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We have a new friend – her name is EricaShep34 September 15, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Statements from The Three Sippel Sisters.

Her name is Erica.

She’s been going through our blogs. So I moseyed on over to her wordpress blog at: http://ericashep34.wordpress.com/ She just started her blog. She hasn’t even made a blog post yet. But her priority seems to be in checking us Sippel Sisters out. She came over from Joan Wheeler’s Cyberbullying page.

So I wrote the following as a welcome to her (and left it as a comment on her blog):

well, hello there. are you a spy for Joan Wheeler and/or Brian Maloney? lol. doesn’t matter. You can read all you want on my blogs, or Gert’s blog. See, we have nothing to hide. But be warned – we back our blogs up with documented proof – like actual court documents that prove that Joan Wheeler lied in her book, and on her blogs, and all over the internet. These court documents have been scanned and posted on my blog. I’ve also scanned actual letters – some handwritten by Joan herself that prove that she is a liar and an abuser. So by all means -come and check me out! Here is the link to my main blog: Refuting a Book of Lies – https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/ Here is Gert’s Blog: Reclaiming the Sippel/Herr Family Honor http://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ Here is my “unusual” blog – Midnight and Mythos: http://midnightandmythos.wordpress.com/ and my newest one, still under construction, about Star Trek, and the local Star Trek group that I head up: The USS Ari http://ussarincc1701.wordpress.com/ Or maybe you’d like to visit me on Twitter: twitter@ruthsippelpace or facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RuthSippelPace

So don’t be shy – don’t be a stranger! Come on board and be friends – I promise, we won’t bite you. Unless your purpose is to be a hater. Then be forewarned – we Sippel Sisters don’t take no crap. We are blogging about a serious matter – our lives, that have been used as lying fodder by Joan Wheeler. We refuse to allow lies to be spread about our very lives.

Remember- if Joan Wheeler has the Freedom of Speech to tell lies about us, we have the Freedom of Speech to tell the truth and the facts of our lives.

I like meeting new friends.



1. ericashep34 - September 15, 2012

Hi Ruth…I promise I’m not a spy for anyone! I was surfing the net and came across Joan’s stuff and it linked into you and your sister’s blogs. Sorry for being nosey… But the more I read I couldn’t believe…I was also shocked that Joan claimed to be a social worker because, well, that’s my profession and I have Worked with both abused children and women and she ever did the type of work I did she would know that adoption is an excellent choice for some people! Is it ok if I continue to follow your blogs?

Ruth - September 15, 2012

oh absolutely Erica – you can follow us all over the place. That’s why I posted the links to my various blogs and stuff!

as for being nosey – well aren’t we all? Anyone of us surfing the net is being nosey. – My blogs are for everyone to read – so go right ahead.

But just to warn you – our blogs are not pretty. some posts are written in anger and through hurt feelings. Because Joan was my sister. When we were reunited with her in 1974, I welcomed her into my life with open arms and an open heart. Joan writes in her book that none of us know how to proceed with a reunion. Not so with me – I immediately just took her into my life. We did things together. – when I had time depending on my work schedule.

Then when she stabbed me in the back and in my heart – I was so very hurt. And yeah, I guess I am still hurting. Then when she published that book in 2009 – I and my two other sisters decided to stop this nonsense. We were successful in having that lying book pulled from the market. By submitting actual court documents to the publisher that proved that Joan libeled me in her book.

There is a post that Gert did that pointed out the various points in the Social Workers Code of Conduct that Joan violated in her book and on the internet. I’ll have to find it and post the link to it.

ericashep34 - September 15, 2012

I was reading your family history and why she was given up and all I could think was how hard your father and everyone must have been grieving over the loss of your mother…it was said in one of your blogs that the social systems didn’t exist back then to support your father…which is absolutely right! My grandmother passed away about 12 years ago and she was a difficult and very judgmental woman to say the least…anyway about 4 years ago my dad gets a call from his older sister that she has been contacted by a man claiming to be the son that my grandmother gave away years ago…sure enough she had become pregnant and wasn’t married and had given him up for adoption…and he’s had a good life…way better than what my grandma could have given him as an in married woman in the 1940’s. Sorry for the ramble and I’m sorry that Joan has been so cruel to your family…so glad that you were able to get her book unpublished. I like the honesty in your blogs and I am a supporter of you and your sisters. Take care, Erica

2. gertmcqueen - September 15, 2012

Welcome Erica,

Families are not always perfect and pretty, but that’s no reason to exploit them for mere fame, fortune and anger and hate. That is why we are so adamant at exposing the deeds and words of Joan Wheeler. And because she has gotten many henchmen to come to our blogs with vile hate speech to shut us up. And that is why we are curious when we have a lot of new viewers. But again, that is what we want, new viewers,that is why we are now on Twitter and why I’m attempting to understand how Stumble upon works.

Many people have serious issues with family members or others with bullying and how we deal with that issue, straight on, helps many. Others have similar issues related to adoption, as yourself, and they want to understand how others feel. The problems that we have found, with angry hatefilled adoptees, is that they don’t care about anyone else’s feelings, they hate adoption and go out of their way to destroy it and anyone who is pro-adoption.

Thank you for understanding us and continue to read, or follow or spread the words about our blogs.

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