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A lovely Friday evening awaits me, as I leave idiots behind in my dust! August 31, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates.

Enlisting other people to harass us, Joan Wheeler has other people to do her dirty work. I don’t care – I keep on blogging! I don’t know what he thinks he has accomplished. I’m still here, still blogging my truth about MY life. If he doesn’t like my life or what I have to say, he can stuff it. I don’t care. If he thinks that he is such an important person in my life then he is really delusional. His little rants haven’t changed a dam thing.

However, even a Champion of Truth such as I, must take a break. Dinner with my wonderful husband, later – will enjoy the Full Moon. Ghost Adventures and Dead Files on Sci-Fi channel tonight. A nice Friday evening into overnight awaits.

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