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Joan Wheeler is too controversial for her own good and certainly does NOT help true adoption reform! January 26, 2014

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very very important

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

We birth siblings have been telling everyone in adoption circles about the character and behavior of Joan Wheeler ever since she published the disgusting libelous book Forbidden Family. We have withstood insults, mockery, slander, libel and we STILL ARE TELLING YOU ALL THE TRUTH.

Even when she writes a good position paper, placed on the public forum, she is SUBJECTED to being scrutinized and REMEMBERED by the public because she is presenting herself AS A PUBLIC SPOKESPERSON FOR A NATIONAL PUBLIC CAUSE. Because of that position, that SHE wants, her character…that’s generally called a ‘character reference’, her education/jobs/career…that’s generally called ‘a resume with references’ and her past deeds and words…that’s generally called ‘accountability’ of her past, are open for and to PUBLIC consumption.

She cannot SILENCE or BROWBEAT or SLANDER those whom have personal or professional knowledge of her transgressions, nor can her ‘supporters’ attempt similar intimidations, in a public…

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1. Ruth - January 27, 2014

this is the comment I placed on Gert’s original post:


One of Joan’s problems is that most times when she writes about her passion (adoption reform, or whatever) she simply HAS to either outright LIE or twist things concerning HOW she was adopted, her family, and trash certain people, usually her birth sisters.

On January 24, one day after posting her opinion piece in The Buffalo News, she left a comment, using one of her many screen names Half Orphan 56 on a New Jersey opinion piece: http://blog.nj.com/ledgerletters/2014/01/letter_chris_christies_comment.html – there was another commenter there with the name of Joan – I’m not sure if that was Joan Wheeler, posting twice under two different names or not.

Her post was well written, well thought out, clear and concise – AND NOT ONE MENTION OF HER BIRTH SISTERS. I have said it before – I don’t care WHAT Joan says about adoption – I am not interested in it. What I AM interested in, is ANY LIES OR MISREPESENTATION SHE PUTS FORTH IN PUBLIC ABOUT MY FAMILY AND MYSELF. And Joan has been told via the internet – whenever she does speak shit about us or our family – we will be right there to refute her lies.

In the opinion piece that she put forth on The Buffalo News and it’s website, she described her adoption as having been “forced.” I made a comment that her adoption had been done OUT OF NECESSITY. Meanwhile, a commentor using the screenname Mithogo came on and said “be warned, Joan Wheeler’s libelous book was pulled due to slander.”

I at first thought that was Gert, but in an email, she said it wasn’t her. So I clicked on that commentor’s Disqus profile – Mithogo had written some 90 comments in the past – many of them about music and guitars. And in on comment made last summer, he had commented on an Artvoice article about the traveling band that he is a member of had their van broken into and their instruments stolen after a gig at The Sportsmen Tavern. This is a bar that Joan apparently goes to quite frequently (as per her tweets). (Artvoice is an indie newspaper for the arts in Buffalo, NY).

I thought it was quite interesting that someone who knows Joan in person, seems to know about her book being pulled from publication because of the lies in it.

WELL – after I left my initial comment, in which I related WHY Joan was placed for adoption, here comes Joan and accused us of harassing her again. She even accused us of “setting her up.” I would like to know how we did – since it was JOAN WHO WROTE THE DAMN ARTICLE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Joan began the mud-slinging – accusing her three sisters of harassing her – when there was only me and Gert. (can she fucking count?)

Yeah, the mud flew. Because she had to start her stupid shit. She even said that Gert was not a birthmother! I commented – how that could be when in December 1965 and November 1966 Gert GAVE BIRTH TO HER KIDS!

Gert says above “One of Joan’s core problems is she paranoid and she ought to get that checked out!” Yep – paranoid – “I smell a set-up,” is what Joan said. Again, HOW DID WE SET HER UP WHEN SHE WROTE THE ARTICLE?

Gert also writes “Even when she writes a good position paper, placed on the public forum, she is SUBJECTED to being scrutinized and REMEMBERED by the public because she is presenting herself AS A PUBLIC SPOKESPERSON FOR A NATIONAL PUBLIC CAUSE.”

Which Joan needs to remember before she starts the mud-slinging. She writes a fairly good article, I come on and comment that her adoption was not forced but done out of necessity, and she right away starts the shit-flinging.

WELL DONE JOAN, BRAVO! You really showed people what an intelligent professional “social worker” you are.

One commentor even said “what an amusing family.”

And when the heat got turned way up – Joan’s “friend” from the bar – mithogo bailed out! He deleted his entire Disgus account – guess he got disgusted with Joan – and again, I have to point out my wonder on this – a guy Joan knows from a bar – knows all about her book. He obviously did his homework – he was NOT blinded by Joan’s lies. Not like her other puppets, Russ, Brian, Laura, Mara, Dana, Heather.

As the old saying goes “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

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