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January 13, 2013

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Soul Healing Art

The myth of Narcissist and Echo is familiar to most of us. We have misunderstood a major point of narcissism, though and this has sadly, lead to responses and behaviors ineffective when dealing with narcissists because we miss the core issue.

“Ode to a Narcissist”

Oh, my sweet, sweet narcissist
Look at you-
In your graceless sorrow and sorrowful greatness
Preening as if all the world was but a stage

Head and neck extended, attempting as you do, to relate
The plaintive, sick warble issues from your throat
“I can not see. I can not see.”

What would there be to see?
asks I, standing idly by

You turn, teeth exposed, Raven-ous in your
devouring blackness
Nuance is never your strong point, while rage is your default

I know you little secret
I whisper in conspiracy

Paintings capture your vision -locked unto that pool
You have stood by that damn…

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