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I might as well admit it – I caused the busted pipe by Joan Wheeler’s house January 4, 2014

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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So last evening, (January 3, 2013) there was some busted pipes near Joan Wheeler’s house – she tweeted that. On my facebook news feed I found a link to the news story.  Cos I’m facebook “friends” with my favorite local news channel.

I shared the picture and story on my facebook and got a couple of comments from my sister Gert and two of my cousins. They know how Joan has to blame anything that happens to her shitty life on ME. I mean, she’ll get a flat tire and blame me – never mind that I might be under anesthesia having surgery – it’s Ruth’s fault. No matter what – it’s Ruth’s fault. and yeah, I started watching Channel 4 news back in the 70’s because I “knew” one day, this was going to happen. I just knew way back around 1975 or 1976, that subscribing to the news feed of Channel 4 on facebook would be a great way to “stalk” Joan Wheeler.

oh and by the way – Joan’s website went down. I better come clean and admit it – I CAUSED THAT TOO! Well, not exactly, but I guess I did in a round-about way. See, what happened, I installed my favorite game Jewel Quest on my newest laptop – from my external hard drive. And while I was playing the game, the enemy forces who were preventing me from lining up three jewels in a row and clearing the board initiated a hoodoo hex spell. The spirit of the game, an unprounanceable Aztec name, rose up out of my computer and traveled to the webhost’s server that stores Joan’s website and blew it up.

busted pipe

Gert Mcqueen karma…

Michelle Herr Rupert She did it ….lol

Debbie N Dave Steger Careful Ruth you might get blamed, you know how everything that happens to her that its someone else’s fault, namely RUTH…..

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace dammit, I got found out. shit, well, I might as well admit it – I CAUSED THIS. I went over to her street – and in this cold weather – and armed with my trusty snow shovel, dug thru the pavement and busted the pipes. THEN I covered everything up so no one would know. and I did a real fine job of repaving the street too. I used a mixture of Super Glue, bubble gum and tinfoil.  After all, I AM the daughter of a civil engineer who worked for the City of Buffalo in the Streets Paving Department – I learned at a young age how to dig a hole in the pavement and cover it back up so no one could tell.

additional: I am so good at causing Joan Wheeler trouble. I mean, I can dig up her street with no noise. I can create havoc during a funeral while I’m sleeping (last April, when my cousin’s husband died).  I can tamper with her hospital bill with a computer that is NOT connected in any way to the billing computers at my job – see what happened there was – In 1994 her bill got mixed up with another patient’s – who had a name similar to Joan. She called my job and accused me of it. They investigated and traced it to a typo that happened at 4pm. When I am not in the building. But she “knew” I had done it. The hospital knew damn well I didn’t do it, but they were wrong. See, I mentally used my super secret ESP powers and MADE the billing clerk mix up the bills. I’m so clever in the things I do. – and by the way, in regards to this incident, Joan contacted my niece who worked for Medicare, and asked her to BREAK THE LAW and look up the other woman’s medical records. My niece refused.

It is amazing the things I can do.

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