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Russell Thomas of Wilson NY…lied! He did not remove his entire hate blog! June 18, 2013

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tell the entire world what an idiot this guy is

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

UPDATE Oct 23, 2013…AFTER this post was up…the guy FINALLY did the right thing and he removed all the contents of his blog…but…he STILL is part of the long sorted history between Joan Wheeler and her birth family. This guy should NEVER have gotten himself involved! Too bad Brian Maloney has learned how to do the right thing. 

So be it! What’s wrong with you Russ? You have to have the last word? You think you pulled a fast one on us? Guess again! Do you really think that I would NOT double check, several times? Hey man! I gave YOU THE BENEFIT OF BELIEVING YOUR WORD…fool me! Your loss! 


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