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breaking news and a warning to authorites about Joan Wheeler, who I believe is a menace to society August 1, 2012

Posted by Ruth in a. What is demanded from Joan Wheeler - the purpose of this blog., Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, mental illness.
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8:00pm, EST August 1, 2012,

CNN reports that on June 7, 2012, Batman Movie massacre killer James Holmes, failed an oral test and then went out and bought a gun, and talked to his psychiatrist. Something he said to her, alerted her and she contacted colleagues on the behavioral threat assessment team that he was a threat.

NO ONE contacted the Aurora police department that he could be a threat.

I have been telling authorities for YEARS that Joan M. Wheeler of Tonawanda, NY is a potential threat. She has harassed me for years. She has stalking me, called my employer almost daily for six months to get me fired over a typing mistake that I had nothing to do with. Despite my employer telling her this, she continued phoning them. She wrote letters to the mayor of Buffalo, a NYS senator and others telling them I have a criminal record, when I do not. I placed harassment charges against her in 1995, but a Buffalo City Court judge Margaret Anderson dismissed the case, saying that “sisters should get along.” Despite seeing black and white evidence – copies of the letters that Joan sent to these people – Joan had the arrogance to make photocopies and sent them to me.

In December 1994, she called child abuse on herself, giving MY name in a rotten attempt to break me and my fiance up. A few months later, I spoke with an assistant district attorney of Erie County and she told me that I was to stay away from Joan. I assured that I was, and asked her if she would give the same directive to Joan. She told me she would. This was just after Judge Anderson dismissed my harassment charges in 1995.

Things were very quiet until 1998, when out of the blue, I recieved an envelope handwritten by Joan, addressed to me and my fiance John, but inside was a letter addressed to my oldest sister Gert about an incident that occured in South Carolina. A man who USED to know Gert, bumped into Joan’s ex-husband and trash talked Gert. So what did that have to do with Ruth? And why was Joan writing to Ruth AFTER the district attorney told the both of us to leave each other alone?

A year later, in 1999, I received another letter from Joan, informing me that my husband got the next door neighbor pregnant. The return address on the envelope was NOT Joan’s address – a friend of mine drove me there – it was the address of a former friend of Joan’s – Bonnie Warren – who was in the middle of a fight with Joan. Bonnie told me that in the year 1997, Joan Wheeler had made a death threat against me – she was asking around for a hitman to take me out.

thank you very much Margaret Anderson for dismissing charges against this fruitcake. But Family Court Judge Margaret Scuzer granted me a one year order of protection against Joan. This was May 1999. In the same month, Bonnie institued harassment  charges against Joan for using her address without her permission to send harassing letters to me.

In the same month, May 1999, a third court case of harassment was instituted against Joan Wheeler by the New York state Town of Eden police department because Joan was harassing our cousin Gail Budziszewski. Joan had telephoned her in the past and written letters. Gail went to the police and they called Joan to tell her not to contact Gail. Gail got another letter and took it straight to the police. they called Joan in front of Gail and asked her if she had sent Gail the letter – Joan answered “yes.” the police asked “after we told you NOT to contact her?” And Joan, in her arrogance said “yes.”

ALSO in 1998 or 1999 – Joan went to have her windshield fixed and the mechanic turned out to be my cousin Ray, Gail’s nephew. Ray was nice enought to invite Joan home for dinner. When Gail found out, she told her nephew to stay away from Joan because she was dangerous. Ray began to distance himself from Joan, and Joan sent me a letter saying that she knew that me, Gail, Ray and my friend Francine were “plotting” against her. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about this and Francine and Ray had never met each other.

Joan began calling Ray’s job to get him in trouble with his boss – three years after she was calling my job to get me in trouble. Again, thank you very much Judge Margaret Anderson.

Joan writes in her book of how she had physically assaulted her adoptive mother and her own children, chronicled in her book of how she routinely took up her own children’s photographs, toys, clothes, school artwork and burned them in the middle of the living room IN FRONT OF HER OWN CHILDREN! She admits in her book Forbidden Family that she drank, drove drunk, went into a deep depression and wouldn’t cook dinner for her kids, wouldn’t even wash her own hair.

In 2010, I sent a letter to Buffalo area therapist Nichole Urdang after this ditz wrote a rave review of Joan’s book for amazon.com saying the book was good. I was horrified. I told Ms. Urdang that she was a poor therapist if she didn’t see that book for what it really was – a chronicle of a woman losing her drunken sotten mind.

Joan’s longtime good friend Rene Hoksbergen, a retired college professor from Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands, was manipulated and lied to by Joan in 1993 in an attempt to extort money from my sister who lives in England. Because of Joan’s lies, Hoksbergen wrote a letter to my sister in England, sticking his nose into our family business.

Joan had stolen hundreds of dollars from me in 1990 and was now targeting another person. Joan used Hoksbergen, giving him a manuscript of her book to read, which he wrote a forward for (written in 2006). But the final version, published in 2009, contained key lies about him – and me!

Via this blog, I have let Hoksbergen know that I hold him responsible for Joan’s slanderous book, which contains lies – lies like that I have a criminal record. Legitimate complaints were sent to the publisher of Joan’s book, Trafford Publications. Actual court documents and even a couple of the letters that Joan wrote to elected officials in 1994-95 telling them lies about me were sent to Trafford. Trafford’s legal department pored over the evidence and the book, and in May 2011, they pulled the book from publication because Joan violated her contract with them.

In March of 2011, Joan went on the Huffington website to tell more lies about me and my two older sisters – a complaint was sent to Huffington and Joan was kicked off the site.

In November 2011, the father of one of her friends died. Coincidentally, the father was the long-time attorney and friend of my father, a fact that Joan nor her friend Brian T. Maloney figured out. But after seeing the online obituary and MY sympathy message, Joan figuredout that that attorney, Arthur J. Maloney, was the attorney who handled my father’s adoption of his step-daugher in 1977. Joan who has gone on record to say that she is 100% against adoption and has said online that she hates EVERYONE who supports, promotes and actually carries out adoption. She did not tell Brian that she knew of his father’s connection to my family. Instead, she started manipulating him into cyberstalking and cyberbullying us.  It took us several months of detective work to find out who our attacker was – and once we did, and we let him (and the world) of that connection – (three weeks ago) – he has gone silent.

But Joan has done this manipulation before. In February 2010, she complained to members of the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum about this blog. “If enough of you complain to wordpress, we can shut those fuckheads down.” This blog recieved many obscene comments.

In the fall of 2010, a friend of Joan’s, Russell Thomas came to this blog and called me a bitch. Not once, but two, then three times. I emailed him and told him to stop.

In January of 2011, when my father died, Joan was told not to come to the funeral home when the family was present. but she showed up with Russell Thomas, who was seen by a reliable eyewitness to writing a long message in the guest book in the funeral parlor. She read it and was horrified. She made several phone calls to contact my sister in England, who called me. In the meantime, Gert and I saw it – it was hate message to my father it said: “May he rot in hell from the Herr brothers – Charles, Matthew, Henry, Michael and Richard.”

Richard, was lives in Florida, was actually on the phone around 5pm, just an hour after this message was written. He was in Florida, on the phone with my sister in England. the others – Charles, Matthew, Henry and Michael – ARE DEAD!

With all this bullshit, harassment of myself and other family members, arrogant disregard of directives from authorities (the district attorney and Town of Eden police), the stalking, the calling of my job and Ray’s job to get his fired over BULLSHIT that had nothing to do with our job performances, the total disregard for other people, the lying in the book, the lying on the internet, the lying in person about me and others, the forging or four dead men’s names and one guy who was hundreds of miles away – —  and the death threat made against me in 1997 —–


if anything happens to me or my husband, or our property – I hereby notify anyone that she should be the first one to be questioned.










and thanks a lot wordpress for the linking of some of my text to your stupid commercials. this is a serious post about serious issues, and you stick in commercials. shame on you.

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