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off blog topic – I am now an ex-fan of actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules the Legendary Journeys January 7, 2014

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As much as this pains me – and I still will love the Hercules and Xena series – I am no longer a fan of Kevin Sorbo. I read his book True Strength, after he suffered a series of small strokes and recovered. I believe he has fried his brains. For some time now, actually since the Trayvon Martin case, Mr. Sorbo has been leaving blatant racist remarks on his twitter and official facebook pages. I, in… good conscience, and a true believer in diversity, cannot remain his fan any longer. I remove all “likes” and “freindships” with Mr. Sorbo.  Mr. Sorbo would do well to watch the DVDs of Hercules the Legendary Journeys and learn the lessons that his character Hercules always strived to teach others – love and acceptance. Since Mr. Sorbo’s personal character seems to be of hate and intolerance, I am now an EX-fan.
addendum: Mr. Sorbo has the freedom of speech to say what he wants. However, saying what one wants to say also brings consequences for that – whether for good or for bad.
just because someone is a right wing politico does not give them the right to engage in hate speech and racist remarks. I have been taking his writings with a grain of salt for some time now – but it’s been becoming uncomfortable reading it – he clearly hates blacks and Muslims. My first husband was a Muslim from Yemen, and a good decent man, who sat at my kitchen table a few days after WTC attacks and sobbed as he looked at a picture of the people jumping out of the towers. My present husband John, is black, and is also a good decent man, who risked his life in Vietnam as a Navy Seal.
If the son I had miscarried in 1985 had lived, (by my first husband), his name would have been Saeed Ali, and a Muslim. – I have many fine friends who are Arab and Muslim and they are decent people. I just got sick of looking at that shit.
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