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Joan Wheeler’s buddy Brian T. Maloney’s lies exposed – again! September 1, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.

The posts relating to Brian T. Maloney’s latest garbage – the issues of Brian’s “denigrating” nurses aides and the mention of his liquor store are on my blog – they are:

Brian T. Maloney, (Lion) Reiki Healer (?) from Williamsville NY judges teachers and health care workers as having “menial jobs.”

Brian T. Maloney (LION), Reiki “healer” of Williamsville NY passes judgment on those he considers to be inferior and menial to him. August 12, 2012

Brian T. Maloney LION of Williamsville NY is a liar and harasses people again August 27, 2012

see, Brian is a sleaze. Yes, he did not outright say “nurse’s aide” – what he said was that Joan Wheeler was the only one in our family who was interested in educating herself and that the rest of us worked at “menial jobs.”

In these posts that I have provided the links to, I outline our careers and our education. We have ALL gone to classes after high school and ALL have had good careers. Joan is the only one with two college degrees and NO job at all! And never had more than “menial” jobs herself. I defended my career as a nurse’s aide and Brian got bent all out of shape.Then starts whining that he didn’t slam our careers – but he did when he called us menials. A true bully – when he gets caught, he tries to sleaze his way out of it. That kind of behavior works in physical world, but in the internet world, where every word you type is there for all to see – the teflon don’t work. Your words DO stick to you – and unlike the physical world where a bully can run away and hide, cyberbullies canNOT hide – because even if they delete their attacks, the words are still there – on your website hosts servers, on my computer where I have taken a screenshot of the attack.

Seems to me that Brian has had a lifetime of being an abuser and a bully and able to sleaze out of it. Welcome to the internet pal – where your words are visible not only to millions now, but in future. You can’t distance yourself from your words – your teflon wore out.

and as to Brian’s charge that I am out to “ruin Joan’s reputation – no, she ruined it herself by telling lies. All I’m doing is seeing a lie about ME and MY FAMILY and telling the truth, with actual court documents or letters written by Joan herself that prove that I am telling the truth.

CNN’s reporter Anderson Cooper’s tagline is “Keeping Them Honest” when he exposes various lies by crooked politicians and charities. How is my blog exposing Joan’s lies any different than Mr. Cooper’s work? Joan has no special immunity from having her lies exposed than any other person on this planet. You backed the wrong horse Brian.

and by the way, Brian, it wasn’t Gertie who wrote about YOUR liquor store – you know the one YOU said YOU were the sole owner of on your job resume on LinkedIn – it was ME, Ruth. Get your facts straight buddy. The more you talk, the more you show everyone what a fool you are. Gert doesn’t even live in the Buffalo area. And it was no hard task to see your store – it’s only a couple of blocks from the Walgreens and CVS store I go to – on Kensington and Harlem.  which is only a couple of miles from my house. I’ve also shopped at the Super Duper, now Tops, and my chiropracter was located at Harlem and Cleveland back in the 90’s. So I am quite familiar with the neighborhood. And I also like the garden statuary in the place just up the road on Harlem. AND in the 80’s I went to a doctor on Wherle Dr. – right over there. As the song goes “It’s a small world after all.”

oh yes – to refresh your itty bitty memory Brian – since you can’t remember which Sippel Sister you’re talking to or about (mixing up me and Gert) – the Super Duper turned into a “Jubilee” and NOW it’s a Tops supermarket.  – it hasn’t been Super Duper since the early 80’s. Seeing has you’re having memory troubles, I know you wouldn’t remember how many times the store changed its name and what those names were. But I do – because I’ve been a customer in that neighborhood far longer than you had your store there.

and by the way – seeing as Independent Health and Buffalo Medical Group is on Essjay in Williamsville, and I have been going over there since 1997 – I am quite familiar with that neck of the woods too! I used to shop at that little plaza on Sheridan – I loved that boutique “10,000 Villages.” And my friend is in a nursing home on Maple and Millard Fillmore Suburban is right over there. So I know where J. Rd is and G. Lane too.

It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small, small world.


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