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Update on court case against Joan Wheeler – March 19, 2013 March 19, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.

To bring people up to speed – back in November 2012, just after Thanksgiving, my employer’s Human Resources department received a letter falsely accusing me of computer fraud, involving my employer’s computers and computer system. My employer investigated me and found me innocent. Their computer security systems can trace and track every keystroke that I do.

I was not informed of the letter or of the investigation until January 2, 2013, by my immediate supervisor. I was told that a meeting had been set up on January 4. I was told the reason for not telling me sooner was so that I could enjoy my holidays, and the meeting was NOT disciplinary, but for my information.

On the afternoon of January 22, 2013, Joan Wheeler, while shooting her mouth off on The Huffington Post, – (click here to see her comment that contained false accusations against me, and see note below before going to Huffington Post) admitted to being the one who sent that lying letter. Further, she falsely accused me on the internet of calling her house FROM MY EMPLOYER to make appointments for her. (what a crock of shit).

Seeing as she admitted to the CRIME of harassment online, (and further making false accusations of me – making appointments for her) I immediately filed harassment charges on her.

So after a couple of delays, we got in front of the judge today in Family Court, where I was granted a temporary Order of Protection against Joan Wheeler. The terms are that she not contact me in person, or by mail, telephone, email, voice-mail or other electronic or any means and “RESPONDANT (Joan Wheeler) SHALL NOT CONTACT PETITIONER’S (me) EMPLOYER.

We have a new court date next month for Joan to stand trial for her crime of harassing me. The temporary Order of Protection is in effect until that date.

As routine, I filed one copy of the Order of Protection with the Buffalo Police Department. I have a copy for myself that I must carry with me at all times, and was instructed by the police that if the order is violated, I should call 911 immediately.

My attorney advised me to make a photocopy of the one that I have and file it with my employer, to keep them abreast of the situation.

And that’s how it stands as of today. As I always have, I stand up to bullies, liars and intimidators of all kinds.

Ruth’s note about Joan’s comment page on The Huffington Post. Since Joan made that libelous statement on January 22, 2013, she has made several more comments about adoption and birth certificates. So you will have to scroll down to see the stupid comment she made about me and my sisters – even accusing me of starting my twitter account solely to bother her. really. I took her to task on Huffington – refuting all her bullshit lies there. All her stupid libelous comments AND my replies – with the TRUTH – are all there in one spot. You just have to scroll down a bit.

As to her recent activity on Huffington – with her discussions about adoption and birth certificates – THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN TELLING JOAN TO DO FOR MORE THAN THREE YEARS NOW – have your debates about adoption and birth certificates all you want – we don’t care – JUST LEAVE US THE HELL OUT OF YOUR DISCUSSIONS! AND STOP LYING ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF YOUR ADOPTION.

It seems as though Joan is quite capable of discussing her adoption activism WITHOUT DRAGGING US INTO IT OR DISRESPECTING OUR FAMILY after all. Because I have not one single problem with what she has been saying recently on Huffington.

She even FINALLY acknowledged that the natural family relinguished her because there was no other choice. Which actually is a direct contradiction of what she keeps harping about – she keeps saying she is 100% against adoption, and keeps promoting kinship and guardianship care. Which was NOT a viable option in our family.

We’ve told Joan before – if you want to engage in your anti-adoption activism, LEAVE US OUT OF IT. By continually dragging us into it – she opens herself up to our rebuttals.

All she has to EVER say is, “I was adopted when my birth mother died. Due to lack of options of child care, my birth father relinguished me for adoption. My adoptive parents lied to me. I was found by my birth siblings in 1974. A few years later, personality conflicts between us resulted in us not having a relationship.”

That’s all she has to ever say about us. Since she keeps lying about us – we keep telling the truth about us.



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