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Joan Wheeler falsely accuses me of something I didn’t do – YET AGAIN – this time of hacking into somebody’s Twitter account January 15, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, a woman who follows Joan or is followed by Joan on twitter, had her account hacked. The hacker then sent a spam to Joan Wheeler via a direct Twitter message.

Joan then says on Twitter to this woman, S.Y. – Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily to @slyoung50 Hi! Received a Direct Mess from you about a link; it was spam. I s your accounthacked? IF you get spammed by my sisters, tell me”

I blogged about this on my blog post “Joan Wheeler is starting her lying false accusations again – calling my job to make trouble January 6, 2013” 

So Saturday night and Sunday night, January 12 and 13, I am at work. 12 hour shifts. And on Monday am, January 14, I get my annual health screening, as mandated by New York State – tested for TB exposure, fit tested for respiratory isolation mask, and I get my flu shot, which hurt like the dickens. (I’m a big baby – I hate needles). I come home, feed my house guest stray cat, feed my furbaby Pippin, and go to bed. I wake up in the afternoon with a sore arm and then I find out via email that Joan is on the Huffington Post spreading false accusations about me and Gert again. In March 2011, under one of her numerous aliases, HalfOrphan56, she posted some nasty shit lies about my family – which was against the forum’s rules. And she got kicked off. Within six months, she joined Huff Post again, under another screen name, Forbidden Family. We have had no problem with her for a year and a half over there. She posts her crap about her anti-adoption stuff. Doesn’t interest me – big yawn. BUT Joan has been told via this blog, Gert’s blog, various other internet forums – that we don’t give a dam about her anti-adoption rants – but when she starts talking about us and our family, spreading her stupid lies about us and our family – we will step in.

She never learns. So Gert and her got into an exchange on Huff Post. I will let Gert blog about that. I want to talk about Twitter – because S.Y.’s twitter account was hacked again.

So Monday afternoon, I’m on my first cup of coffee – I am not coherent until I’ve TWO cups of coffee. And I’m reading Gert’s email about the Huff Post. And I’m wondering “what the hell is all this shit again?” Then I see another email from Gert and she says she received a Twitter direct message from S.Y., the lady whose account was hacked into two weeks ago. It contained a link and Gert clicked on it, but couldn’t figure out what it was all about. Gert sent me the link. So I clicked on the link. I get a Twitter sign-on page. I immediately shut it down. Go to my favorites folder, and click on twitter. I get my profile page, as I stay signed on. So – the link was a phishing scam. They wanted me to enter my member name and password.

So I call Gert. And she’s asking me if I have gone to Twitter. No, I just woke up and am on my first cup of coffee. Gert tells me to go and look at Joan’s twitter page because Joan is accusing me of hacking into S.Y.’s account. So we hang up and I go over there – and sure enough – there’s Joan accusing me of using S.Y.’s account to send direct messages to her.

She wrote:

1. Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

@slyoung50 Received DM from you, can’t message you as you aren’t following me.Please email me about profile warning: wheejm17@hotmail.com

2. Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

@slyoung50 Hi, ruth sippel pace is my n-sister harrassing me. She has no interest in our cause, only stalking me. Others complained, too.

First, I am not bothering anybody – I want to know WHO is complaining about me – I have done nothing wrong. Second – how dare Joan automatically link MY name with this woman’s hacking problem? WHERE IS THE PROOF?

I left several messages on twitter saying that Joan is falsely accusing me of shit again- WITH NO PROOF.  And yeah – THIS time I sent them to various adoption people – because I want them to know what is going on. I hadn’t mass contacted anyone in the past and they dam well know it.

Back in 1994, Joan’s hospital bill got mixed up with another patient with a similar name – and she right away accused me of going into hospital computers and doing it. The hospital investigated the complaint, and told her I was innocent. she refused to accept that and called the hospital almost daily for six months complaining about me. Trying to get me fired!

On November 24, 2012, another letter was sent to the hospital accusing me of computer fraud again. I had a meeting with administration on January 4, 2013 and they told me about it and they said they checked into it and saw that I had done nothing. Like I needed them to tell me what I already know – that I hadn’t done what Joan accused me of doing.

A few weeks ago – a complaint was sent to Twitter about Gert – my, my, my – Joan is just too damn busy for her own good! All these accusations.  – WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE TO BACK UP HER ACCUSATIONS.  – But hey – she doesn’t NEED evidence – she’s a smart cookie – she already KNOWS what bad things we have done. And others. And she loves to “report” her stupid false accusations – because she likes to make trouble. In 1999, I received a letter from her telling me that my then-fiance (now husband) got the next door neighbor pregnant. – and the house was vacant! Good trick there you stupid cow!

So when I saw the latest LYING FALSE ACCUSATION of me – I contacted S.Y. – in a private non-twitter email exchange, I told her what was happening. And I assured her that I did not hack into her account. She told me she was going to take care of the problem.

Now – a twitter tutorial for those too stupid to understand:

Twitter Newsfeed: When you follow someone, you get to see tweets from those they follow and those who follow them. They show up on your twitter newsfeed. This is NOT called stalking – that is how twitter works! And surprise! If you see a tweet from someone who has NOT blocked you – you can tweet to them! That also is not called stalking – it is called “communicating on a social media.” If that person doesn’t want you to follow them or tweet to them – they can block you. I routinely get “followers” that I don’t know, not interested in, am disgusted by. I simply block them. I don’t right away go off the deep end and falsely accuse someone of stalking and hacking me. Get a grip people, especially you – you  stupid cow in Tonawanda.

Hacking – my account was hacked a few months ago – someone advised me to change my password and check any recent apps that I used on twitter. So I changed my password, and deleted a recent app (I can’t even remember what it was). Problem solved. Again, I didn’t right away go off the deep end and falsely accuse someone of stalking and hacking me.

Seeing posts from someone who has blocked you: if you block someone and your posts are showing up on the newsfeed of people that are followed/is following you and that person follows/is followed by me, I can see your posts. Again, this how TWITTER works – it’s not RUTH’S doing.

So a very nice lady was victimized twice – once by an unknown hacker – and once by Joan Wheeler – S.Y. got dragged into Joan’s favorite drama – falsely accusing Ruth of doing something she didn’t do.




1. gertmcqueen - January 15, 2013

Gert here…I’m in the process of putting together the comments from the Huffington Post exchange…including a couple that were removed, because of Joan’s abusive language/behavior

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