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Is Joan Wheeler really a foe of child trafficking or a supporter of sensationalism? October 22, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world.

Yesterday (October 13) Gert tweeted saying that she wished Joan would remove the picture of the dead kid from her Twitter page. I have to say, I agree. The picture is from a video that Joan posted to her twitter. I never looked at the video. And today, I asked Gert what was behind this picture and video. Gert simply told me that it is about “The Boy in the Box”- a famous crime from 1957. I had never heard of it – so I googled it. Here is the link from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_in_the_Box_(Philadelphia)

It is a sad case. And there is the theory that the young murder victim was sold as a child and subsequently abused and killed. Supposedly one of Joan’s causes is fighting child trafficking. That seems like a noble ideal.  — However …

There’s a time and place for all things. Yes, having the picture of an unknown murder victim displayed in trying to find the identity of the victim is a right thing to do – but please do so in a respectful manner. The copy of the picture that is on Joan’s twitter page is not as good as the picture on Wikipedia. By that I mean, it is of poor quality, and borders on gruesome. Yes, I know the facts of the case IS gruesome and so is the topic of this blog post, and no, I don’t want to gloss over the truth of the matter, I also want to be RESPECTFUL. Some people simply cannot stomach images of these kinds. Visitors to Joan’s twitter page are confronted by this gruesome image. I, for one, am disgusted every time I see Joan’s page and see that poor quality picture of that poor kid. Joan simply has no concept of respect and decorum.

Why am I disgusted by that picture? Because I hate child abuse and animal abuse of all forms. If I’m watching tv and a news story comes on about child or animal abuse, if I can’t find the remote control fast enough to change the channel, I will simply leave the room. (if my husband is watching it that is. If I’m by myself, I try to shut the tv off).

I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to crime scenes. I have seen things where I work that would make most people gag and puke. I work in a hospital – so I’m exposed to some sights. Crime scenes? Nope, never saw one in person, and don’t want to. I did, out of curiosity, a couple of years ago, google the crime scene of the murder of Sharon Tate. And another time, googled, then viewed the autopsy photo of singer Selena. The picture I saw of Sharon Tate, you couldn’t see her face, you could see that she was pregnant, you could see the blood. The picture of Selena, you saw her face, you saw the bullet hole. I wasn’t grossed out by either of the pictures, but was incredibly sad, very sad, because I absolutely adored Selena. And Sharon – well, I have cried buckets for her since I was 16.

I’ve also seen the photograph of the young man who jumped off the observation deck of Buffalo’s City Hall in 1976 (or was it 1977?). On his way down, he got impaled on a flag pole from his back – his body sliding down and coming to a rest just outside the windows of my father’s office on the fifth floor of City Hall. It’s a fascinating photograph. There was very little blood. The young man’s shoes had come off. I was always struck by his pants – very neatly pressed. It was like looking at a bad train wreck – you want to look away, but can’t. The picture was published by Jet Magazine. It should not have been. My father never spoke of it after talking to me about it the evening of the event. I saw the news item on the tv and called him. He said, yes, the body was just outside the windows to his department, the secretary heard a noise outside and looked out and screamed, and everybody came to look. My father said nothing else. HE showed constraint and respect. And I always admired that.

But when it comes to posting pictures of abused children, alive, or long dead, I say, be respectful – of the victim and visitors to your website.   Ah, I can just hear Joan now – “well now, if my rotten birth sister doesn’t want to see that picture, she can just stop following me around on the internet and she won’t see it.” —  There may be some truth to that, I don’t want to see that picture. But no, I won’t stop following Joan around on the internet. Joan has a history of posting falsehoods about me all over the place. Stalking? No, it is not. It is monitoring. If someone is writing about me on the internet, I have the right to see it. Don’t want me reading your stuff online Joan? Stop posting about me. Stop lying about me. Stop lying about my family. MY family – not yours. YOU are not a legal member of the Sippel/Herr family – you are a legal member of the WHEELER family.

And would you please learn to be respectful? – oh, what am I saying – Joan Wheeler has never respect anybody on this whole dam planet.



1. gertmcqueen - October 22, 2013

Gert here…
Sensationalism…sells, gets attention and, as in Joan’s case, helps with the ‘false’ front.

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