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Joan Wheeler’s tweets of Jan 28, 2013 – the rantings of raving lunatic. February 5, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, mental illness.
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Joan Wheeler’s Tweets Jan 28th

On Saturday  January 26, my cousin’s husband died. I didn’t know about it. I was sleeping all day Saturday, worked Saturday night. Sunday night, I was off from work, but was up all night doing housework. Slept Monday – work Monday night. At 2am, I was slightly injured when an elevator at work dropped suddenly. I only suffered some muscle strain. Went to ER – then home. At 4am – went to bed. Slept until 10:30, 11am. Drinking coffee and reading twitter and I find that I’m using my cousin’s death to spread rumors about Joan. I’m like, I just fucking woke up – what the hell did I do now? While I’m fucking sleeping? – So I call my cousin Nancy and asked if there was a death in the family.  And she tells me. I then call my other cousin Becky and she gives me the details. Yet Joan has me charged, convicted and condemned of using this guys death to bother her. And then further uses this event to spout her stupid crap once again.

Outside of the fact in tweets #6,7 where Joan Wheeler is accusing me of doing something I have not done, and spreading lies about me – are these the messages of a sane person?

Tweets #8, 16, 17 are totally off the wall! Melissa’s husband just died, no one is suggesting she is giving her 4 year old up for adoption – yet Joan Wheeler is speculating about it on public internet.

My comments are in italics

1. Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

That little girl is now a half orphan. Too many, too many.

10:12 AM – 29 Jan 13 ·

2. Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Can’t be on Facebook now. Too many deaths since Sept. Very sad. In shock. Another 2nd cousin, adopted fam, died, father of 2 yr old daughtr

3.                        Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Trauma. Sadness. Generational. Must see Aunt soon to tell her I love her. She does’nt know, would kill her: granddaughter lost husband.

4. 19m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Yes. Another new half orphan. This one will not be given up for adoption. I don’t blame my Dad for giving me up. His wife died.

Nobody in the family said ANYthing about adoption.

5. 22m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Please pray for Mom who lost her husband Sat morn. She’ll need family around her, her sisters, brothers, now keep her safe. Await memorial.

6. 26m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Will they butt into this family tradegy? (speculation, NOT any truth). Yes, we are all family. They are not wanted in this family group. My Twitter friends, please pray.

This family group invited me to family brunch held at Country Buffet on December 23, 2012, even called my cousin Nancy a few times to get hold of me because they didn’t have my new phone number.

7. 27m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

My sisters are on Twitter. Blocked them. They will get these Tweets to spread rumors I am causing trouble. Father of new widow avoids them.

Joan’s words speak for themselves. The only person spreading rumors is Joan herself. And I just saw the father of new widow on Dec. 23, 2012. and yeah, we’re on twitter – deal with it.

8. 29m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Wonder if anyone will suggest to my 2nd cousin that her “4 yr old daughter needs 2 parents” so give her up for adoption?

What the fuck?

9. 30m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Ripples…My Aunt, 86, pregnant at same time my Mom was, sees my Mom when she sees me. Dementia now. Doesn’t know about granddaughter’s loss

This aunt, my godmother was lucid when I saw her on Dec. 23, 2012.

10. 33m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Ripple effect. My mother died when I was 3 months old. Grievinf father told to give me up for adoption because I “needed 2 parents”. WTF

WTF is right! – And this has WHAT to do with Melissa’s hubby just dying?

11. 34m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Too much trauma. Ripple effect. My daughter, age 26, grieves along side of her cousin. They shared a childhood. Death, loss, nightmares.

oh geez! so dramatic!

12. 36m Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Another death. Young father killed in car crash, leaving behind wife, age 26, and 4 year old daughter. The wife is my 2ndcousin, by blood.

First cousin, once removed.

13. Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

For what purpose is it to remake a child’s birth certificate in adoption? You have new custody..is that enough? Guardianship keeps inline

14. 28 Jan Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

there is no god. To take away a child’s father id creul. You took away y mother + gave me new one. Fuk’ed me over. Another one now.

Um Joan, Melissa’s daughter is not YOU. Stop this crazy talk.

15. 28 Jan Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Death…you come upon us when we think we know time. You took my mother when I was a babe. Yu took my cousin’s hubby + left a 4 yr old: why

why? because we are all mortal – none of is going to live forever. and the only person who knows time is Dr. Who.

16. 28 Jan Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

Death be not proud! Do not take the widows and the children and make them puppets for the adoption mills! Not one more lost to adoption…

Death be not proud! Joan really needs to be in theatre!  Um, Joan, did Melissa say she was giving her daughter up for adoption?

17. 28 Jan Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

As I watch the new half orphans march passed me, I see their tiny faces and think: you have people who will not stand for you to be adopted

Oh right – Joan – you have NO right to stick your nose into other people’s business – be it about adoption or anything else.

18. 28 Jan Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

I cannot control my grief. too many deaths. too much loss, too much, too much. There is no reaason.

Their deaths are not about YOU Joan and YOUR feelings. We grieve because we will miss them, yes, but their death is about THEM. Get over yourself Joan.

19. 28 Jan Joan Wheeler@forbiddenfamily

I grieve for my 2nd cousin’s husband, dead in car accident. Gone too soon. Wife and child left behind. Momma, like you, they died too soon.

The only comment she made that made any damn sense and contained any kind of respect for Melissa.

comments on this blog post:

1. Paula

She does belong in theatre…musical comedies. :)



– roflmao! – I was reading aloud the tweets to my husband – using dramatic tones – we were both laughing so hard.

. gertmcqueen – February 5, 2013 

Everything is from the dialogue in her head, which isn’t based on reality!
what would the musical score be?
and what kind of musical would that be like? It would have to be one person singing to them self…oh wait a minute…she does that already and when the inner dialogue can’t stay in her head, she opens mouth/typing fingers and leaves no room for doubt in everyone’s mind just how bad it/she is!

3. RuthFebruary 5, 2013

Speaking of theatre – I printed this list out and read them aloud to my husband. I really emoted with the reading. But I failed in finding the motiviation of my character. Method acting teaches us to examine our character and ask “what’s my/their motivation?”

The only motivation I can think of behind these silly tweets is pure stupidity and craziness.

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