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Brian T. Maloney LION of Williamsville NY is a liar and harasses people again August 27, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Brian T. Maloney now says that he never attacked nurses aides and says that I have maligned an innocent person, his ex-wife.

Brian is a liar – I did not mention his wife’s name in connection with the liquor store – I got my information from BRIAN’S  resume that HE put up on LinkedIn – BRIAN’S OWN WORDS HAVE CONDEMNED HIM – Brian says today that Rieki healer is NOT his job – yet he says on his resume on LinkedIN “self-employed as Reiki Master and healer.” – so one of his statements is a lie. He says “as sole owner and operator of Kenwin Liquor store, I did all that entailed – inventory, etc.” – – not an exact quote , but he DID exactly say he was the sole owner and employee of the store. – I did not mention his wife at all in conjunction with the store. – to clarify – Brian’s resume did list the last year he worked the store as 2006 and the review was written in 2008 – BUT the store is the same – the same little teeny-tiny rinky-dink hole in the wall. So nice job Brian – put the blame on your ex-wife for the mess that place was in. So in essence Brian – YOU are the one who dissed poor J. – YOU brought her into this conversation, NOT ME. I never said a word about J. YOU brought her up. – But like Teflon Reagan – you want to slime and sleaze your way out of it. Not a chance buddy, not a chance.  Why didn’t I mention the different years (2006 and 2008) before? – Because I was KEEPING HIS EX-WIFE OUT OF THIS DISCUSSION!  But Brian, abuser of women, dragged her into this. Nice going Brian, instead of being the bigger person, and assuming responsibilty for the store’s rotten review, you say “it ain’t my fault – it’s my ex-wife’s!” To keep her OUT of this discussion, YOU couldn’t be a “knight in shining armor? A HEALER? A PROTECTOR OF YOUR EX-WIFE’S REPUTATION? – remember Brian – YOU brought her up – nowhere in my post about that store and its review did I mention her. YOU did.  I see why she divorced you.  You know idiot, all you had to do was say, “oh, well, I sold the business to someone else in 2006.” You didn’t have to mention your ex-wife. Because I sure didn’t. (by the way J. A. M. – wise move on your part – getting out of your marriage to this abuser, liar, con-artist). Hugs sweetie!

It was BRIAN that said that “only Joan” (in our family) “educated herself” while the rest of us worked in “menial jobs.” He didn’t say nurses’ aides specifically – but then what was he referring to? Joan’s family members have worked as:’

fatther – civil engineer in Buffalo City Hall – educated himself by going to night school

Gert – dental hygienist after attending Erie Community College

Kathy – music teacher in Liverpool Public schools, educated as musician and teacher.

Leonard Jr. – nurse aide, mental health counselor, educated as nurse aide, counselor

Ruth – nurse aide, educated as such

Joan’s adoptive father – worked at Dunlop Tires as an electrician – had to be educated for that.

various members of Joan’s extended birth family – have worked in bank offices, registered nurses, many varied occupations and degrees of education.

so what is BRIAN’S basis to say that Joan is the only person in our family who is educated and just WHO is working at a menial job –

Brian – SHUT YOUR MOUTH – because you are only making an ass of yourself. It was YOU Brian that brought up the term “menial jobs.” And who the hell are YOU to say that anyway? Even a sewer worker has worth buddy – even a sewer worker. And for you to say ANYbody is a “menial” is disgusting. EVERY person on this planet has worth and dignity – whether they are president of the United States, or a homeless, jobless person that never made it to even the first grade. Millions of people in Third World countries don’t even get to first grade – so BRIAN condemns them for not having an education. They don’t have jobs. They work at “menial” jobs. And Brian, mister hoity-toity “reiki master” puts down people who toil at menial jobs. Yes you did Brian – you went out of your way to mention “menial jobs.” whether you meant nurses aides or not. – I defended my career – for you to take my defense as such in such a manner to get all bent out of shape, shows me and the rest of the world that that is exactly what you meant. DARVO again. Keep on talking your bullshit Brian – because you’re doing a much better job at showing the world what a liar you are than I could ever do. I see why you and Joan like each other so much – two peas in a pod – two delusional idiots who every time they open their moujths they contradict themselves. And either don’t realilze it, or don’t care.

It was YOU Brian that brought up JOAN”S education and said that she is the only one interested in educating herself. It wasn’t me.  It was RUTH who showed Brian for the idiot that he is – and now he is backtracking and lying – no wonder he’s divorced, foreclosed on his condo, dresses like po’ white trash.



1. gertmcqueen - August 27, 2012

Brian you really ought to get out of bed with Joan because you are sounding just like her, mixing up your own facts and can’t remember what you said when you said it..she is using you buddy can’t you see it? NO, I guess not! What are you getting out of this? Your rep is totally shot guy, give it up for we are not caving in…

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