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Joan Wheeler’s latest whine that she wants to be left alone (just hours after being hauled into court for bothering me). May 19, 2013

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Gert wrote a great blogpost today – “ADOPTION caused the many faces of #Joan Wheeler ” – I’m posting it here in its entirety – PLUS my comment. Because I think it’s just so dam funny that Joan, after bothering the hell out of me constantly for the past 20 plus years, whines right after our appearance in court on May 15, 2013, that she “wants to be left alone.” She must fancy herself to be Greta Garbo. Well, a word of warning to Miss Whiner-Joan – keep turning people away from you and you WILL be left alone. Why don’t you take stock of how many people in your life you have had fights with, they end up not liking you, hating you, telling you to stop lying, telling you to go away – and ask yourself where the problem lies – in all those people? Or maybe – the problem is with YOU – because that IS where the problem is Joan. Anyway – here’s Gert’s post and my comment:

In the movie, The Three Faces of Eve, Eve has multiple personalities. So too, does Joan Wheeler. She has clinical depression, possible bipolar and has a host of physical ailments, so much so that she is disabled. In fact Joan has never been able to hold down a job and NEVER worked as a social worker because of her disabilities. This is NOT a violation of any confidential information! Joan Wheeler has documented it EVERYWHERE. She is proud of her ailments and conditions, because, ADOPTION made her that way and Joan is totally against any form of ADOPTION.

Over the decades, since Joan was found and reunited with the birthfamily, her behavior was and became more strange, uncontrollable and dangerous to others and eventually everyone turned their backs on her. Then in 2009 Joan published a disgusting libelous hate manifesto against everyone in the birth and adoptive families. We birth siblings were able to get the book pulled from publication but Joan persists in fighting us over HER TRUTH. Her reason for writing the book was NOT for adoption reform, but to EARN MONIES, off the backs of her birth and adoptive families.

In the book and all over the internet Joan uses creative writing to the MAX. She uses a lot of speculation…you know that ‘inner voice with your face’ in one’s head that informs you what another human being is thinking and why they are doing what they do! Such writing and speculation COULD work if one is writing FICTION and FICTIONAL characters. But, Joan wrote a NON-FICTION book, using our FAMILY NAMES and other identifying information, stated it was a TRUE STORY and published it!

Since the book came out, we birth siblings have established blogs refuting the lies and reclaiming our personal and family honors, only to have Joan Wheeler create another hate blog against us, wherein she not only speculations but outright lies! She has enlisted fellow angry adoptees and male friends to harass and attack us and create hate blogs against us.

The many faces of Joan Wheeler has NO PROBLEM with being NEGATIVE to blood birth relatives, who will NEVER stay away when told to, who ALWAYS interfers in birthsiblings’ lives, ALWAYS mocks, browbeats, intimidates birth siblings and anyone else who gets in her way.

After a recent Family Court appearance on May 15, 2013, between Joan Wheeler and Ruth Pace, Joan had a couple of interesting tweets to say about the event.

Oh…you don’t know WHY those two are in Family Court! Well, Joan falsely accused Ruth of a work violation at Ruth’s employment and then BRAGGED about it on Huffington Post. Ruth has a ‘order of protection’ AGAINST Joan Wheeler, until the issue can be brought before the judge. The case keeps having delays. Next court date is July 23.

I bring this up because…Joan’s many faces seem to forget her real OWN DIRTY DEEDS AND WORDS. Talk about a pompous ass!

On her Twitter feed around May 15/16, 2013 Joan Wheeler says…to whom? her vast audience?

I don’t want 2 waste my life on people who hate me. Want to spend my life on people who love me and I love them. Positive only!

What do you do when the people who hate keep interfering in your life? Can’t get em away from me. Like the flu, allergies, virus

Can I ever be left alone? I have my life to live with the people I care about, not the ones who insist on belittling me.

For someone who does not know me at all, she sure spreads a lot of speculation

Yep, Joan Wheeler doesn’t like anyone WHO DOES NOT KNOW HER to spread speculations! But, SHE can do it all she wants! Hey, we birthsiblings, were WRITTEN ABOUT in a book that Joan Wheeler wrote. We proved it was libelous and it no longer exists. We can QUOTE Joan’s own ‘true’ words, for we have the book…NOT many have it and NO ONE ELSE will ever get it! And we shall continue to counter every lie and SPECULATION that Joan has written and said about us…count on it!

More to come…



yes I found that stupid tweet VERY stupid myself! Just a couple of hours after our appearance in court she’s whining that she wants to be left alone!

BUT does she ever leave ME alone? Writing a letter to my employer was NOT LEAVING RUTH ALONE! What the hell did she think I was going to do when I found out about the letter? Just ignore her? – Actually what she THOUGHT was going to happen was that I was going to get fired. – Joan is just so STUPID.  She tried that shit back in 1995 – didn’t work then, didn’t work now. AND she’s so STUPID to think that an accusation of computer fraud couldn’t be investigated? She said the same dam thing in 1994-95 – she was informed by hospital adminstration that I had been investigated and found innocent. And the same thing happened now. – I was investigated and found innocent. BECAUSE DUMASS JOAN NEVER LEARNS THAT BIG CORPORATIONS HAVE TIGHT COMPUTER SECURITY – THEY KNOW EVERY THING I DO ON THE COMPUTER! And I work for a big corporation – Kaleida Health, which oversees 6 large hospitals, and the University of Buffalo’s medical school, which is world-wide renowned. I;ve worked there for 40 dam years and have earned a reputation that is spotless – a reputation of honesty and integrity. A reputation of delivering excellant patient care. Joan is incredibly stupid to not learn to leave Ruth alone. But her problem is – she is too stupid to THINK. Joan wants to be left alone? ha ha ha

here is the famous clip of Garbo’s “vant to be alone.” – she pissed off people, she can’t take the responsibility of her actions, and instead of DOING THE RIGHT THING – she whines “I vant to be alone.”

Look at the faces of some of the people as they pass Garbo to do as she asked – sneered at her in disgust and anger. As does every person that Joan pisses off and leaves her alone. – I leave her alone – until she lies about me and creates trouble for me – which is every dam day of her life. She can’t even go 3 hours after a court appearance to run to tweet bullshit that she is not left alone – EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS THE ONE WHO CREATED THE SITUATION WHERE SHE IS NOT LEFT ALONE. IF YOU WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE JOAN – THEN SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT ME AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR FILTHY LIES ABOUT ME.



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