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Joan Wheeler is a emotional vampire feeding off of other adoptees, the NPR racial controversy and not bringing anything to the table! January 19, 2014

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here is goes again, changing the heritage and races of the birth family

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Why does she feel the continued NEED to repeat her misunderstandings and her illnesses? Can you say ATTENTION? She wants to be something she is NOT, depending on the most current fad/controversy.

By all that’s holy in the multiverses! Would SOMEONE put a sock in this woman’s mouth; just a plain sock would do! Seriously now, everyone, ADOPTEES I’m speaking to YOU.

Where does the repeated telling of trauma HELP with healing? Sorry to inform you but it does NOT help. Never has and never will! What does HELP is the LETTING GO of the hurts…setting THEM free so that they BURN up and out of one’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies! If a person is unable or unwilling to do FOR THEMSELVES they are not ever going to get better and they become VAMPIRES – feeding off EVERYONE ELSE’S EMOTIONS. Joan Wheeler is an emotional vampire and she is…

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