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Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville thinks he is GOD – I ain’t buying it, and neither will the police. August 29, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.

Brian left a comment that Gert shared with me via email – he wants to know how I know what he dresses like! What an idiot – — Brian – did you forget – you posted a mug shot of yourself on LinkedIn – wearing a rumpled blue plaid shirt and didn’t even comb your hair! On a PROFESSIONAL RESUME SHARING SITE! oh and Brian – who the hell asked YOU to “bring peace to our entire family?” Oh my heavens – this nutjob has a Jesus complex – he wants to SAVE MY FAMILY! — from what? JOAN? – then by all means, do so – get that little snot OUT OF OUR LIVES COMPLETELY! She is NOT a LEGAL member of the Sippel family – hasn’t been since 1957. In 1974, yes, we reunited with her – but when she stole from us, lied to and about us, created trouble left and right, she was shown the door. – BLOOD MEANS WE ARE RELATED – LOYALTY MEANS FAMILY.  She may have our genes, but she never showed loyalty to us. -IN THE EYES OF THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND NEW YORK STATE – JOAN MARY WHEELER IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT – A LEGAL RELATIVE OF RUTH B. PACE – THEREFORE I WANT HER TO REMOVE ALL MENTION OF ME ON HER WEBSITES – I DON’T NEED “PEACE” MEDIATIONS FROM A STALKER NAMED BRIAN MALONEY FROM SOMEONE WHO IS NOT LEGALLY RELATED FROM ME – now take bit of business and shove it Brian. MY LIFE IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS BRIAN – get out of my business – NOW!

 – keep it up Brian – YOU ARE ADMITTING TO HARASSMENT AND STALKING VIA INTERNET BY ADMITTING TO STICKING YOUR NOSE IN MY BUSINESS – I DID NOT ASK YOU TO ACT AS A MEDIATOR TO KEEP THE PEACE IN ANY OF MY RELATIONSHIPS. – KEEP IT UP AND POLICE REPORTS WILL BE FILED. and we see again, just as with Russell Thomas – another one of Joan Wheeler’s flunkys – when she sucked up to him and sicced on us – when I got the goods on him, AFTER he called me a bitch, he sleazed back – “I was only trying to help.” – Now we see this new scumbag Brian doing the same thing – he insults me and my sisters, cyberstalks us, calls us names, attacks us via his blog, NOW he says he’s only trying to help. – Three peas in a pod – Russell, Joan and Brian. sleazy lying creeps. Meanwhile, on public internet, Brian is showing people what a “healing Reiki master” he really is – a boorish abuser. And getting caught up in his own lies –



1. gertmcqueen - August 29, 2012

Excellent Ruth,

no one asked Brian to be a mediator to us…he is a self-proclaimed defender of and to joan wheeler, but all that means is that he is a abuser speaking for joan because she is too weak to speak up for herself…everything that we know about Brian Maloney is available via the internet and if he didn’t want to be exposed he should never have opened his mouth.

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