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What in the world is Blue Plague? August 30, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Dreams, Inconsistent Angel Things.

There is a website out there called The Blue Plague. I haven’t looked at everything there. I couldn’t get past the first page. Such dribble. And with glaring mistakes! Give a lookee:

  The Blue Plague is a devastating illness attacking children. Some say it is being deliberately spread by The U, S, Gov.

Perhaps a possibility, or perhaps it may be accidental.

People in all states have been involved in its spreading

This website is to inform, stop the plague, and save children.


Inbreeding with close blood relatives causes mental problems in children going down blood lines

Inbreeding Egyptian Pharos kept power in their families. Egypt collapsed from within do to mental handicaps in Dynasty families. The knowledge of it all “Was Hidden.”

Roman Rulers copied Egyptian inbreeding to keep control within their families. The Roman rulers became damaged, Roam Fell, Knowledge “Was Hidden.”

European Monarchs copied the Roman inbreeding practices. Children were born dead blue. Which is where the term “Blue Blood” came from. The knowledge “Was Hidden.”

Collapsing governments caused the Dark Ages. Lords, “Bestowed Their Gifts” into peasant brides. Resulting children went by peasant names, that did not match their true blood lines. Inbreeding ran ramped, hence the term, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen.”

The Blue Plague is coming to America. Southern Plantation Masters copied the Lords Sport. The Plague was contained within slave quarters, as in European Places, and “Hidden.”

The Civil War freed the slaves, and The Blue Plague spread throughout America.

Mormon’s fathered towns, The Plague spread through children’s limited mating choices

The Orphan Train changed children’s names, causing unknown interbreeding.

Using The Orphan Train as the example, The U. S. Gov. created The Uniform Adoption Act mandating adoptee’s birth records be sealed. The Blue Plague spread.

I see no conspiracy, just ignorance from “Hiding Knowledge” to avoid embarrassment, leading to nearly two hundred years of entrapping all on a path to destruction.  

So I left this comment: Knowledge should be exposed. yes – so I am sharing knowledge with you – “do” to? – that should be “due” Rome is not spelled Roam – U, S, – use periods, not commas. When the Southern plantation owners bred with the slaves, they actually introduced NEW (African) genes into the white gene pool – so that blows your theory away.  your last sentance contradicts your entire post – “two hundred years” – when you previously stated it happened thousands of years ago. If you want to be taken seriously, write your essay seriously. By the way, Blue Babies are blue because their lungs are not developed and they are lacking oxygen. It has nothing to do with their mental capabilites. It is called hypoxic.

Honestly, if people want to be taken seriously, they really should present their material in a serious way. Perhaps he was watching the Smurf’s episode “The Blue Plague.” – Ever notice that there is only ONE female Smurf? ONE FEMALE TO DO ALL THE BREEDING! Talk about inbreeding!  


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