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notice to Joan Wheeler, Tom and Laura Heath, and others – you haven’t won anything. ha ha ha! July 29, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Lessons in Life.

This blog is my INFORMED opinion on the lies that Joan Wheeler has spread about me, and my telling the truth about those lies. Because those lies were/are about ME and MY life. Hey – it’s MY life – and since it is MY life – I dam well know the truth of it!

I have a good buddy over at Facebook – and he is my mentor. Author David Gerrold, whom I have admired since 1967 – from when he wrote the widely popular Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.” I frequently quote him on my facebook page, and have quoted him here on this blog. (with his permission, so don’t even try it Joan).

Here’s what he just wrote and I think it applies to me as well:

“Let me say it in plain English.
I will never apologize for exercising my Constitutionally guaranteed right to express my opinion.
I refuse to be intimidated. I refuse to knuckle under to threats. I refuse to cooperate with self-appointed censors. … Anyone who knows me well, knows that I cannot be bullied.
Do your worst. The universe has already done its worst to me. I’m still standing. You can’t touch me.”
So I apply that to Joan, Brian, Russell, Tom and Laura Heath, and anyone else who thinks they can bully me. I won’t be bullied. I’m still at my job. I’m still in my own house. I’m still in my mini-van, and I’m still married to John Pace. All the little schemes and lies that Joan has tried to ruin my life, my career, my relationship with John (and others) have FAILED!
Isn’t there a song by Elton John that has a line – I’M STILL STANDING!
assholes, you will never beat me down. I thumb my nose at all of you.
I have also succeeded in getting Joan’s libelous book pulled from publication and have outed her as a liar time and time again.  WINNER!
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