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Believing pathological liars – even when court documents prove them liars. June 28, 2013

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Say What?

shit must be true

 Never mind that I have provided actual court documents and actual hand written letters by Joan Wheeler that prove Joan is a liar. Only persons with similar mental issues would actually believe a pathological liar and not an actual court document.

UPDATE, August 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…




Joan Wheeler stirred the pot -now she gets to lick the spoon June 27, 2013

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I didn’t steal hundreds of dollars from my sister. I didn’t call child abuse on myself, giving out the name of my sister to get her in trouble. I didn’t write letters to my sister’s fiancé, urging him to leave her. I didn’t call my sister’s job almost daily for six months trying to get her fired and then do it again 20 years later. I didn’t write a letter to my sister telling her falsely that her fiancé got the next door neighbor pregnant. I didn’t write letters to the mayor of Buffalo and other elected officials telling them that my sister had a criminal record. I didn’t write a slanderous book that contained many many lies about my sister and the whole family. I don’t go on the internet and continue to tell those lies. I didn’t go on an adoption forum and say that I like to stir the pot. – These are the things that Joan Wheeler has done and this is for her:

stir shitpot

It is also for all her brainless puppets who listen to Joan Wheeler’s ridiculous lies and actually believe her! – Especially when I have submitted irrefutable PROOF on this blog – scans of actual court documents that prove Joan Wheeler is a LIAR! I have uploaded the court document that in 1993 proves that she was granted a six-month order of protection against me. I have uploaded the actual letter that Joan sent to Albany NY in which she lies and says that instead of an order of protection – I was sentenced to six months probation. In her lying book, she says she had multiple orders of protection against me for the durations of one year – total fabrication and contradiction of actual court documents. I have also uploaded actual handwritten letters sent to me by Joan and actual handwritten letters by Joan to my fiancé – telling him to leave me.

For her little buddies Russell Thomas and Brian Maloney to NOT understand this, and call me names on the internet – because I am standing up for myself against this shitload of lies – um, it boggles my mind that two people cannot understand actual police and City of Buffalo court documents and have the nerve to attack me. – well, that picture is for them as well.

Because the word is called KARMA. Pure and simple. You listen to a pathological liar, don’t see for yourself the proof that I have provided and further compound it by calling ME names. I didn’t ask you guys into my life – and now that you are in it – lick the spoon.

BEFORE WE CONTINUE… UPDATE January 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version.



It MUST also be said that Joan continues to find and use people to do her dirty work, by all means, look at the above NEW sites AND Amazon for reviews, comments and discussions

1. gertmcqueen – June 27, 2013 [Edit]
well said Ruth!
and of course Kathy and I didn’t do all those nasty dirty deeds to OURSELVES neither! Nope, it was all Joan Wheeler’s own doing!

and…why is it that those two ‘men’, who like to speak ill of WOMEN THEY DON’T KNOW…keep coming back INTO OUR LIVES?

We have NOT gone to them, ever…only in self-defense…and Brian even went to the court with Joan after HE said he didn’t want to be involved! So if that is true…he doesn’t want to be involved…he needs to remove his blog against us and get our OF OUR LIVES.

And Russ…we DID NOT go to him…he recently CAME TO US, asking us to ‘refrain from using his name’ and then only removes PART OF HIS BLOG…


She could care in the least whom she walks on, uses, abuses, lies about, steals and slanders…and this NEW GUY….
its only a matter of time!!

2. Ruth

and since Joan Wheeler twittered the other day she has a fiancé now, who lives in New Mexico – and presumably MOVING to New Mexico, Brian Maloney and Russell Thomas need not worry about their little friend Joan anymore – that’s right guys – she will soon have a HUSBAND to do any yakking for her – YOU are no longer needed as any sort of defender – remove your filthy lying blogs against me and my sisters.

3. Ruth

oh? You guys didn’t know about her fiancé? The one she only met a few short weeks ago? He’s Mexican-Comanche. I said on May 15 on this blog – after I got home from court after filing another petition in court against Joan and Brian Maloney for threatening me with exposing secrets about me (which I have challenged them to go ahead and EXPOSE – and then face the consequences via a police report) – – Joan’s lawyer said to the judge, that Joan is NOT responsible for what comes out of Brian’s mouth. In other words, in the eyes of the court, BRIAN is responsible for what he says on the internet against me and the judge advised me to press criminal charges on him. And I will if he tries to expose ANY kind of “dirty little secret” he thinks he knows about me – the police and the court will be very interested in how a stranger to me – a man who has never met me – “knows” things about me, and puts those things on the internet. I said on my blog on May 15 – by cutting her legal ties to Brian Maloney, Joan has in effect, thrown Brian (and Russell) under the bus.

Ever hear of that song by Hall & Oates – “Maneater” – well, she chewed you guys up and spit you out. And left you potentially criminally libel for your blogs for coming into MY life UNIVITED, calling me names and threatening me with blackmail via “dirty little secrets” that I don’t have.

oh oh here she comes — watch out boys she’ll chew you up — she’s a man-eater.

We did try to warn you fools.

As a member of the real ‘forbidden family’ I answer 10 interview questions related to my article ‘how adoption affected my family’ June 26, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Joan m Wheeler, now known as Doris M Sippel is an adoptee and my birth sibling. She’s the adopted one. I’m part of the forbidden family; the family that SHE was forbidden to know. Such is the way of adoption; not all adoptions are equal and the same. When Joan wrote a libelous book, called Forbidden Family, in 2009, she opened herself, and that book, to full disclosure! And so it goes. Joan Wheeler is not the only one that can write about adoption!

UPDATED INFO AT END OF THIS POST February 2017 and Nov 2017

I had been approached in December 2012 by an individual who was doing research on adoption. I was asked to write about how adoption had touched myself and family. Here are just 2 of several email exchanges we had (parts deleted by me)

From: C Allen To: Gert McQueen Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 4:07 PM Subject:…

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Joan Wheeler’s puppet Russell Thomas thinks he’s slick – but he’s nothing but a lying sleaze. June 19, 2013

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Here is Gert’s entire post “Russell Thomas of Wilson NY…lied! He did not remove his entire hate blog!” – with a comment by me.

So be it! What’s wrong with you Russ? You have to have the last word? You think you pulled a fast one on us? Guess again! Do you really think that I would NOT double check, several times? Hey man! I gave YOU THE BENEFIT OF BELIEVING YOUR WORD…fool me! Your loss!

See this post…. a blog against Joan Wheeler’s birth sisters has been REMOVED on June 3, 2013

Ruth, is my sister, and a person, a woman, who you DO NOT KNOW and yet you feel that you can CONTINUE to malign her! It is irrelevant whether you like, dislike, have weak or strong opinions/feelings, or anything else about Ruth. The VERY FACT that you, on Joan’s say so, YOU commented on Ruth’s blog, called her vile names, and you continued to malign her, me and my other sister…why…BECAUSE JOAN TOLD YOU TO DO SO. You opened yourself up by believing Joan and NOT checking out the facts first and to this day you feel that you can malign Ruth and others of OUR FAMILY.

Why did you come around, in the first place, and insult the birth sisters of Joan Wheeler? Why? Because, Joan TOLD YOU TO. Don’t you have a brain in your own head? I don’t care how many YEARS go by, Russ, you are FOREVER linked to us by HISTORY, history that Joan Wheeler created and brought you into. You cannot erase your involvement, albeit on Joan’s instigation, but you and only you, put those words of hate towardS WOMEN YOU DON’T KNOW! And only YOU can remove them, like you SAID YOU DID. LIAR, just like Joan

Russ, you MAY have removed MOST of your blog….Russ’s Blog….BUT you did not remove it ALL. DID YOU? No, Russ you had to, just had to have the last word AGAINST a woman…and I repeat…against a woman you do not KNOW.

What the hell is wrong with you? Leave a NASTY COMMENT about my sister Ruth under your Blog’s domain…dated March 15, 2012

Okay…now here’s information about you and Joan…we only have been sitting on IT for years and I guess since you are NOT WILLING TO REMOVE EVERYTHING AGAINST US, we shall make this public.

We know that Russ and Joan have known each other from, at least, July 2010. It wasn’t until December 2010, that WE FOUND HIM. And, just like Brian Maloney…whom we found, we found Russ.

Joan is a wonder

by Russell Thomas Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 11:31pm

She entered my life 35 years too late.  She is intelligent, and very passionate.  She is easy to talk to.  I find her to mean more to me than any friend I have ever had.  I hope to have her in my life for the rest of time.

Joan M Wheeler Thank you, Russ. You’re such a romantic, but that’s only part of why you fell into my life… August 13, 2010 at 10:03pm

Russ you are only one guy in a long string, before and after you, that has been used by Joan Wheeler. Yes, the waters have gotten hot and you want out…but you DIDN’T GET OUT. You are just a fool for Joan! Take a number, stand in line!

Remove the entire comment that you left! There is NO reason for you to leave a nasty biased comment against a WOMAN YOU DON’T KNOW! Get real, get honest and get the f…away from us.


roflmao! and thanks for the update Gert. Do you think I am upset by this? No. Because I knew from day one that Russell Thomas is a sleazeball and a liar and did not trust him for shit.

He says in his last comment that he did NOT write that desecration in my father’s funeral book.

1. We left the funeral parlor at 4pm, and ran into Joan’s daughter as we were leaving. She came in to the place by herself.

2. The family told Joan to come at 4:30, and Catherine admitted later that she was with her mother and Russell.- so that means Joan and Russell were waiting in the car for the family to leave. And we see now that Joan’s daughter Catherine was acting as a scout to go back to the car and report to Joan that the coast was clear. She told me via facebook private message that she was with Russell the whole time. But Kathy’s friend reported that the two women were at the casket and the blonde man was at the book. – ALONE.  — Because the family told Joan to come at 4:30, and Catherine came into the funeral home at 4:00pm, and then admitted to me she was with her mother and Russ – she is as much to blame in this mess as her mother and Russ. She is now proven to be a liar – I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree now does it.

3. An old friend of our sister Kathy entered the funeral parlor around 4:10 and she reported to us the following: she saw two women and one man. The man was tall, blonde. She stood behind him waiting to sign the book. She saw him writing something, then he flipped the pages and wrote something on another page. Then he left and went up to the casket and joined the two women. When the man left to join the women at the casket ,she went to sign the book, she signed after Russ. She made a note of his name. Then she flipped back the page and saw the hate note he wrote. She also told Kathy that she was fearful of the man because he had a nasty sneer on his face. One of the women he was with looked like us, her old friends, and then the older woman went to the funeral director and was bitching at him because she had been told to wait until after the family had left and she was his daughter too. The friend had not seen Kathy since before Kathy had moved to England (in 1974) and did not know that the family had an adopted out sister and that we were reunited with her). When the friend got home, she called a mutual friend, who got hold of Kathy in England and then the eyewitness to Russ and Joan in the funeral home talked to Kathy and told her what she saw.

4. The funeral director was there the whole time – and he told me and Gert that from the time we left at 4pm and returned at 7pm – there were no visitors to my father EXCEPT  a lone woman and a party of two women and one man, and one of those women was bitching at him that she was the deceased’s daughter. (corroborating what Kathy’s friend had said). – When we left the funeral parlor – we went to have something to eat. Then to my father’s apartment. My husband and I had left our house around 3:30pm and did not return until after 9pm. Meanwhile, Kathy had called my house and left me a detailed message of the conversation she had with her old friend. I heard from the funeral director’s own mouth describing Russell as the ONLY man who had visited my father between the hours of 4 and 7pm. And while I was not home, the same story was related to me on my answering machine.

5. Russ left several nasty comments on my blog calling me a bitch. He has never met me, and has no right to be calling me any kind of name.

6. I send him an email using my private hotmail account telling him to leave me alone.

7. he replied to me via my hotmail address.

8. Russell joined an online dating service called BADOO and authorized them to sent invites to all his email contacts – and because he had sent me an email – I was sent an invite. I joined BADOO under an assumed name and email account and went to view Russ’s account. The picture he had is the same as his facebook account. And I am not impressed with him. But he is blond. – Just like Kathy’s friend said the man who signed my father’s book was. Russ lists himself in BADOO as living in Wilson NY. He signed my father’s book as his address in Wilson NY. He is in 50′s and lists in BADOO that he likes boats and is looking for SEX on the internet. sleaze.

9. As soon as I threatened him with the police by contacting my private email account AFTER I told him not to – he changed his tune – “I didn’t mean to call you a bitch – I was only trying to help.”

Face it Russ – you’re a liar and a sleaze – I don’t believe you for one second. Never did. In fact, I saw the writing on the wall when Gert first reported that you took down your blog and was gracious enough to thank you. I, however did NOT thank you, saying I don’t thank bullies. Then sleazy Russ goes out of his way to acknowledge Gert’s graciousness, saying bullcrap like “thanks Gert, go in peace.” and not even acknowledging what I said. – Gert and I talked about that – I said “he’s a liar. I don’t believe him.”


The only peace/piece in this stinky mess is a piece of shit. whew!

RuthJune 19, 2013

I see I made a typo – sorry – in item #4, I said that my husband and I left our house at 3:30 – that should have been 1:30 – we were at the funeral home from 2 – 4pm and returned at 7 and left at 9pm and returned home at just before 9:30pm. – Also I want to point out – WHY would someone, “D,” who had not seen Kathy or me since the late 1960′s, go thru all the trouble of calling a mutual friend to find out Kathy’s current phone number, then make a long-distance call to England? Because she was PISSED that she saw a man write a rotten thing in my father’s memorial book! She was PISSED that a man she had not seen for many years (my father) was so disrespected! She saw the blonde man write a long message on one page, and then flip two pages over and sign his name – she was right there and saw it! -AND D. witnessed the women this man was with and witnessed the older one, who looked like me, bitch out the funeral director saying she was the deceased man’s daughter. And don’t forget – while D. was tracking down Kathy to tell her what she saw – Gert and I were getting the same story from the other eyewitness – the funeral director – at 7pm. And Kathy immediately called me, but because I was at the funeral home – she left me a message. So I got the SAME story – of a blonde man, accompanied by two women, the older one bitching at the funeral director that she was the deceased man’s daughter, from two different people – independently. Russell Thomas was a lying snake in 2011 and still is. Once a lying snake, ALWAYS a lying snake.

3. RuthJune 19, 2013

just saw this on my facebook from motivational speaker Anthony Robbins: UPW Tip of the Day: Words have the power to start wars or create peace, destroy relationships or strengthen them. How we feel about anything is shaped by the meaning we attach to it. The words you consciously or unconsciously select to describe a situation immediately change what it means to you and thus how you feel.

So Russ – when you commented on this blog and called me a bitch. Did you think I was going to have a nice relationship with you? When you denied writing that crap in my father’s book, despite an eyewitness seeing you, did you think I would believe you? When you LIED recently and said you would remove your hate blog against me and my sisters, did you think I would believe you? – not a chance buddy, not a chance. Like I said, once a liar – always a liar. And Joan should read Anthony’s words – because she thinks that she was going to write a slanderous book about me and my family and nobody was going to get pissed about it? What UFO dropped these losers off on my planet?

Russell Thomas of Wilson NY…lied! He did not remove his entire hate blog! June 18, 2013

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tell the entire world what an idiot this guy is

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

UPDATE Oct 23, 2013…AFTER this post was up…the guy FINALLY did the right thing and he removed all the contents of his blog…but…he STILL is part of the long sorted history between Joan Wheeler and her birth family. This guy should NEVER have gotten himself involved! Too bad Brian Maloney has learned how to do the right thing. 

So be it! What’s wrong with you Russ? You have to have the last word? You think you pulled a fast one on us? Guess again! Do you really think that I would NOT double check, several times? Hey man! I gave YOU THE BENEFIT OF BELIEVING YOUR WORD…fool me! Your loss! 


See this post….

Ruth, is my sister, and a person, a woman, who you DO NOT KNOW and yet you feel that you can CONTINUE to…

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Hypocrisy of Joan Wheeler! what was her own behavior and marriage really like? June 18, 2013

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come over to my blog and see much more about Joan

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Since her libelous book, Forbidden Family, had been pulled, by the publisher, for violating her contract with them, Joan has been scouring various adoption related internet articles and other unsuspecting non-adoption people, to retell her painful story. Since she has been on Twitter, she has found many that have NO idea about Joan’s past behaviors. So Joan can refit her story line to them. Except…she FORGETS that her own lying words are STILL OUT THERE. As long as Joan CONTINUES to use the name forbiddenfamily and claim that that book is a truthful account she is subjected to having her words and deeds coming back to haunt her.

BUT BEFORE WE CONTINUE WITH THIS POST HERE IS AN UPDATE, August 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate…

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My life is mine – Joan Wheeler or her puppets can’t have it! June 12, 2013

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My life is mine – Joan Wheeler or her puppets can’t have it!.

Why Forbidden Family was pulled from publication June 11, 2013

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Why Forbidden Family was pulled from publication.

Another idiot who thinks I don’t have the right to correct lies told about myself and my own family.- Anna Harrison needs to do her homework. June 4, 2013

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This blog got the following “comment” from an Anna Harrison:

“You guys are incorrect, and ought to not be so difficult around the writer. This site appears to be committed to stating their own impression, which most of us have. I detest when folks try to talk unhealthy about somebody simply because their thoughts and opinions differs from others. Look at yourself prior to you try to talk about someone else.”

Oh really Anna? I am incorrect about MY life? Did you read the page listed on the front of this blog called “Read first before commenting on this blog?”

AGAIN and for the umpteenth time – on this blog – I HAVE SCANNED AND POSTED ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENTS that prove that what “the writer” (as Annna Harrison refers) LIED in her book Forbidden Family. So, Anna, I am talking “unhealthy” about somebody because theri thoughts and opinions differ from mine?

So sorry Anna – YOU don’t know what you are talking about. “The writer” has lied in her book, and on the internet about MY life – giving false impressions about MY character and reputation. “The Writer” says that I have an arrest record – sorry sweetie – actual court documents do not support that. We were in court for harassment over annoyance phone calls and the judge gave her a SIX-MONTH order of protection against me in 1993. There was one and ONLY ONE order of protection – not for one year’s length as she says in her book, nor were there multiple orders of protection.

Sorry toots, it is YOUR opinion here that doesn’t matter – when you read something GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH – because it makes you look silly and unhealthy when you talk about someone else or a subject that you know nothing about. All you accomplished Anna was to make yourself look like a fool – because you did not do your research.

oh here Anna – I’ll make your homework easy for you – check out this blog post that contains the court documents that prove the writer you are trying to defend DID lie about me – the writer’s personal opinion is not a factor here – what IS the factor – is that she wrote a book that slandered and libeled me – and these court documents were sent to the publisher of the book and they pulled it from publication.

https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/here-are-the-court-documents-that-prove-that-joan-wheeler-is-a-liar/ –

have fun washing the egg off your face Anna.

1. gertmcqueen – June 4, 2013 [Edit]
its appalling how people are so quick to believe that we are WRONG…this person ought to hope she never has a libelous slanderous book written about her! To have all manner of lies told about you and you are HELPLESS to stop it. Well…we were not helpless we went to the publisher and provided the PROOF as we have on our blogs! And the only way to stop the liars and the bullies is to THROW LIGHT ON THEIR WORDS AND DEEDS. if this person doesn’t like what she reads, go elsewhere for we shall continue on with EXPOSING Joan Wheeler and all her gang of bullies until JOAN removes her hate blogs about us…this person ought to check out what Joan has written and see if she is DETESTED by what Joan has written about US.

Being ‘one with her pain’ #JoanWheeler is also BLIND to any sense of reason! June 1, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

There’s an old adage; you cannot have an intelligent conversation with a drunk! I also have found that you cannot have any form of conversation with someone who has a mental illness and/or who is totally convinced that they are RIGHT, and the rest of the world is, not only WRONG but totally, WRONG. NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY comes to mind. Everyone ought to learn about this anti-social pathological disorder.

That type of person (Joan Wheeler/forbiddenfamily) will spend their entire life believing in their own bullshit. That type of person will ‘go-through’ family member after family member, friend after friend, who will initially believe the bullshit, but once they begin to doubt it or offer a counter view of it, will find themselves pushed aside in a heartbeat and eventually betrayed!

That type of person will forever characterize ANYONE, who does not totally agree with them, as the ENEMY. Any sane person’s…

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