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I am outing Thomas D. Heath and Laura J. Stickney Heath as stalkers and troublemakers. August 5, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.

in my recent posts about Thomas David Heath and Laura Joan Stickney Heath sticking their noses in my business – I forgot to put up the screenshots of Tom’s peeping tom bullshit on me. So here they are on the end of this post.

On the morning of July 16, 2013, I was on facebook – around 7:30 am. As I was writing, I was getting pop-up updates, “so and so replied to your comment” and “so and so shared your photo.” I usually ignore those pop-ups, because they are so annoying! Especially when you’re busy typing. So when I was done typing, I went to my update tag to see all my updates at once. 21 minutes after he did it, I found out – that Thomas Heath was now following me.

“Who the hell is Thomas Heath?” I asked myself and clicked on his name. Well, he is a facebook friend with another former employee of Buffalo General Hospital, Denise, who I knew was still facebook friends with Laura Heath. So I immediately smelled rotten fish. I don’t know if Denise is pulling shit – I’ve never had a problem with her. And I sure hope she isn’t pulling any shit. – Anyways, yes, a quick look at Tom Heath’s friends list confirmed what I had guessed – this was Laura’s husband. Several of his friends had the last name Stickney – Laura’s maiden name. And I saw their grown kids there. I couldn’t see Laura’s name on his friends list, because I had blocked her three years ago.

Which begs a question – WHY would the husband of someone I blocked three years ago suddenly come to my facebook page and follow me? Anyway, I immediately outed Thomas Heath as a spy for his bitch wife Laura. and blogged about it in this post:  Joan Wheeler has a couple of new puppets to spy on me – Thomas Heath and Laura Stickney-Heath – roflmao! July 17, 2013

So what happened? Fast forward 24 hours to the morning of July 17. I’m on facebook again around 7:30 am. I had checked my followers list. yep – 18. With Tom on the top. BUT a half-hour later, my list had dropped to 17. I checked – Tom removed himself. lol.

The next few days, I was busy, but on July 21, I clicked on Tom’s name in my notification list – to find that he had blocked me. Guess he didn’t like my outing him as a spy and stalker and it made him do some backtracking. What an ass. Well he blocked me, but not before I copied the url to his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.heath.79

I mentioned Tom and Laura have kids – two grown kids. One is in college, the other, from what I gather recently married and moved to El Paso, Texas.

Did you not think of them Laura in your zeal to stab me in the back? Did you not think that these innocent people would perhaps google their parents names and see the shit that they have done? You not only put yourself in a bad light, but you have embarrassed your kids.

And WHY? I want to know WHY? What the fuck did I ever do to you? NOTHING! As a matter of fact – did I not load onto your flashdrive a total of almost 700 songs for you to listen to on your IPod?

Why did you act like a 10 year old because all I did was boot you off my facebook AFTER you disrespected me?

And you never met Joan Wheeler – EVER – you only knew her from that stupid libelous book she wrote, that I brought to work and was bitching about.

THAT BOOK AND JOAN WHEELER WAS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS LAURA. This is a family matter – Joan is MY sister, and if I want to bitch about her – and her book, THAT IS MY BUSINESS – NOT YOURS. That book contained falsehoods about me – Joan committed slander and libel and I provided documents that were sent to the publisher of the book and got the book pulled from publication – because just like I said late 2009/early 2010 – that book contained lies about me. I provided actual court documents and actual hand written letters from Joan to the publisher and they agreed that Joan presented falsehoods about me and on May 11, 2011, they pulled the book from publication – because Joan violated the contract she signed with them. She said that everything in the book was true and that she was the sole copyright holder of the book and all its contents. Well, MY childhood picture on the back of the book, was published WITHOUT MY CONSENT and that was another reason Trafford Publications’ legal department deemed that Joan Wheeler signed the contract under false pretenses. – Why don’t you contact Mr. Eugene Hopkins of Author Solutions and get the facts Bitch Laura? I told you late 2009/early 2010 that Joan lied about me. You owe me an apology bitch.

And then Laura, why did you stab me in the back in a childish act of “revenge” – Yes, readers, two weeks after I booted her off my facebook page, Laura goes on facebook and seeks out Joan Wheeler and sends her a friend request. And Joan accepted it! Obviously Laura sent Joan a private message telling her (Joan) that she worked with me. And Joan just jumped at the chance to get to know someone who would gossip to her about me.

YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO STICK YOUR NOSE INTO MY FAMILY BUSINESS LAURA. And I found out some shit about you honey, that I’ve been sitting on for three years. I never said anything – because I could care less if you are friends with Joan Wheeler – you two are losers of the highest degree and deserve each other.

Since all that happened three years ago, and I have not seen nor barely thought of Laura. It was over and done with. It wasn’t a big deal – it was a small spat – I moved on. Apparently Laura did not. Asshole. So Laura gets her husband to spy on me via facebook.

Now Laura, since you decided to stick YOUR nose into MY business – like I mentioned above, I know some shit about you. Like you’re raising your biological-granddaughter and passing her off as your daughter. — yeah, I found that little tidbit out from her birth mother’s myspace page, where she was looking for her daughter. And she was being kept away from her daughter. What? Joan – you didn’t know this? Well, you do now. Yes – that is LAURA’S bio-daughter that she had when she was 16, and Thomas ADOPTED her – BUT then when her own flesh and blood was 7 years old, LAURA KICKED HER OWN LITTLE GIRL OUT OF THE FAMILY!

Oh? What’s that Laura? You don’t like it that I know about YOUR family? Then you should have stayed out of MY family. This was a matter between me and Joan – you should have stayed out of it. And you should have left me alone.

I do not believe for one minute that Laura has a connection with Joan about adoption – she never told Joan about Laura’s grand-daughter’s real parentage. Because if she did – do you think Joan would still be friends with her? NO, the connection was, and always was – Laura is a vindictive bitch, who as I said on my blog, when we had a spat, she goes running to my enemy.

Oh, and Joan – Laura’s daughter – the 32 year old – and the REAL Bio-Mom of Laura’s grand daughter, who she is passing off as her daughter – is Native American. yes, one of your pet issues! Transracial adoption and child trafficking – because grabbing another woman’s child and passing her off as your own daughter is child trafficking.

Laura J. Stickney-Heath voluntarily inserted herself into MY family business. Then three years later, her husband Thomas D. Heath voluntarily inserted himself in my business. THEY made the conscious decision to do this. They wanted to be in this mess, now they are. As for my revealing what I know – turnabout is fair play Laura. What makes you think you can butt into my business and not have the same done to you? And I never met Tom – who the hell does he think he is spying on me?

AND any info I have is from public internet. If it’s out there – it’s out there not just for me to see – but the whole world to see.

Here are the screenshots I made of Tom’s peeping tom business on my facebook page. First up – the update/notification from facebook that Thomas Heath was now following me. The original screenshot, and closeup.

notification that Thomas Heath is following me

notification that Thomas Heath is following me 2

And here is my list of followers, with Tom Heath right on the top, The original screenshot and closeup.

thomas heath in list

tom heath on my followers list 2

and here is Laura’s facebook page, showing she IS friends with Joan M. Wheeler, the subject of this blog, – first the original screenshot, captured on July 23, 2013, 5:15pm (lower right hand corner) and the closeup. (click on the picture to see it fullscreen) And this screenshot was taken just 3 hours after Joan LIED in court that she had NO connection with ANYbody from Buffalo General Hospital – and while Laura no longer works there, she WAS working there when she and Joan became facebook friends in June 2010. Both Laura and Joan are lying bitches.

laura heath 3

laura heath 2

now if you notice, Joan has a “denied” red sign across her face – that’s because angry adoptees are pissed because they are denied their original birth certificate.  – here is a screenshot of Joan’s facebook page:

joan fb page 1

Joan’s facebook cover photo is a portion of her original birth certificate with her original name: Doris Michol Sippel. And here is a picture of her and me – taken from her facebook page. She whited out the top part of my face. But this is us as sisters – MY family, MY business, Laura – get the fuck out of MY business!

as to this picture, reading Joan’s description – she never gets anything right. This is NOT an original ape from Planet of the Apes – it was another convention goer, dressed in a COSTUME patterned after the Planet of the Apes. – When you see anything written by Joan – you really need to pay attention – because she never tells the truth. Also, she makes a big deal that we have our hands behind our backs. WTF – I started doing that because I patterned myself after Mr. Spock on Star Trek – and it is basic military at ease position. Since Gene Roddenberry, an old swabbie himself patterned Trek’s Federation after the US Navy, he had the characters doing and speaking Navy terms and customs. Why is Joan standing there with her hands behind her back? Probably because she was imitating me.

joan fb page 2

but Laura, if you want to stay connected with Joan, and be linked to a terrorist wannabe – go right ahead. Here’s a screenshot of her twitter page from April of this year:

joan wheeler tweet 03

other posts that are related to Tom and Laura are: starting with my original post three years ago about Laura, in which, I did not mention her full name. But because she wouldn’t let the issue rest, because she simply HAD to be a bitch and bring her fucking nose and her husband into MY life and MY business again, three years later, yeah, I’m outing her as a  bitch, and naming her full name, her husband’s full name and everything else. It is on HER – if she had just left it alone, she wouldn’t be outed now as a bitch!

A Lesson in Life: Duplicitous People are All Around You – Trust Your Instincts. and – Joan Wheeler jumps at the chance to try to stick it to me the beginning of June 2010. July 23, 2010

Joan Wheeler perjures herself TWICE on the stand today, July 23, 2013

notice to Joan Wheeler, Tom and Laura Heath, and others – you haven’t won anything. ha ha ha! July 29, 2013

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