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Birth siblings of Joan Wheeler HAVE left their mark on the adoption reform movement! September 11, 2013

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yes we certainly have left our mark

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Search terms and referrals that appear on our blogs’ stat pages are always interesting. A recent referral, came from an on-line adoption forum, where Joan, in one of her aliases, was once quite vocal. After I checked it out and informed Ruth she said to me

‘good to see that we are now a site for “reference”’.

Yep! We have accomplished what we set out to do…set the record straight, refute the lies that Joan Wheeler spoke/wrote about us and family AND reclaimed the truth away from Joan’s ‘personal’ one-sided truth (?).

It matters NOT if anyone truly UNDERSTANDS the entire story; for sure it’s complicated and messy like lots of families. What DOES matter is that Joan Wheeler’s version is riddled with lies, misrepresentations, slander, libel, malicious intents and her own mental illnesses. And, she is NOW known far and wide as totally untruthful and ineffectual; she’s a…

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