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Joan Wheeler keeps playing fast and loose with the facts and her little buddy thinks that’s just fine. April 30, 2013

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Joan Wheeler keeps playing fast and loose with the facts and her little buddy thinks that’s just fine. – Sorry Charlie, the FACTS and the TRUTH are never to played around with, because those little FACTS and TRUTHS will come up and bite you in the butt!


Gert wrote a new blog post – “Bigotry at its best! Joan Wheeler, adoptee extraordinaire, has out done even HERSELF! with updated comment”

at the end of her post, Gert comments that she found a passage in Joan’s book – which Joan keeps insisting is the absolute truth – that is different from what she says on another person’s blog. This is something we noticed about Joan – she writes different things on different internet forums. For example, she will change dates around, years get changed – events get changed. She said on Huffington in January 2013 that there was an agreement between her and me to stay away from each other and that she abided by that – but she said that agreement was from the early 80’s! But in her book she does admit that I was one of her bridesmaids in 1983 and told about summers at the beach with me in 1988 and 1989. – Joan is constantly playing fast and loose with the facts! In Gert’s closing comments she says: “Clearly, Joan Wheeler knows NOT what she speaks or writes and her stories change at whim.”

To which I replied: “Oh, but Gert – remember it was just thrown in my face that Joan can tell her story any way she sees fit. And if that means changing the facts around to suit her, or tell her story a different way every time she tells it, then, that’s ok too by the idiot who said that.  And make no mistake, anybody who thinks that a “truthful” story can be told 10 different ways, isn’t playing a full deck. MY story, doesn’t change from day to day, because I tell the truth. AND I have provided irrefutable proof of it – via actual court documents and even Joan’s own handwritten letters. For being the son of a prominent lawyer not to know this, shows me what a koo-koo he is!”


Joan Wheeler is now violating the order of protection I have against her. April 29, 2013

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by allowing her friend and fellow bully Brian T. Maloney to harass me in her name, Joan Wheeler is now considered by me to be in violation of the order of protection granted to me by Family Court of Buffalo, NY, January 24, 2013.

my reply to Brian – Joan tells her story the way she sees it – and I tell my story the way I see it. end of story. perhaps you better get a lawyer.

be it known to everyone – that I consider this as added harassment by Brian T. Maloney and I shall be contacting my lawyer that Joan Wheeler is continuing her harassment of me via a third party, which is a violation of the order of protection that I have against her. As I am busy today with another matter, I shall be informing my attorney, the family court of Buffalo, NY and the Buffalo Police Dept. ASAP.

Brian Maloney, Joan Wheeler’s defender, needs attention as bad as she does! April 29, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Lost The Point Entirely! So says Brian in his newest attempt at extortion…

And what is the point…Champ!

For a guy who has no business in OUR family or in OUR lives, he sure has a lot of a lot to say! And  for a guy who said in January 2013, that he doesn’t want to be involved, he sure is involving himself!  WE have not posted anything on his blog for months, he is HISTORY, BUT, if he keeps this up…

Apparently he still is in the bewitchment of Joan Wheeler! He came with Joan to a Family Court hearing and attempted to come INTO the court room! The baliff and Ruth told him NO, he has no business in Family Court; Brian is not family. Brian, of course, is Joan’s defender…but he ain’t her lawyer!

In his last post on his hate blog against women he doesn’t know he attemped…

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Bigotry at its best! Joan Wheeler, adoptee extraordinaire, has out done even HERSELF! April 28, 2013

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Joan Wheeler is a liar to her OWN HERITAGE…

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

She hates the family’s ethnic backgrounds so now she’s making up the family tree to FIT in with OTHER RACES! Both Gert and Ruth are speaking here.

see end of this post for an updates

Gert says

As outrageous as it sounds, yes, I do believe that she has lost her mind, the little of it that she has left…there isn’t a brain cell left in her head! This idiot really needs ATTENTION, doesn’t care about how many lies and tall-tales she has to tell only that she needs to get the attention. Well she just got some attention!

She’s just a suck up! She’s been sucking up, for a few years now, to a GUY, an adoptee, who lives somewhere in the mid-Eastern Mediterranean area, an adoptee from New Jersey. Forgive me if I don’t have the geography or other facts correct on him for you see I…

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Knowledge or Ignorance? It is YOUR responsibility to find out the truth of something. April 24, 2013

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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Professor Stephen Hawking

It has been said that there are two sides of every story. If you are going to take for truth and fact only ONE side of a story, you under the “illusion” of knowledge and allowing yourself to be ignorant.

All of those sheeple that take for truth Joan Wheeler’s stories of how her birth sisters are always the bad guys are just that – sheeple. baa baa sheeps that have no brains to think for themselves, to ferret out the details, to find out the truth of something. If they don’t take the responsibility to find out the facts and truth of a situation or an anecdote – they cannot be trusted.

Grow some brains and use them.

my “harassing” phone call to Joan Wheeler – November 2009 – April 24, 2013

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In Gert’s new post “Joan Wheeler hates it when the siblings of the #birthfamily speak their truth…and the beat goes on!!” she writes the following:

On Marley’s (Greiner) own web site for Bastard Nation, forbiddenfamily posted in 2009 “The Pentagon is reading my website!while my dysfunctional sisters still are causing me trouble to the point I must go to the police to stop their interference.”

What Joan was referring to was the fact that I called her on the phone around 5pm on November 2009. Joan twists the facts of everything. She reports on her website and to other adoptees that I had bothered other family members to get her phone number. WRONG. It was ONE family member – my father. I have addressed this incident many times on this blog, and I will tell the story AGAIN because some people are so thick headed that they can’t see the lies from the truth. Don’t forget now – when Joan says anything – this or that about her birth sisters, she always talks in generalities – like we are “interfering in her life,” or “bothering her.” She never gives any details – dates, times, what was said, what the circumstances were, and she never provides any proof of what she says. On the contrary, when I say something on this blog – I back my words up with documentation – receipts, screen shots of actual email conversations, scans of print outs of email conversations, police and/or court documents. If you want to believe lying words, like Marley, and be an ass – go right ahead. I won’t stop you. But if you profess to want the TRUTH – then partake of what I write – because it IS the truth. And I back up what I say with documentation. And if you profess to want the truth and don’t bother to find out the truth of something – you are an asshole and as guilty as the person who tells the non-truth in the first place.

The following is taken from my blogpost of “Reality is Truth. But all Joan Wheeler knows is self-delusions, fantasies, and lies July 15, 2011”  it contains ACTUAL screenshots of a myspace email conversation that I had with Joan’s own daughter about the incident. And I have included those screenshots here at the end of this post.

Remember, Joan is bitching about —

… that I got her phone number from my father – yes I did. On November 3, 2009 – because my then 85 year old father was tired and I called Joan AS A FAVOR to tell her that a family member died. On the phone Joan subjected me to a barrage of yelling obscentities that even her daughter (who in an email exchange via myspace the next day, came running down the stairs to see what her mother was screaming about).

So here is some info: “Doris Ohl was born June 05, 1919 in Buffalo, Erie, NY, and died October 31, 2009 in Silver Creek, NY. She married (1) Michael W. Herr in Buffalo, Erie, NY, son of Jacob Grant Herr and Gertrude H. Stoll. She married (2) Lou LoManto.”

Doris and Michael were Joan’s original godparents, and Joan Wheeler’s original name was Doris Michol Sippel. (None of this information is private, Joan plasters this all over the internet, and the info on Doris was taken from an online internet family tree.   Addendum: July 16, 3:00am, ok, I was doing research – do you know that hotmail saves EVERY email you send? So I found the original email from my Uncle. –

From:   To:   Subject: RE: Aunt Doris  Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 08:39:56 +0000   Hi Uncle Rich  thank you forwarding this to me. Can you send me Wayne’s email so I can send him my condolences?    Everything is going fine. I had a small vacation, which I used for housework. lol. all the stuff you never seem to get to, like getting behind furniture and degreasing cabinets. Also had to clean out the utility room. got a new washing machine, the old one went kaput. I found some missing socks amidst the dust bunnys back there. lol.    Love  Ruth

Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 08:33:33 -0500  From:  To:  Subject: Fw: Aunt Doris   Received this from Wayne about his Mother (Uncle Mikes first Wife.)  Dad, Opa and Uncle Rich  —–Forwarded Message—–  From: Wayne D Herr  Sent: Nov 1, 2009 7:57 AM  To: silverdick1 .. judy , Richard Herr  Subject:   We spent a very hard week this week, but last night @ 9:45pm  Mom pasted after a very hard week for her. I believe she is happy now, she was ready. Eileen and I were with her so she did not have to die alone. This past sunday she told me she was going to see Edmund and she might even talk to Michael. Thank you for your prayers. Love, Wayne

Joan’s self-delusions and the facts are that Joan cannot accept the REALITY and the TRUTH that her “mean and nasty” sister Ruth couldn’t possibly call her on the phone for the simple reason of doing her father (and Joan) a FAVOR. Further, she cannot STAND for the TRUTH of the phone call to be made public. Instead, Joan twists the FACTS of the event of November 3, 2009 and reports it on the internet that I called her as an act of harassment.

The phone call was made by ME, around 5pm. Later that evening, around 10pm, I emailed my niece, Joan’s daughter via myspace. We were myspace buddies and facebook buddies at the time. Here is the transcription of the email exchange between her and me, and the graphics are the actual screen shots of that exchange that I captured on July 14, 2011.  I also have included a screen shot of Joan’s blog (also captured on July 14, 2011, that shows Joan’s version of the phone call. Notice she says really nothing about the phone call. Because deep down, she knows the TRUTH about that phone call – that I obtained the phone number from a tired 85 year old man, as  A FAVOR TO BOTH HIM AND JOAN to let Joan know that her original godmother and namesake had died. AND Joan fails to tell everyone HER subsequent actions! After screaming obscenities at me, subjecting me to verbal emotional abuse, she then called my father and SCREAMED AT HIM – AN 85 YEAR OLD MAN, WHO WAS NOT FEELING WELL THAT DAY! That is called ELDER ABUSE! And of course, Joan doesn’t tell what happened when SHE made an abusive phone call to an elderly man – that the call was terminated when the tired elderly man HUNG UP ON HER!

So why isn’t the COMPLETE TRUTH about that phone call of November 3, 2009 published on Joan’s blog? Because she doesn’t want to tell the truth – she always presents HER twisted version of the truth – she wants people to think that I, Ruth Pace am a bitch, and all I do is harass her by getting her phone number from relatives and call her up and bother her. But Joan can whine on a forum that when another relative died, she wasn’t notified – well, because when she was notified of a relative’s passing, she went all f’ing crazy! Who does Joan thinks she is? That she can treat people like dirt and they have to accept it? This is why Joan is an outsider – she has no family – either birth or adoptive – BECAUSE SHE HAS ALWAYS TREATED US LIKE DIRT.   So here is the transcript of the myspace email:

Nov 3, 2009 RE: something happened today  Ladymoondancer ~ says

To: *~*~They call me Cat, Kit… (@myspacecom)  I got an email, (from a relative)that my Uncle Mike’s first wife Doris died on Saturday, Oct. 31. Uncle Mike and Aunt Doris were your mom’s original godparents and she was named for them (Doris Michol).  so I thought she should know about it. I called the old number but it was disconnected so I called my father and he gave me your mom’s number. So I called her. She asked how I got the number. I told her. She said “Big mistake.” then she said she didn’t want any contact from me. Fair enough I thought. She was calm at this point, but then she said tersely, “Thank you for telling me about Aunt Doris, but I do not want to hear from you. My mother is dying.” (I have heard this, and I felt bad, I thought, shit, this is bad getting bad news now and all. (Ruth’s note – April 24, 2013 – as an example of how Joan exagerrates things to manipulate people, she had been reporting on the internet that her mother had been dying almost every week – then publishes a picture of her celebrating her birthday in the nursing home – and looked quite spry for a lady in her 90’s. She passed in March 2012 – over two years from November 2009 where it was reported she was dying.)

But then you mom said, “She (her mom) does not want to hear from you.” (I was not calling for her). Then your mom started screaming about her sisters. She said that I threw her out of the family.  Cathy, I just sat there staring at my computer screen. I was in shock. She was screaming so hard I could not understand what she was saying. I did hear “you are not my sister.” She was ranting and raving. I started crying. I didn’t know what to do. All I did was call her to tell her that her godmother had died. I got angry. I did not call to make trouble. I swear to you Cathy. I did not. I swear on the soul of my unborn son that I lost in 1985. I did not call to make trouble, but dammit, why should I be subjected to her verbal abuse? So I said “You know what? You’re right. You’re not my sister. You don’t know how to behave like a sister. so fuck you.”  and then I hung up.

Cathy, I was so upset. I wanted to go to my dad’s house. I left my house with my washing machine running. I only grabbed a sweater and my keys. I was still in my slippers. I was crying so hard then when I was on Genesee St. I couldn’t see. I stopped at my cousin’s house and she calmed me down. (Ruth’s note April 24, 2013 – Nancy T.)  I went on to my Dad’s. In the meantime, she had called him and when she started screaming at him, he hung up on her.

He had told me a couple of weeks before that he had thrown her out of his house because she was whining again about no money. He told her to get a job, like we have all been telling her for the past 25 years. She said she didn’t like Polish people. Well his mother came from Poland and we are all part Polish, so what the heck? She wanted money from him to fix her car.  When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from the Town of Tonawanda police that “Ruth Sippel Pace, Gertrude McQueen and Kathy Inglis are NOT to have any contact with Joan Wheeler.”  Now where did Gerty and Kathy get in this?

I swear to you Cathy, your mom needs a psych consult. My father said she is mentally ill, and I see that. I am sorry to tell you this, but I believe it. All she had to say was, “Thank you for telling me about Aunt Doris. Goodby.”  there was no reason for her to off on me like she did, or call the cops on me. If she hauls me into court for harassment, all she is going to get is a psych consult. Because I will insist on it. She threatened my life once before. The district attorney knows this.  I am not going to write to you again about this. I just wanted you to know what went down. I undertstand that she is your mother and you love her.

But geez, she is my little sister, I love her too. Why the hell would I have called to tell her about Aunt Doris? I can’t stand this anymore. I’m done. I didn’t call her to make trouble I swear. I won’t make the same mistake again.

ps I already shredded the piece of paper that I wrote her phone number on. I did not memorize it. I swear to you, I will not call her, I will not drive over there. I will not contact her. I am done. I try to do the right thing and all I get is a kick in the teeth AGAIN. no more.

Nov 4, 2009 RE: something happened today  *~*~They call me Cat, Kitty Cat*~*~ saysTo: Ladymoondancer ~ look im sorry bout wat has happened.   i originally wrote a message earlier but then i guess time warner decided to have a hiccup so it never sent, which gave me another chance to write with out being so mad. i am very sorry bout aunt doris’s passing. its too bad yet another person who probably was good has gone. i am sorry that mom did that. i guess my question to u is- y would u think shed wanna hear some one has passed, coming from u?…..u know better.lol. as to how she feels and how u feel. i think it best to stay clear of us. i would not tempt her. i know u said u wipe ur hands of her. not to sound like a bitch- but it would be best. i hope this means Kathy and Gertrude too. no contact with her at all. no smart things from her blogs or anykind of publication she has. she has it in her head u all are like gonna do ur best to hurt her….….which if u r i have to say- so not cool……anyways, i understand u all r getting old, but my mom has good reason to think none of u wont try anything- the wheeler’s r fucking nuts!…well u sippels are a piece of work too….lol… i want to make it clear that none of u will not come into contact with my mom, my brother, or my nana- none of them want it or can handle it. as for me. if either of the other 2 wanna have any contact- they will have to ask u to write me a message via myspace. i do not want any disturbances from anyone- i want my own life. i deserve it. i wanted things to go different- i hoped everyone would get over everything so that when times like these came- we’d all be civil. i was surely wrong. mom just has alot of hurt. not saying none of u dont, but i see it of course more form her. if any one else passes- let maryelle or joselyn contact mom. gpa sippel should have known better not to give my moms number out to anyone. so yea- i was there kind of when u called. i was taking a shower- and thought something was wrong. she was crying and yelling that u had called. i got mad and thought- here we go again i told her i didnt give a crap bout watever happened between u 2. but yea she was very distrought. so please- fo my sake- no more contact, ever- from any of u in any form. leave her alone- let her write her lil things online- its a free country and the internet is free- i mean we allow freaky ass porn!- let her do her shit in peace. let her, my brother and my nana be in peace. and im sorry for the way everything went down. it was a fragile time for everyone and i am sorry. i wish i knew this doris woman, she must have been a good woman. and please- no response to this other than- telling me that u will keep ur promise and tell the other 2 to stay away from us. thanks, and sorry again.

Nov 4, 2009 RE: something happened today  Ladymoondancer ~ saysTo: *~*~They call me Cat, Kit…   o(k I hear ya.  I agree with you that it was not a smart thing to call. but as I said, I only wanted to let her know about Aunt Doris.  but you know, you are a little unfair. you say steer clear of Dennis and your Nana. I understand you are only looking out for your family. I am not looking to call them. Neither is Gert or Kathy.  As for your mom’s blog, well, yeah, it’s a free country and all, like you say, so why is it, that only the sippels must censor themselves? Your mom can go on and on and say this and that about us. but the minute we say ANYTHING, it’s always, “don’t do that. it will hurt Joni.”

What about my hurt? Do you think I like being labeled scum of the earth? When all I ever did was set limits? Like telling your mom and dad, that I will not be disrespected?  Did I ever call somebody’s place of employment for 6 months straight and tell them that they have a thief and a computer hacker working for them? do you know how embarrased I was? do you know how embarrased I was when I met Mayor Anthony Maseilo and he saw my name tag and said, “Ruth Sippel, now where do I know that name from?” from the crazy letters your mom wrote to him. When here I am, at a symposium for block clubs, and passed a course at the Buffalo Police Academy, doing things in local government, only to have the mayor look at me like I’m crazy thanks to your mom.  So I’m supposed to sit back and let this happen to me year after year after year? Or your mom calling the immigration department in England to scheme to have Kathy deported from there and sent back to Buffalo, when it was always Kathy’s dream to live there. Or how Kathy gets a letter from some college professor in Holland who proceeds to tell Kathy how to live her life because your mom has told him some lies about her.  So we are supposed to get hurt over and over?  And everything was ok for the past few years until your mom goes on the internet on her blog and singles out THE SIPPEL SISTERS. and slanders us. internet is free speech? ok, so I have the free speech too. It works both ways. and this is something your mom refuses to see.

She wants us to respect our privacy, and not to gossip about her,  but she runs into Francine’s brother and then starts telling him about what a bitch I am. And he’s like, hey, I’ve known Ruth since I was 1 year old, and she’s my aunt, and who is this whackjob and then he finally has to tell her to shut up in the middle of the muffler shop and he gets his boss looking at him, and I have to hear it from his other brother.

As for the Sippels being a piece of work, well yep. That’s right. Gert put herself thru school and became a dental hygeinist. Worked for the government. Retired a few years, is now an artist. Kathy scrimped and saved and emigrated to another country, became an accomplished guitarist and school teacher. Me, I have held the same job for 37 years. Am renovating my home. Was a professional dancer for a time. Board member of the Beledi Club, an organization for belly dancers. organized and head up the block club on my street. My brother before he died, worked in a hospital, studied medieval warfare. And all of us are artists and writers. I am head of a local Star Trek fan group.

And all of us have never stolen money from each other, maybe have snipped at snapped at each other, but always came back to hugs and kisses. Never tried to set each other up with the police and the courts. Never been arrested. Never sent false letters telling them that their spouse was unfatithful, never called false child abuse on each other.  As for my father “should have known better to give your mom’s phone number out.”  Why? I told him why I was going to call her. So she got kicked out of his house a few weeks ago? And whose fault is that?  so everything is always the fault of somebody else. Your mom is mentally ill, there is no reasoning with her. I am not out to hurt her. Neither are my sisters.

But ask yourself, who is out to hurt whom? Do you think I was just all happy go lucky to open a letter and read my spouse got a women pregnant, and the house was vacant? So it was a lie.  And why did your mom sent me that? to have me say, O I’m so happy to hear this letter. No, the person who is doing the hurting is your mom. And then she gets surprised to find out that nobody likes her. or wants her in their life. and she has only herself to blame.

April 24, 2013 – so the next day in Nov 2009, I call Gert and tell her what happened and she calls the Town of Tonawanda police – to tell them, that it was RUTH who made the phone call, NOT her or Kathy. And what did the police say to Gert? – “Don’t worry, We know all about her (Joan)” roflmao!

so here is the actual myspace conversation between me and Joan’s daughter:

myspace 01

myspace 02

myspace 03

myspace 04

myspace 05

myspace 06

myspace 07

myspace 08

myspace 09


what you post in social media on the internet is public domain. lesson for Joan Wheeler April 22, 2013

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This morning, I was relaxing on my couch, sometimes snoozing, sometimes awake and paying attention to CNN. There was a discussion about the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing that occured last week. Apparently, the dead suspect, had posted some terroristic videos on his youtube channel. The reporter didn’t say if he made those videos himself or merely harvested them from somewhere else and put them on his channel. (youtube calls a user’s page their “channel”).

I didn’t pay much attention to what else the reporter said but she did say something that clicked in my head – she called postings on social media sites as being “public domain.”

I just did a little bit of research. Now I’m not talking about copyrighted materials, I’m talking about general social media postings and general blog postings.  And public and private websites.

Joan Wheeler in the past has gotten her panties in a bunch because I have read her blog. – So what? It’s out there on the public internet right? Is her site private? No. Is my name mentioned on her site? Yes it is. In a post she made in December 2009. Is MY mother’s name on her site? Yes it is. Is MY mother’s picture on her site? Yes it is. Is MY picture on her site? Yes it is. IF MY MOTHER’S NAME AND HER PICTURE IS ON JOAN WHEELER’S WEBSITE THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIEW JOAN’S BLOG. IF MY PICTURE IS ON JOAN’S WEBSITE THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE HER SITE. Does Joan Wheeler talk about me and my childhood on her site? Yes she does. IF JOAN WHEELER IS TALKING ABOUT ME THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE HER WEBSITE.

Joan has also gone on other websites and talked about me and my father. IF SHE IS TALKING ABOUT ME OR MY FATHER THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE WHAT SHE IS SAYING ABOUT ME AND MY FATHER. – remember people – once Doris Sippel was relinquished to adoption, once my father signed those papers, once her adoptive parents signed those papers, once the judge approved the adoption and legally changed her name to Joan Wheeler, she CEASED TO BE A LEGAL MEMBER OF THE SIPPEL FAMILY. She has no legal right to be writing about the Sippel family and she must cease to do this. AND she had no right to pull that little stunt after MY father died – because of her disrespect to him, my father REMOVED Joan from his papers – which included his own self-written obitiuary. He had her included in his papers, not because he was of any legal obligation – but because he wanted to do it – from his heart. Once she stomped on his heart one too many times – he removed her. What does Joan do? She contacts the Buffalo News and submits HER OWN OBITIUARY OF MY FATHER, naming herself as his daughter. What kind of crap is that? Gross disrespect of the Sippel Family – of which, I will say again – SHE IS NOT A LEGAL MEMBER OF.

Her reason for writing about MY family was not to promote any kind of adoption reform, but it was a hate manifesto against anyone in Joan’s life who ever disagreed with her. She claims that her book was her personal memoir – then why was MY miscarriage in that book? And her disrespecting the death of my son by saying “it’s just as well she couldn’t get pregnant.” That book was nothing but an exploitation of MY family – an attempt by Joan to garner “fame and fortune” on MY family. I repeat – Joan Wheeler is not a legal member of MY family.

And if she is writing this stuff on the internet – she is putting it all out there for the entire world to see and she needs to stop whining that “my birth sisters are reading my blog.” Like I said, if she is talking about me, I will be reading it. And once she published her book and once she started promoting that libelous book, she opened herself up to full disclosure. If she can write about MY childhood and MY life, and MY family on her website, then I can do the same. It works both ways. If Joan writes a comment or posts anything on the public internet – that comment is subject to review and rebuttal.

Now, back to my research – I found this from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fl. It is their social media policy for students. You can find the entire page by visiting this link. But I just want to quote something. And Joan Wheeler needs to learn it.

“Social media postings are in the public domain. This means anyone in the world can see your posts, and your posts can impact you and the university. Social media are public channels and are searchable via standard Web browsers – despite your privacy settings. You are responsible for any and all content and exchanges occurring within the pages/tools under your purview. Treat online comments the same way you would at a public forum.”

Joan writes inflammatory things on The Huffington Post, her website, other websites, even to the point of saying she wants to blow up buildings on her twitter page (April 14, 2013). One of these days, she’s going to find herself using a public computer in the library of a prison.

Joan Wheeler has burnt her bridges behind her. They cannot be rebuilt. Why doesn’t she just move on? April 22, 2013

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I have a friend on facebook – he is very sweet and funny. But when he gets pissed off – oboy! lol. Every so often on fb, he posts his observations about human behavior. He’s had to deal with a lot of rude people. Some people are rude because they disrespect him. They must think because he is a Star Trek celebrity, they “own” him and get all nasty. Boy are they wrong.

When David starts venting about a person, he never names them. He rarely even says what the transgression was. So I don’t know what the latest transgression was. I don’t know if it occured online or in person. I do know – from the many warnings that David puts up (and he shouldn’t have to) – he will brook NO disrespect to him on HIS facebook page. Nor will he tolerate anyone who passes judgment on him and his lifestyle choices, or take a stand to deny him his civil rights.

I have learned a lot from him the past couple of years that I have been buddies with him on facebook. I absolutely love a little line he wrote (I think over a year and a half ago) “My civil rights are not negotiable.” – and I have applied it to MY life and the circumstances of Joan Wheeler thinking she can run roughshod on MY civil rights – like invading my privacy, writing a libelous book that contained blatant lies about me, posting lies about me on her website, calling my job with false accusations in an attempt to get me fired.

So David wrote something last evening (April 21) on fb and I absolutely love it.

“A person who thinks I have been rude to him seems to have forgotten his own past behavior. Interesting.

Generally, you build bridges by starting with an apology, not a further assault.

And I thought I was the one with lousy social skills.”

I would have to add – that even if an apology was offered – it would have to be a SINCERE apology, with the transgression not being repeated.

I don’t want to make this post too long – because to list the many transgressions that Joan has done to me would make this post very long. (to see most of her rotten misdeeds to me see this page “What is demanded of Joan Wheeler.”

Joan has done shit to me, and very rarely offered up an apology. And in the very few times she did apologize, it was not sincere. Because she turned around and stabbed me in the back again and again.

Joan wonders why her birth sisters want nothing to do with her. She should look in the mirror and think of what she has done to us. There has been so much shit that she did, that even if she came crawling on her hands and knees on my porch steps – I would just tell her to get the fuck off my property.

A nice line from the ending credit song of the movie The Hobbit – “The Song of the Lonely Mountain,” sung by Neil Finn:

“Some folk we never forgive, some kind we never forget.”

no – I do not subscribe to “forgive and forget.” Been there, done that. I threw Joan out of my life in 1987 for disrespecting my miscarriage of my son. Then like an ass, I forgave her and took her back into my life in 1988. And what did it get me? – well go read that page and find out.

Joan wants people to think that I have done this or that to her without provocation. Anybody reading that and believing it is as big an ass as she is.

And what have I done? I HAVE STOOD UP TO HER AND TOLD HER TO STOP HER SHIT. But she just can’t stand anyone telling her that she is wrong, so she has to resort to lies and attempt to destroy me. She tried to destroy my life, my relationship with my husband and my career. She has failed at all three. But like the Energizer Bunny – she keeps on going. And now she goes to trial in July to answer my harassment charges of her latest trangression. Right now the bunny has been stopped – by the restraining order the judge granted me in January and ruled last week to keep in effect. And I am no fool. I know that once the restraining order is over and done – Joan’s assaults on me will continue.

She is right now revising her libelous book – and if it contains one lie in it about me or my family – I will bring it to the attention of the judge and get that book pulled from publication – just like I did with her first book. Because actual police and court documents that were sent to the publisher do not lie. Because it was shown by irrefutable proof that Joan slandered me, the book was killed.

Joan has burnt her bridges behind her. They can never be rebuilt. She assaulted them too many times. They are gone. Why isn’t she gone from my life yet? I threw her out of my life in 1990 after she helped herself to funds in a joint checking account we had for the purposes of buying real estate – to buy hamburgers at the mall, fixing her car, and other household expenses. Funds that I put up. Monies that belonged to me – to buy real estate – went for HER living expenses – WITHOUT MY PERSMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE. When she reneged on her promise to turn over a returned lawyer’s fee (again MY money) to buy xmas for HER kids (and she had a husband who was working) – I told her to get out and stay out of my life. Here it is 23 years later – and she is STILL harassing me. The bridge between us has long ago turned to dust. She just won’t accept that. And each time she fucks with me – I will slap her down. She must enjoy getting slapped down.

. gertmcqueen – April 22, 2013[Edit]

and even when someone, like me, stayed out of her life…Joan that is…she would KEEP trying to make contact with me, I had to write her a ‘get lost letter’ in 1998 cause she refused to stay from me and the last time I spoke with her around 2005 or the phone…the reason I called was…stupid me of course, I wanted to RECONCILE with her…my brother died, my father was ill and I’m not getting any younger and I wanted to end the bitterness between us.

So Joan and I are having a nice quiet conversation on the phone, she tells me about her children and says she LOVES ME…but what does she do with that phone call?? Puts in that libelous book that I was ‘trying to get information from her’ and on her cyberbullying site, she says some bullshit about me ‘for some reason Gert has backed off’..

Hate to break it to Joan…but I didn’t give HER A THOUGHT from 1998 to 2005! and it was only in Dec 2009 when I found out about the book did I THINK ABOUT HER and now Joan has me thinking about her DAILY…until Joan Wheeler apologizes for the slander and takes down her web sites against us and gets her boyfriends to do the same…JOAN WHEELER will have me there writing about all her dirty deeds and words.

OMG! I was on amazon.com site! quick Joan Wheeler yell it from the rooftops and tattle-tale on me – Ruth the Horrible was on Amazon! April 21, 2013

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  1. Ruth Herr Sippel Pace

5 hours ago via Twitter

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace

I just bought: ‘Star Trek The Next Generation – The Complete Third Season’ by Patrick Stewart via @amazon http://t.co/Sa9Cw9fwjZ

Star Trek The Next Generation – The Complete Third Season

amazon.com    26 episodes on 7 discs: Evolution, The Ensigns of Command, The Survivors, Who Watches the Watchers, The Bonding, Booby Trap, The Enemy, The Price, The Vengeance Factor, The Defector, The Hunted, The High Ground, Deja Q, A Matter of Perspective, Yesterday’s Enterprise, The Offspring, Sins of the F…

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace oh gee wow! wonder if the Nameless One will start some more whining because I was at the amazon.com site. what an ass!

  • Ruth Herr Sippel Pace I do have a credit account at amazon – and I will continue to use amazon for my DVD and MP3 needs – and write a review or rebut a review. If Joan Wheeler doesn’t like that – she can just stuff it.

the above was from my facebook – — back in November 2012, Joan Wheeler got her panties all bunched up because I dared to rebut a review of her stupid book – the one that got pulled from publication due to her lying about me in it. The book was pulled from publication in May 2011. A review for a book that is no longer available? Silly, silly. So as my right – I rebutted the review. The review was written by one of Joan’s adoptee buddies. She and Joan didn’t like the fact that me and Gert rebutted the review. So what was Joan’s solution to the problem? – go and write an anonymous letter to my employer and tattle tale on me that I was on amazon! BUT she LIED (oh, what else is new?) and said that I was using hospital computers to do it.

NO – I was at home when I did it. And my employer investigated the charge of computer fraud/misuse and found me innocent – because they track every key stroke I do. So Joan’s little plot to get me fired went boom in her face. But then two months later, she couldn’t stop yakking mouth, er, typing fingers, and bragged on The Huffington website that it was she who sent that lying letter to my job.

well – what did she accomplish? Let’s see. I’m still employed at the same place that I’ve been at for the past 40 plus years. I’m still shopping at amazon – and I filed harassment charges on Joan. Next court date is in July 2013 and there is currently a restraining order against Joan.

oh shoot – poor Joan – she can’t do ANYthing but stew about the fact that I bought something on amazon this morning.

If Joan Wheeler wants a sugar-coated truth – she won’t find it here on my blog April 19, 2013

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ruth truth

My blog is not a bakery. I don’t sugar coat anything. Joan Wheeler and other adoptees are always screaming for the “truth.” And that is what I deal with here in this blog.

Don’t be mad when it’s not what you want to hear.


truth honesty respect

and don’t forget – “two wrongs don’t make a right.” – If you feel you didn’t get truth from your adopted parents. If you feel that the adoption system wasn’t honest with you – if you feel that you were disrespected – don’t go around lying, being dishonest and show gross disrespect to other people.

I was disrespected by Joan Wheeler. I was lied to and about by her. She was never honest in anything she ever did with me, even to the point of stealing, trying to destroy my reputation, my career, my marriage. But she failed. My reputatioin and my career are intact and my marriage? Well that’s the funny thing. We weren’t even married when Joan was trying her soap opera tactics trying to break us up. We are married now – 10 and a half years and still going strong.

She keeps on trying to bring me down, and it never worked in the past, and won’t work – ever! Instead of fixating on MY life and how to destroy it, she would do better to concentrate on her own life. Like learning not to be dreaming of blowing up government offices. That’s the kind of dreams that get a gal locked up!

Legal Notice to Joan Wheeler, (Forbidden Family) Brian Maloney and Russell Thomas, April 18, 2013 April 18, 2013

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In the matter of the Order of Protection that was granted to me by the court- Joan Wheeler has been ordered to:

Refrain from communication of any other contact by mail, telephone, e-mail, voice-mail or any other electronic or any other means with Ruth Sippel Pace and respondant (Joan Wheeler) shall not contact petitioner’s employer.

Refrain from assault, stalking, harassment, aggravated harassment, menacing, reckless endangerment, strangulation, criminal obsgtruction of breathing or circulation, disorderly conduct, criminal mishief, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, forcible touching, intimidation, threats or any criminal offense against Ruth Sippel Pace.

This is quoted from the actual correspondence that I received dated March 19, 2013 and again dated April 17, 2013. Both orders of protection are backdated to include the original temporary order of protection that was issued on January 24, 2013 which included the phrase “through third party.”

This means that Joan canNOT use a third party to intimidate me, harass me, communicate with me AT ALL. This includes her little Champ Brian Maloney and Russell Thomas

I suggest Brain and Russ take down their lying bullying and intimidating blogs against me. And refrain from slandering and harassing me further – because that is a direct violation of this order of protection – which could result in Joan Wheeler being placed under immediate arrest and serving up to seven years in jail. – information taken directly from the order of protection.

These two bullies will have their names made known to the judge as Joan Wheeler’s henchmen in her harassment of me, as they are working as HER mouthpiece.

 Ruth B. Pace – April 18, 2013, 10:30am

addendum – April 20, 2013, 2:29pm:

When I say that these two men are Joan’s “mouthpieces” I mean just that. Last summer, Brian Maloney – whom I have never met – gets on the internet and starts throwing in my face some old “gossip” about an Arab lady whose name starts with an S. – Back in the late 1970’s this girl (and she was 17 when I met her) and I did not get along and we did have several fights. By 1984, it was all patched up and she showed me much grace and love in 1985 after I miscarried my son, and to this day, I still have the get well card she sent me. And in July 2009, Shadya and I had a private dialogue on facebook. As I said, I have never met Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville NY – yet he is throwing in my face 33 YEAR OLD GOSSIP! Now WHERE did he hear this old untruthful gossip? FROM JOAN WHEELER!

When Brian Maloney, or any other third party, especially a third party WHO HAS NEVER MET ME, is taking about MY life, things they were told by Joan Wheeler – they are acting as a mouthpiece of Joan Wheeler. Therefore, if this continues, Joan Wheeler shall be considered as contacting me – which is against the order of protection. And I shall alert the authorities that the order of protection is being violated.

 I have already posted on this blog that greeting card from Shadya – and here is the beginning of my conversation with her on fb on July 9, 2009 – I have whited out her last name and have not included PRIVATE things we spoke of. This should put to rest any LYING gossip about Shadya and me. People really need to shut their mouths about things they know NOTHING about.

shadya fb 01

shadya 02

shadya 03

comments to this blog post:

gertmcqueen – April 18, 2013

and that THIRD PARTY means all other angry militant adoptees…such as those that harassed you and me on Huffington Post…namely those from BASTARD NATION which is a militant angry adoptee organization

3. RuthApril 19, 2013

angry adoptees – stay OUT of my life and my family’s business. same thing to Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville New York and Russell Thomas of Wilson New York. I don’t know you two men. You are nothing to me. Stay out of MY business and MY family’s business. Your involvement with Joan Wheeler gives you NO right to stick your nose into MY life. Joan Wheeler is not a legal member of my family. She has broken the law in the past and is currently doing it again.

Update on today’s (April 17, 2013) court proceedings in my harassment case against Joan Wheeler April 17, 2013

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Because of Joan Wheeler contacting my job with false accusations of computer fraud, via a letter geared solely to get me in trouble with my employer, I had filed charges with the police in January 2013. The letter was received by my employer in November 2102. I was investigated, and found innocent by my employer. All keystrokes that I do can be traced. On January 22, 2013, Joan stupidly bragged on The Huffington Post website that she was the one who sent that letter. She made a further false accusation of me – that I have made phone calls from my employer to her house to make medical appointments for her. Which is impossible for me to do. I work the night shift, am not in the building until after 6pm, well after outpatient departments are closed. Also there are security cameras thru out the hospital and I do not appear on any camera in ANY department in the daytime, making phone calls.

After a couple of adjournments in the court case, we reported today to the court house for our scheduled appearance at 2pm.

I was there about 1:30 and was working on a story that I am writing when I looked up and saw Joan coming into the communal waiting area with her “Champ” Brian Maloney. I mentally noted them both and went back to my writing. Around 2pm, my lawyer came and I showed him the printout of Joan’s tweet from April 14, 2013 about her fantasizing about blowing up government offices, in particular, Vital Statistics Offices that holds original birth certificates (OBCs) of adoptees. Because Joan HATES adoption and wants to eradicate the whole system of adoption, this is her solution to the problem. Never mind that if an office containing an OBC is blown up, the OBC is destroyed, and NObody is going to obtain it. (DOH!) see my blogpost “Joan Wheeler is now fantasiszing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs April 14, 2003,” which contains a screen shot of her foolish tweet.

Several minutes later, my attorney had a conference with Joan’s attorney and I saw my attorney show Joan’s attorney the printout that I made of Joan’s tweet.

As I have been the victim of various harassments from Joan over the course of more than 25 years, and having had the “pleasure” of Joan asking around for a hitman to take me out (1998), when I saw Joan promoting violence (blowing up buildings) on the internet, I became alarmed and frightened. If Joan hates me as much as she hates adoption, (and I know she does), and she has made one death threat against me – is Joan fantasizing about blowing up my house?

And we know that Joan ACTS on her misguided fantasies. Somehow, somewhere, she fantasized my then-fiance (now husband) having an affair with my next door neighbor and sent me a letter telling me this in 1999. She also said that they had had a baby girl. The house was vacant and since I have lived in my house from the end of May 1987, I know all persons who lived in that house – and the only two babies born to women living in that house were boys. Where she got the idea of a baby girl – I don’t know – she FANTASIZED this – then ACTED on her fantasy – sending me that lying harassing letter.

Now I’m sure Joan had a print out of my blogpost of yesterday “Joan Wheeler “social worker” (yeah, right), adoptee rights activist says she wants to blow up buildings. what an ass April 16, 2013” and showed it to her lawyer. And I am equally sure that she did NOT show him the tweet she wrote about fantasizing about blowing up buildings.

Since this was all new to her lawyer, I suppose he needed time to figure out how he was going to handle this. So a postponement was called and we have to appear on July 23. AND the temporary restraining order that was placed on Joan (to leave me alone) is extended until that time.

So I’m thinking what happened is that Joan read my blog post either last night or this morning and called in her defending Champ. Sorry, there is NO defending calling someone’s job with a false accusation. At one point, while I was sitting with my lawyer, I had looked up and saw Brian standing up. I did look over at him to get a good look at the great “defender.”

I then told my lawyer that I did not want him present in the court room, as he has NOTHING to do with the proceedings. My lawyer said he would take care of it. When the bailiff called us, Brian did move to enter the courtroom and the bailiff told him that he would have to wait outside in the waiting area. I then said (although it wasn’t necessary) “That man is NOT a family member, I want him OUT of this court room.” By stating that firmly, I let everyone know in no uncertain terms, that I may be a slightly overweight petite woman with glasses, but I will not be intimidated. Chimp can stay out in the holding area and hold Joan’s hand. But that’s as far as he goes.

So that’s where we stand.

gertmcqueen – April 17, 2013

If I may…Joan’s tweet was not foolish….
it was dangerous, demented and illegal!
and I’m sure that not only does her lawyer, which is paid for by the citizens of New York State, cause Joan is disabled and gets free lawyers, where Ruth must PAY for her lawyer, cause Ruth works…but…her lawyer did NOT know of the additional crap that Joan did since last date!

Joan doesn’t need her defender Brian…he’s irrelevant, a no body, she already has a LAWYER. But like all idiots, these types think that their ‘mouth pieces’ are a help, when they are just stooges! Marley G of Bastard Nation tried recently to be Joan’s ‘lawyer’ on Huffington Post against me and where did that get her? NO where and the thread as stopped dead in it’s tracks!
Brian, stay home! Joan likes to talk, let her! Do yourself a favor and get out of the way!

2. RuthApril 17, 2013

when I said Joan’s tweet was foolish, I meant that she was a fool to put that on the public internet for all to see. And as I am law-abiding citizen of the country that I love, I have a right to inform the government (or anybody else) about possible terrorist threats. Instead of mocking me in her book for being a neighborhood activist, trying to improve quality of life issues in my community, Joan should have been paying attention. I headed up a block club under the direction of the Newburgh Coalition of Block Clubs. And Joan’s slanderous and libelous harassment letters to the mayor of Buffalo and otherr elected officials (1995) did not detract from my having a dialogue with the mayor and others regarding my block club work. Joan seriously needs to get a life. She has waaaay too mucy time on her hands. stupid stupid stupid

Joan Wheeler “social worker” (yeah, right), adoptee rights activist says she wants to blow up buildings. what an ass April 16, 2013

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This post is not going to be a pretty one – so you have fair warning right now.  

see end of post for UPDATE INFO

First off – I am disgusted and disturbed and angry over the bombings yesterday in Boston.  I hope whoever is responsible fries in an electric chair. 

Okay, now I want to turn attention back towards Joan Wheeler’s tweet the other night about her and other adoptees “fantasizing about blowing up vital statistics offices.” 

I wrote about this in my blog post “Joan Wheeler is now fantasizing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs?April 14, 2013”  I included a screen shot of Joan’s actual tweet. and here it is again:

joan-wheeler-tweet-03 Joan Wheeler’s tweet on April 14, 2013

Okay Joan – and all you stupid adoptees who want to blow up buildings – take a cold hard look at your televisions and see the damage done by bombs in Boston – no wait – photographers on the scene showed that they are human beings and did not photograph the gruesomeness of what happened. 

Want to hear about it? Let’s see – blown up body parts laying in the street. One woman had most of her jaw blown off. And an 8 year old child was killed! A child for god’s sake! 

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT BLOWING UP A BUILDING MEANS JOAN WHEELER? My god, you heartless bitch. Even if the building is closed for business there are probably other workers in there – cleaning personell – other workers. Innocent bystanders walking on the sidewalk next to the building. Innocent bystanders that may include children. And when a building is blown up – that means the people who work there are out of a job. This is what you stand for Joan? If it is, I’ll say it again – you’re a cold heartless bitch. 

And you call yourself a social worker? Who the hell do you think you are fooling? You have the picture of an abused child on your twitter page, yet advocate BLOWING UP BUILDINGS? You are a two faced lying hypocrite! You are evil.

Do you advocate terrorism Joan? Because your tweet says that you do.

 But then yes, you and all the other “angry militant adoptees” ARE fucking idiots and dangerous ones at that. I hope the FBI is watching your crazy little asses. 

Now I’m not saying that Joan or some other angry adoptee had anything to do with the bombing in Boston – but if they did – they are in a shitload of trouble. And even if they didn’t – to want to do something like that shows the whole world what rotten people they are. No respect for the sanctity of life. To want to destroy life and property. Sick little bastards – as they are proud to call themselves. 

Oh and Joan – just how do you think your fucking little tweet is going to look in court tomorrow? You can drop your poor little meek and mild down-trodden little act right now. The first day you had to report to court – you came in, looking down at the floor, walking oh-so-slowly, like you had the weight of the world on you! The little act you were trying to portray yourself as just a little old beaten down thing. The whole world is beating you up, and you’re so sad, so tired of the whole thing, oh, look at me, just taking slow little steps, cos I’m so pitiful. I’m so meek and mild, and sweet, and I wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

BULLSHIT! Your own tweet says the truth about you. And I will make damn sure the judge sees that stupid tweet of yours. 

And don’t forget stupid – making terrorist threats is a federal offense – I hope they put you away for a long long time sweetie. 

godzilla smashe building

is this your problem Joan – well you will have plenty of time to think about when you are sitting in a jail cell.

For myself – I will be heading over to the Red Cross tomorrow to donate blood to help the victims of the Boston bombing.

gertmcqueen – April 16, 2013

Excellent post Ruth!

Totally disgusting what happened in Boston…it’s looking more and more like a deed of DOMESTIC violence…terror by any name is still terror. And yes of course, NO ONE KNOWS who did that deed, but the anti-terrorist people are very good at their jobs and the doer will be found!

At this point in the history of the USA it is disgusting that anyone, let alone a SOCIAL-WORKER would put on a social NETWORKING site…for the entire globe to see…that she and other ADOPTEES want to blow up government OFFICES because they are MAD. Hey if you are mad sign yourself up in an institution and let the rest of the country be free from your assholeNESS.

I don’t care what side of the adoption issue anyone is on …but it’s past time for EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF JOAN WHEELER to silence the bitch! Do you people think that the government is going to GIVE YOU YOUR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES just because Joan Wheeler and friends think that blowing up the offices of VITAL STATICS will do the trick?

Hey, I worked for the military and I know just HOW SERIOUS the government is about terror and those that do it, talk about it, advocate it, etc. Joan Wheeler calls herself a MILITANT ACTIVIST and will work till the day she DIES for EVERYONE to get an OBC…and the hell with anyone else.

these types of idiots are disgusting


UPDATE OCTOBER 2016; as older posts are being seen I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.



Prayers for Boston – this is so sad April 16, 2013

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with a heavy heart, I share this picture that was on facebook. A day of fun turned to sorrow. we hold those killed and injured in our hearts and prayers. Blessed Be.

candle and prayers boston




Joan Wheeler is now fantasizing/threatening to blow up government buildings. Is she looking for a pair of handcuffs? April 14, 2013

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from Gert’s blog

April 14, 2013

Home Land Security where are you? Joan Wheeler is threatening to blow up government offices

by gertmcqueen

I just can’t believe how down right stupid some people are!   the following was posted, according to twitter, about nine hours ago, by my clock that was around midnight or so April 14, 2013, from some computer that Joan Wheeler was using at a adoption conference where…I can’t really remember, Cleveland? Doesn’t matter if I don’t know where, cause on the tweet, the address is there @aac1978 and I’m sure authorities can find out.   this nonsense, this bad behavior, this utter crap, this dangerous life-threatening activity by a sick person must be seen and stopped, not only has she continued to lie about family and condemn family to others who then come and attack us because  we refute her lies, NOW she wants to blow up government offices because they will not give them (adoptees) their original birth certificates!!!   people BEWARE…I’ve been warning you about this idiot for years!   Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily9h   @aac1978 we #adoptees fantasize abt blowing up Vital Statistics Offices. Some adoptees OBCs are filed with false info from maternity homes..

Ruth here

– I also canNOT believe how stupid some people are, but then again -we’ve been saying for more than 3 years now what a dangerous person Joan Wheeler is. I don’t care if she used the word “fantasize” – Joan ACTS on her fantasies.

Joan SPECULATES and FANTASIZES that I use my employer’s computers to harass her. Joan SPECULATES and FANTASIZES that I have called her from my job to set up doctor appointments for her. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO!

Joan than ACTED ON those FANTASIES by sending an anonymous letter to my job in November 2012 to tell them of her fantasies! I was investigate and found innocent. Then Joan goes on Huffington Post and BRAGS that she was the one who sent that letter (January 22, 2013). click here to see those bragging harassing comments of Joan’s and my replies – you will have to scroll down a little to get past a couple more recent comments. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/forbiddenfamily?action=comments

Joan is now following the classic dangerous mode of killer psychopath – SPECULATE, FANTASIZE, ACT AND BRAG!

Here is what she tweeted around midnight April 13 – April 14.

joan wheeler tweet 03

joan wheeler tweet

RuthApril 15, 2013

I ws just thinking – they need to put Joan Wheeler and all those other stupid “militant” adoptees who want to blow up the vital statistics offices on the tv show “The World’s Dumbest Criminals” Why? These idiot adoptees are wanting their original birth certificates. These birth certificates are kept in the Vital Statistics Offices. They blow up the office – they have blown up their birth certificates. THEY WANT TO BLOW UP AND DESTROY THE VERY THINGS THEY ARE TRYING TO GET. roflmao! Oh my god – these people are so damn stupid. And Joan is even stupider to put their plan on public internet where all can see. Can we say STUPID?

Home Land Security where are you? Joan Wheeler is threatening to blow up government offices April 14, 2013

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wake up people! this is a serious threat….

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

I just can’t believe how down right stupid some people are!

But before we continue…

UPDATE January 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ yet again, her ‘story’, NOW called ‘duped by adoption’. There is NOTHING in it for adoption reform, for she is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…




the following was posted, according to twitter, about nine hours ago, by my clock that was around midnight or so April 14, 2013, from some computer that Joan Wheeler was using at a adoption conference where…I can’t really remember, Cleveland? Doesn’t matter…

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History of, and current attack sites, upon the birthsiblings, of Joan Wheeler April 5, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Updated 3 June 2013

A REAL Social Worker would NOT do this, nor ask another to do so nor allow this to be! Until Joan Wheeler gets all her blogs (that attack us) and posts (in which she attacks us) and all her henchmen (that attack us) to remove their blogs, we shall continue to expose them and her! To make it more concise, here in ONE place, is a reference to those people and sites. This post shall be reposted and tweeted UNTIL Joan Wheeler and henchmen remove these blogs.

Even before that garbage libelous book, Forbidden Family, was out she tried many ways to attack her own blood siblings! Then once we KNEW about the book and spoke out against it, and Joan, we were attacked again and again by people we didn’t and still don’t know. These attacks are STILL on the public internet sites. There are THREE (that we know of…

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