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“try this for a deep dark secret …” May 27, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Uncategorized.

Is the first sentance in the opening credit sequence of the 1980’s tv series Remington Steele. –

I had purchased the first two seasons on DVD  a couple of years ago and always intended to get the rest, but never got around to it. The other day, I was at Target and saw seasons 4 and 5 in one DVD set and picked it up. Then when I got home, I went to amazon.com and ordered season 3.

Yes, that’s correct – I went to the website amazon.com. Wonder if Joan Wheeler will get all thrown into a tizzy because I dared to go to amazon.com. Joan seems to think she can order me around and tell me which internet sites I can and cannot go to. I don’t care if she doesn’t want me at amazon.com – I will not obey her and I will go to any dam website I want.

“try this for a deep dark secret – the great detective Remington Steele – he doesn’t exist.”



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