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They must have shitty law enforcement agents in California, because one of Joan Wheeler’s adoptee supporters is one and can’t admit to Joan’s illegal harassments January 31, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Black and White Evidence of Joan Wheeler's Lies: Letters, Court Documents, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.

I said it before – in regards to when I point out a LIE that Joan has said in the book or the internet and I back up what I say with an actual city court document (as opposed to Joan who has offered absolutely NO proof of ANYthing she has said about me: those who continue to say Joan Wheeler is the best thing since sliced bread and her birth sisters are sick in the head – THEY are as cracked in the head as Joan is. To be in law enforcement, and read that Joan Wheelerr VIOLATED THE LAW by calling someone’ job to lob false accusations of computer fraud, (November 2012) read that Joan Wheeler PUBLICLY ADMIT on the internet (Huffington Post, January 22, 2013) that it was indeed she who contacted my employer, and don’t recognize that deed as AGGRAVED HARASSMENT 2 – PHONE/TELEGRAPH/WRITTEN COMMUNICATION TO ALARM – well, I think that person is a piss-poor law enforcement agent.

AND that law enforcement agent should know that ALL evidence should be looked at – I wonder if she EVER took the time to EXAMINE the court documents that I have posted over and over on this blog – then compare it to what Joan has said.

Joan says in a letter she wrote to Albany NY Child Protective Services that I was placed on six month probation in 1993. ON the internet and the book she’s saying that I was placed on a one year order of protection. When in reality it was a six month order of protection ACD –

If those are the kinds of law enforcement agents they have in California – STUPID – then I will keep my little behind right here in New York State. – because that particular person IS MOST DEFINITELY AS CRACKED IN THE HEAD AS JOAN WHEELER!

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