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what you post in social media on the internet is public domain. lesson for Joan Wheeler April 22, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.

This morning, I was relaxing on my couch, sometimes snoozing, sometimes awake and paying attention to CNN. There was a discussion about the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing that occured last week. Apparently, the dead suspect, had posted some terroristic videos on his youtube channel. The reporter didn’t say if he made those videos himself or merely harvested them from somewhere else and put them on his channel. (youtube calls a user’s page their “channel”).

I didn’t pay much attention to what else the reporter said but she did say something that clicked in my head – she called postings on social media sites as being “public domain.”

I just did a little bit of research. Now I’m not talking about copyrighted materials, I’m talking about general social media postings and general blog postings.  And public and private websites.

Joan Wheeler in the past has gotten her panties in a bunch because I have read her blog. – So what? It’s out there on the public internet right? Is her site private? No. Is my name mentioned on her site? Yes it is. In a post she made in December 2009. Is MY mother’s name on her site? Yes it is. Is MY mother’s picture on her site? Yes it is. Is MY picture on her site? Yes it is. IF MY MOTHER’S NAME AND HER PICTURE IS ON JOAN WHEELER’S WEBSITE THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIEW JOAN’S BLOG. IF MY PICTURE IS ON JOAN’S WEBSITE THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE HER SITE. Does Joan Wheeler talk about me and my childhood on her site? Yes she does. IF JOAN WHEELER IS TALKING ABOUT ME THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE HER WEBSITE.

Joan has also gone on other websites and talked about me and my father. IF SHE IS TALKING ABOUT ME OR MY FATHER THEN I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE WHAT SHE IS SAYING ABOUT ME AND MY FATHER. – remember people – once Doris Sippel was relinquished to adoption, once my father signed those papers, once her adoptive parents signed those papers, once the judge approved the adoption and legally changed her name to Joan Wheeler, she CEASED TO BE A LEGAL MEMBER OF THE SIPPEL FAMILY. She has no legal right to be writing about the Sippel family and she must cease to do this. AND she had no right to pull that little stunt after MY father died – because of her disrespect to him, my father REMOVED Joan from his papers – which included his own self-written obitiuary. He had her included in his papers, not because he was of any legal obligation – but because he wanted to do it – from his heart. Once she stomped on his heart one too many times – he removed her. What does Joan do? She contacts the Buffalo News and submits HER OWN OBITIUARY OF MY FATHER, naming herself as his daughter. What kind of crap is that? Gross disrespect of the Sippel Family – of which, I will say again – SHE IS NOT A LEGAL MEMBER OF.

Her reason for writing about MY family was not to promote any kind of adoption reform, but it was a hate manifesto against anyone in Joan’s life who ever disagreed with her. She claims that her book was her personal memoir – then why was MY miscarriage in that book? And her disrespecting the death of my son by saying “it’s just as well she couldn’t get pregnant.” That book was nothing but an exploitation of MY family – an attempt by Joan to garner “fame and fortune” on MY family. I repeat – Joan Wheeler is not a legal member of MY family.

And if she is writing this stuff on the internet – she is putting it all out there for the entire world to see and she needs to stop whining that “my birth sisters are reading my blog.” Like I said, if she is talking about me, I will be reading it. And once she published her book and once she started promoting that libelous book, she opened herself up to full disclosure. If she can write about MY childhood and MY life, and MY family on her website, then I can do the same. It works both ways. If Joan writes a comment or posts anything on the public internet – that comment is subject to review and rebuttal.

Now, back to my research – I found this from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fl. It is their social media policy for students. You can find the entire page by visiting this link. But I just want to quote something. And Joan Wheeler needs to learn it.

“Social media postings are in the public domain. This means anyone in the world can see your posts, and your posts can impact you and the university. Social media are public channels and are searchable via standard Web browsers – despite your privacy settings. You are responsible for any and all content and exchanges occurring within the pages/tools under your purview. Treat online comments the same way you would at a public forum.”

Joan writes inflammatory things on The Huffington Post, her website, other websites, even to the point of saying she wants to blow up buildings on her twitter page (April 14, 2013). One of these days, she’s going to find herself using a public computer in the library of a prison.

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