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Brian Maloney, Joan Wheeler’s defender, needs attention as bad as she does! April 29, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Lost The Point Entirely! So says Brian in his newest attempt at extortion…

And what is the point…Champ!

For a guy who has no business in OUR family or in OUR lives, he sure has a lot of a lot to say! And  for a guy who said in January 2013, that he doesn’t want to be involved, he sure is involving himself!  WE have not posted anything on his blog for months, he is HISTORY, BUT, if he keeps this up…

Apparently he still is in the bewitchment of Joan Wheeler! He came with Joan to a Family Court hearing and attempted to come INTO the court room! The baliff and Ruth told him NO, he has no business in Family Court; Brian is not family. Brian, of course, is Joan’s defender…but he ain’t her lawyer!

In his last post on his hate blog against women he doesn’t know he attemped…

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