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October 11, 2012

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

I’ve been wondering where Brian, Pilgrim, Champ has been for over a month…and he has finally SPOKEN…he, like Joan Wheeler, can’t help himself, but, he seems to have missed so much…in the past month! What’s the matter Brian, can’t keep us with us…you are already old news!

here is his answer to my last comment I placed on his hate-blog against the birthsiblings of Joan Wheeler, people he DOES NOT know, only from Joan Wheeler’s point of view…it was placed there to get his attention so that he could get out of the line of fire that Joan has placed him in, but if he doesn’t that’s his problem, he has been forewarned. He’s under the mistaken impression that we really WANT to talk WITH HIM.

sorry, Brian…you are still in her service therefore you don’t have any legs of your own and you really ought to become invisible and…

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