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karma is a bitch – lesson for Joan Wheeler’s latest puppets – Laura Stickney-Heath and Thomas D. Heath October 7, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates.

so sorry to hear that a former cow-worker’s husband had a silent heart attack around September 26, 2013 and then surgery on October 2.

Hope he pays more attention to his own affairs, especially his health, instead of spying on women he doesn’t know.

Following someone on facebook, three years after that person had a small spat with their wife sounds a bit like stalking. Peeping toms need to peep at their own lives. And leave stranger’s lives alone.

After the spat, which was hardly anything, I rarely heard of, nor thought of the cow-worker. Never met her husband. Now I know that I am an interesting person, but WHY would he follow me on facebook? And as soon as I discovered it and publicized it on facebook, 24 hours later, he “unfollowed” me. Seems to me that if he had the balls to follow me to find out what I am up to, he would remain a follower of me. But, the little coward put his tail between his legs and ran! And then when I publicized the whole back story and why I am suspicious of his peeping ways, he blocks me on facebook.

I always find it humorous that people can’t take the heat of their own wrongdoings and try to backtrack.

well, I hope that tomcat has learned his lesson. Heart surgery is a serious thing. And Tommy boy now has more serious things to think about. Instead of trying to peep on women he doesn’t know.

My life and my family problems are not your concern Laura Stickney-Heath, Thomas D. Heath. Stay out of my life, and my business. What goes on between me and my sister is between us, it is not your business.

You got more important things to think about now. – good luck.

ps – all information harvested from public internet – facebook – if it’s out there on public internet – it’s out there for everyone to see and read and make their own conclusions. – If you don’t want your husband’s medical condition made public, don’t put it on the internet.

for more information, see post “I am outing Thomas D. Heath and Laura J. Stickney Heath as stalkers and troublemakers. August 5, 2013”

And Laura, be sure to get all the facts of a situation before sticking your nose into it. I told you late 2009/early 2010 that Joan’s book was full of lies. I sent copies of actual court documents and copies of actual letters to Trafford Publishing, who published Joan’s book. Their legal department compared the paperwork I sent them to what Joan wrote in her book and said when she signed the contract with Trafford that what she said in the book was truthful. Because I proved that she lied, Trafford pulled the book from publication on May 11, 2011.

And you Laura, have the nerve to message me on facebook after I booted you off my facebook page and insinuate that I have mental problems? on no, sweetie – it is Joan who has the mental problems. And I have to wonder about you and your husband. Three years later, with no word or contact between you and me, and you get your husband to follow me on facebook? Won’t that look good in a court of law! Is your life that boring that you have to stoop to spying on someone you haven’t seen or communicated with in three years? Move on little girl!

Who is harassing whom? – Well, now you’ve got something to concentrate on – your husband’s health and well-being. And yours too! Unless you want to be the next heart attack victim. Pay attention to your own household and stay the fuck out of mine. You and your Tomcat should take your Coenzyme Q-10 for your heart health. That he survived is a warning – he has a second chance – and he and you better take it. Life is short little girl, get your priorities straight. Your health and your own family’s health is more important than me and Joan.

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