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Brian T. Maloney abuses someone who HONORED his father, Arthur J. Maloney – because Joan Wheeler told him to. July 8, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
 Be it known that Joan Wheeler has enlisted one, Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville, NY to harass, browbeat, insult, belittle, intimidate and cyberbullying the birthsiblings of Joan. We do not know this Brian T. Maloney who has a blog ‘defendingjoanwheeler.blogspot’ and he has left a bullying remark on the Buffalo News website article on birther issue of Joan Wheeler. This man is an abuser to women he does not know.   By a sheer twist of fate, Brian is the son of the late Arthur J. Maloney, who was a well respected attorney in the Buffalo area, AND long-time friend and attorney of our stepmother (from the late 1960′s) and long-time friend and attorney of our father Leonard Sippel (since the early 1970′s). Mr. Maloney also handled the adoption proceedings when our father adopted his stepdaughter. Joan Wheeler cannot stand that fact and has enlisted Brian T. Maloney in her continued abuse and harassment of her birth family. Arthur also handled legal issues for Ruth in 1976 (landlord/tenant) and in the 1990′s – regarding Joan’s theft of money from Ruth and harassment of Ruth. Arthur was disgusted with Joan’s behavior. We are appalled that the son of a very sweet man (Arthur) is such an abuser and a harasser of the daughters of a friend of his late father. I, Ruth Sippel Pace, in representing the Sippel family, left a message of condolence on the online remembrance book for Arthur. I am shocked and disgusted that in return, I am called a dog by his son.
Further, in April 2012, Brian T. Maloney trashed my father for his decision to relinguish Joan to adoption. What one man’s decision in regards to the upbringing of his children is of no concern for another man to comment on and belittle – especially from someone OUTSIDE the family.
screenshot of Arthur’s obit with the beginning of my condolences to his family. Click on the image to see it full size.


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