maybe I should call you Dog Lady.

I don’t excuse her behavior – because she was old enough to know right from wrong. But I also blame her parents for enabling her to be wild and do this crap to someone who didn’t deserve it.  They were poor parents. and I don’t mean financially – they were rotten parents with no parenting skills. So I had to suffer because they were rotten people.

In retrospect, I know now what I should have done – I should have called Child Abuse Authorities on them for child neglect. One day, the little one was crawling around in the bushes on the side of my house. I took her back to her house and admonished her father Henry, who was sitting on his porch. I told him to keep his kids out of my yard. He yelled at me! “She’s only two years old for god’s sake!”

TWO YEARS OLD! and crawling around in the bushes on the side of a house 2 doors down – and she was out of his sight! That was neglect. What if a rat had jumped out and bit her. The R—-rd family were a family of nuts. I long suspected the mother of just laying around the house all day watching TV and eating chocolate. How right I was! In 1998, I met someone who used to be friends with them. When I was told Henry and Mary had divorced I wasn’t surprised. But my friend also said to me: “Henry told me he got tired of Mary sitting around the house all day watching tv and not watching the kids.”

WHA????  — oh, what he was an angel – cos he sure watched 2 year old Heather real good the day she was in my bushes.

 Well, I learned my lesson – I WILL NEVER BE A VICTIM AGAIN. If someone, and I don’t care their age, harasses me, harassment charges WILL be filed. If the harasser is a minor, harassment charges will be filed against their parent or guardian.

I have the civil right to have whatever pet I choose. I have the civil right to not have trespassers in my driveway. I had every right to chase away people who don’t belong on my property. Mary and Henry had the obligation to teach their children to stay off of other people’s property and to respect them.

And I was not the only one Danielle harassed. She threw a brick up on the porch of Eddie, a Korean War Veteran, who lived across the street. Danielle was a bully of the highest degree.

But the bullying didn’t stop when the R—-rds moved off the street. Because Danielle had gotten the other kids in the neighborhood to harass me. Every time I left the house – that’s all I heard – “cat lady. cat lady. cat lady.”

I talked to parents – some slammed the door in my face. Some said “kids are kids.” TWO and only TWO mothers stepped up and stopped their kids from harassing me. I didn’t have a car. I had to walk 10 minutes with a shopping cart to the supermarket. And of course all I heard was the taunts. I finally got a Walkman and put in earplugs. But if the times I didn’t have the Walkman with me, I was still getting the taunts.

It finally started to slow down in the early 2000’s – when the little brats got to be teenagers and their hormones took them in other directions. And with me with earplugs, and not responding, they got a little tired of not getting a rise out of me. (it’s easy to tell someone ignore it – but you can’t. It enters your ears and hits you in the gut.) But some of them were still at it. A family moved in next door to me and they were horrible. Loud music, used condoms thrown in my driveway.

It all ended in July 2005 when the teenage boys next door pissed off drug dealers and two gunmen came at them. The gunmen missed their targets, and killed an innocent man – there were bullet shells in the end of my driveway. But my house wasn’t hit. – And by this time, we had a vehicle, so now I had “some” privacy.

So, from 1987 to 2005, I was bullied. The sad thing is – those “parents” who did not step in to stop their kids from bullying me, BURIED their kids. Yes, most of them died from drug related shootings. Others, got knocked up and grew up to a life of crime.

I have prevailed – but thank you very much Danielle R—-rd. YOU started all this shit. I will never forgive you. I spit on you.

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