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Joan Wheeler, angry adoptee, is a glutton for punishment, she seeks it out! Then whines when she’s called-out! November 27, 2013

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

She’s needs to LET GO of her anger; it’s eating her up! Joan Wheeler needs to stop telling lies/fabrications about her adoption & her exploitation of our family! She really needs to stop! No one pays any attention to her! Everyone, except her fellow angry adoptees (some of which don’t listen to her), have seen what Joan is….a freaking idiot! She is NOT changing anything in the world of adoption. What Joan Wheeler needs to do is get rid of her hate/slander pages/websites against the birth sibling! Simple! We have been saying this now for over four years!

Joan Wheeler NEEDS to name the REAL cause of her hatred against adoption….name the abusers…her ADOPTIVE PARENT/FAMILY…whoever it is…she needs to name them and stop blaming her lousy life on adoption and the birth siblings! Joan Wheeler hates adoption BECAUSE she was abused by the adoptive parents/family. Until she acknowledges that and…

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