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Who does Joan Wheeler #forbiddenfamily hate the most? May 23, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

1st, the woman who adopted her! AND 2nd herself! Their relationship was a love/hate, symbiotic, co-dependency, sadist/masochistic relationship! And one that neither of them wished nor wanted to dissolve! It was literally ‘to death do we part’! But it continues on past the grave…for Joan Wheeler still keeps the hate ALIVE.

A tweet of May 16, 2013 tells us what Joan Wheeler believes a ‘just’ punishment should be.

@HuffPostCrime @HuffingtonPost  She wants to die. Let her live till 90. 70+ years in jail to relive her hell. Death by injection: too easy

Okay, I shall grant you that there are many good reasons for keeping someone in jail for life versus the death penalty…but that debate is NOT what we are discussing here. So put aside your own personal opinion on the issue of life imprisonment or death, for that is not our focus. The point…

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