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Plenty of Lies, told by Joan Wheeler, part two December 21, 2013

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this is part two of two…many on twitter have been looking at this and part 1 so I thought it worth reblogging it here… please do read and share it far and wide

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Lies, told by Joan Wheeler…plenty of lies… part two
by Gert McQueen

Back to the book and the ‘reunion of 92’… so having arrived at Ruth’s, for a visit with Ruth and me, Joan tells us, in the book, that ‘…because she was the baby of the family, now 36, she had no choice but to listen to their authority…’ What bullshit! It was and is all in her head! And the lies keep coming and her indignation is overflowing!

Her account of my life, at that time, is again not accurate. No I was not a secretary, but a Dental Assistant working for the Department of Defense. And I was not just a ‘…self-taught practitioner of a Teutonic, pan-pagan Germanic religion…worked on Elder Thesis, though she wasn’t studying in college or university…’ What Joan apparently doesn’t know is that one does not have to physically attend a building complex called college or…

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