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Every adoption is NOT one of stealing or coercion! That doesn’t matter to Joan Wheeler; she wants to abolish them all! March 3, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Within the various methods of closed and open adoptions there are a vast range of opinions. Yet there are opinions that are still unwelcomed; such as pointing out the negative behaviors of adoptees to other adoptees. No, we must never criticize an adoptee; they do no wrong!

Why is it that some adoptees and adopters are so reluctant to hear the voice of positive adoptions? Why are they not willing to hear about negative tactics done by unhappy/angry adoptees to others that adopt?

Why is it assumed that any child that WAS adopted was SOMEONE else’s child? Why is it that there is little ATTENTION given to, or listened to, by a parent who ADOPTED their own FLESH AND BLOOD. Why is it that NO ONE cares to hear that an adoptee VIOLATED another’s parent/child relationship?

Why! Because they are all hypocrites! And they do NOT want to hear TRUTHS!

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