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Joan opens her diarrhea mouth and the shit pours out and now she will pay for this latest smearing of my name at my job January 24, 2013

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Good morning readers. It is 1:20am and I am at home in my office. I am a night person and even on my nights off from work, I stay up all night. So just because you see me posting somewhere on the internet in the wee hours of the morning, don’t just automatically ASSUME that I am at my job using their computers. I do have nights off you know. Try dealing with the TRUTH Joan Wheeler, instead of stupid ASSUMPTIONS! – because you just made an ASS out of yourself – as usual with your ASSumptions. And any interested parties who work in law enforcement will recognize this whole thing as “Agrravated harassment 2 – phone/telegraph/written communciation to alarm” and Joan better get an attorney.  You mess with someone’s job – that is stalking and harassment. Joan has been messing with my job since 1987. In 1995, she sent a letter to the Director of Patient Accounts and falsely accused me back then of computer fraud. I was investigated and found innocent. STOP ACCUSING ME OF THINGS I’M NOT DOING!

I posted on a story at Huffington Post  because Joan Wheeler was again posting misrepresentations about me, Gert and our family. Gert spoke up and her and Joan had an exchange that was eventually removed by Huffington. In one of Joan comments she said that we were “bothering” her and said for us to leave her alone.

Joan had referenced to when she was on Twitter a few weeks ago and received a message from one of her followers, whose account had been hacked. Instead of contacting the person and getting to the TRUTH of the matter, Joan immediately tried, convicted and condemned ME as the hacker. And I didn’t even know the woman! Never heard of her! When I saw that I was being accused, I contacted the woman via Twitter. I then saw some of her tweets, and saw she was a nice person and followed her on Twitter. She apparently had no objection to this. Two weeks later, Joan received another message (hacked) and because I was now following the lady, I also received the same hacked message – a phishing scam. I immediately contacted the woman and she emailed me back and said she would take care of the problem. And Joan, again, instead of getting to the TRUTH of what happened, goes and accuses me of doing things I haven’t done.

To see the exchange, you must find this comment by manczka1 that starts out with:   11:09 PM on 01/12/2013   I’m an adoptive parent. I appreciate your article and thank you for speaking out about your experience.
Scroll down past two more comments and click on “Click Here To See them All”
Scroll down and you will see a conversation by a Ninalyn, who is describing ABUSE by angry adoptees. And because I am experiencing ABUSE from an adoptee, I posted my stuff right there. Scroll down after Ninalyn for a bit and you will find everything right there.

So here is my first comment on Huff:

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace 02:19 AM on 01/15/2013  (YES PEOPLE – IT WAS AT 2AM – HOWEVER I WAS NOT AT WORK THAT NIGHT. DO YOU WANT ME TO POST MY WORK SCHEDULE? THAT CAN BE EASILY DONE! there are spelling mistakes and typos because I was pissed that I was being accused of doing things that I haven’t done – yet again by delusional LIAR Joan Wheeler. —-

yes, I do wish people would leave me alone as Forbidden Family suggests – but having false accussations lobbed at my employer saying that I am commiting computer fraud is hardly leaving me alone. She did it in 1995, and again in Nov. 2012. and I’m still working there.

Also a twitter account was hacked and sent spam to Forbidden Family – she right away accused me. I wrote to the account holder and told her, no, I did not do that. (two weeks ago) Another direct message spam, phising for my password was sent to me from the lady’s account. And to Forbidden Family. right away, For. Fam accused me publicly of hacking into twitter accounts. this is libel and slander.

In a private email exchange via her gmail account, I communicated with the account holder who assured me that she was taking care of the problem. don’t just blanketly assume and accuse people of doing things because you hate them over YOUR adoption. Forbidden family needs to leave me alone. NO one is hunting her – her book Forbidden family was pulled from publication because of libel. I sent actual court documents to the publisher that proved that. My blog is about taking FF’s lies and setting them straight. She is the one who is hunting me by calling my job. – disgraceful


forbiddenfamily02:25 PM on 01/22/2013I am trying to defend myself from my natural blood kin sisters who do not abide by what we all agreed upon over thrity years ago: stay out of my life. I do not want you in mine and I am not in yours. You have used your employers computers to read my blog (showed up on my website tracker) and you have called from your employer for me to make appointments at your place of employment. I notified your employer that you are continuing harassing me via your workplace. Stay out of my life. I am not in yours.

And then Joan left this comment:

forbiddenfamily 02:43 PM on 01/22/2013     You and our other sister signed up on Twitter for the sole purpose of stalking me and then you stalked and are stalking other adoptees. Other adoptees are contacting me about your behavior being threating to them and defaming me. Stay away from me!

First – WHO are these “other adoptees” complaining about me? Give us the link to see these “complaints.” Give me their names. Tell them to be man or woman enough to come forward. I don’t believe that ANY complaints were made. I have heard NOTHING regarding MY twitter account or Huffington account about complaints being made about me. Joan is not only a LIAR but a piss-poor one at that. See readers – Joan makes all these wild accusations and stories BUT NEVER PROVIDES THE PROOF! Whereas, I have not only copied and pasted the exact exchange but have provided the internet link and instructions on where you can see with your own eyes the TRUTHFUL PROOF OF WHAT I SAY. I don’t deal with lies, assumptions and false accusations: I DEAL IN THE TRUTH. AND ISN’T THAT WHAT ADOPTEES WANT? Well then Joan, you better start telling the truth.

I left the following comments after Joan’s ridiculous accusations and public admission to breaking the law. , I will post the one where I address the accusation of my reason for my twitter account – and how does she “know” the sole reason for me opening an account? Is she inside my head?

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace  08:54 PM on 01/22/2013      as far as my twitter account, sorry, I was not thinking of you. I was invited to open it and follow one of my fb buddies, a cast member of the tv show Ghost Hunters International. what are u, the internet police? I have the right to open any account on any social media – if you happen to be at the same site, by all means BLOCK me. You are not my mother, you are not my boss. I will not obey you.

Now, here are the rest of my comments and by god – those of you who read this exchange and still think that Joan is the innocent victim here – you are as cracked in head as she is.

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace 08:24 PM on 01/22/2013 (again, I was at home, NOT working on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights Jan. 22, 23 and 24).     JOAN – you just admitted on public internet to breaking the law by contacting my employer with false accusations. I do not access YOUR website via my employee’s computer. I am not in the building in the daytime. As a nurse’s aide, I DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE APPOINTMENTS FOR YOU. I have made a screenshot of this and a printout will be given to my employer and my lawyer.

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace  08:26 PM on 01/22/2013       JOAN – Forbidden Family – you do realize that as my employer is the largest private sector employer in Erie County with over 10,000 employees – any one of them could be looking at your blog. IT IS NOT ME – AND YOU ARE NOW GUILTY OF FALSE ACCUSATION – HARASSMENT – YOU ADMIT TO CALLING MY JOB FALSELY -see you in court baby

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace 12:04 AM on 01/23/2013      I work the overnight shift 7pm to 7am. I cannot and have not called and made appointments for Joan. I am a Patient Care Assistant (sort of a super-nurse’s aide) – and work on a nursing unit – by the time I come into work, at 7pm, departments that Joan would have an appointment with are closed. The doors are locked, and I cannot access them.

My name badge is computerized with a magnetic strip giving me access to my workplace. And some doors are not accessible to me. Also, computer data would tell when I enter the building. I generally am there a bit early – usually 6:10pm so I can relax with a cup of tea or coffee. And this is still AFTER outpatient or other departments are closed.

Also – my employer can trace every keystroke I do – face it Joan – you’re a liar and you will pay for this slanderous and libelous accusation and letter you wrote to my job.

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace 4:58 PM on 1/23/2013      As far back as 1987 Joan Wheeler/Forbidden Family has been calling my job with nonsense and harassment and trying to ruin my reputation at my job. https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/ruining-someones-personal-and-professional-reputation/

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace 6:21 PM on 1/23/2013      On January 4, 2013 I had a meeting at my job where I was told of a letter that was sent to them just after Thanksgiving stating that I was committing computer fraud.

IST dept. can trace and track EVERY keystroke that I do. I was not told about the letter until after the holidays. because they wanted me to enjoy them. At the meeting, I was told that I had been investigated and found innocent.

AFTER my employer exonerated me, Joan Wheeler aka Forbidden Family comes here and publicly admits to being the one who sent that letter and then makes another unwarrented false accusation about me making appointments for her.

I am not harassing her via my workplace – she has no proof – just her crazy mind. The very fact that she has been contacting my job even after she was told to stop – back in 1995 shows everyone just who the harasser is.

comments are closed to this post and my last post and I have my reasons for that.



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