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Brian Maloney’s newest nonsense August 31, 2012

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by  on August 30, 2012

some people really haven’t a clue about how stupid they are

here is Joan Wheeler’s champ…speaking his bullying bullshit and my comment


ChampAugust 30, 2012 1:26 PM

I re-read the Buffalo News article mentioned by Gertie, and if anyone considers what I wrote there to be an “attack”, I would suggest that they should get a thicker skin. I merely suggested they seek counseling. Again, neither of Joan’s sisters have addressed the points I made in this posting. Why? because they are unable to do so. Gertie, you did write a rather unflattering view of my ex-wife’s store. What did she ever do to you to make you want to try to destroy her business? You surely did research to find out who the owner was, didn’t you? If not, you just attacked and bullied and abused someone out of mean-spiritedness who has nothing whatsoever to do with either of us, andwho has no idea who Joan is. And you have the unmittigated gall to call ME a bully and abuser? If you want to know what a bully and abuser really is, just look in the mirror and/or visit Ruthie. She says I dress like po’ white trash without having even met me. I’ve no idea how SHE dresses, and I don’t care, but from her writing, it’s easy to see who it is that her description of me fits, and it’s not, in fact me at all. She is simply to obtuse to see that the term describes her writing and attitude. All I can do is hope you both eventually see that you need counseling as badly as Joan, and you both find peace in your lives.

Gert’s comment…

Brian…this is Gert speaking that is the name I go by and I request that you HONOR that, if you continue to insult me by using a name that Joan told you to use than you are still an abuser who insults women because you think we are nothing. I assure you that I mean business Brian Maloney; my name is GERT, not gertie. Get that! I am not Ruth. You, Brian continue to confuse us, we are different people who speak for themselves and are not responsible for what the other says or does.

Yes, what you wrote on the Buffalo site was indeed an attack, if you can’t see that, that is your problem, stop playing stupid. Who the hell are you to suggest to people, that you don’t know, that they need counseling? On the advice of Joan Wheeler? Sorry, that means nothing, she’s a real sick puppy. The mere fact that you wrote in such a matter, on that site, only proves your own worthlessness.

We are under no obligation to answer anything to you, or to Joan. You are nothing to us, go away, your continued postings only prove that you are a bully and a harasser. We have warned you for over 4 months. I think it’s about time that the POLICE are told about you. You have ceased to be any ‘defender’ and have shown yourself to be an abuser, to women you don’t know…times up


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