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would somebody please lobotomize Joan Wheeler? December 27, 2013

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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at the age of 58 (in two weeks) – Joan STILL hasn’t figured out that the source of all her problems is — HERSELF! person after person has told her the same thing. To shut her mouth. To stop lecturing people when their opinion is different than hers. (WHAT IS SHE GOD?) – To stop trying to control people. (CONTROL FREAK). I told her that she was a control freak. So did my father. So did her ex-husband, so did my cousin Franklin. So did her boyfriends – (she says this in her book). And now, so does this guy. – DO YOU SEE A PATTERN? What makes the whole dam world WRONG and only JOAN right? She MUST be God! She had been told repeatedly to stop lying. She keeps at it. She has been told repeatedly by many people to stop exageratng. She keeps it up. She has been told by many people to get out of their lives. She won’t. She has been told even by law enforcement to stop harassing me and other people – she keeps at it. Gods, why won’t the authorities lock this bitch up? She is clearly insane. She is a psychopath, sociopath and a dangerous individual. She keeps making the wrong decisions in life but never learns from them. She called my job repeatedly in 1994-95 with false accusations of computer fraud. I was exonerated then. She does it again in November 2012 and I’m exonerated again. What part of “they are a large corporation with tight computer security and they can trace every keystroke I do” doesn’t Joan get? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she needs to be locked up in the psych center, a lobotomy performed. For the love of heaven Joan – SHUT UP

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