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Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy March 26, 2014

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Today, March 26, 2014, we mark the 83th birthday of actor Leonard Nimoy – Mr. Spock of Star Trek.
My favorite LN moment – 1973, LN was on a college lecture tour – came to the newly built University of Buffalo. My friend Debbie Watts and I went there – no signs at all. We found the building, no signs inside either. ??? We turn around and see LN enter the building with a bunch of people. So we get in step – and go into a small classroom. 20 people. I’m thinking “typical Buffalo, LN comes to town and 20 people show up.”

So Deb and I sit down at a table only 4 feet from him and I hear him ask someone who all these people were. “Local press.” – We crashed a press interview! But we had our LN fan club id cards – our cover story would be we’re on assignment for the fan club.
So LN is talking and mentions his first book of poetry/photographs “You and I.” No body heard of it, and he looked kind of sad. I had my book with me, but was too starstruck to say anything.

After the press conference, LN was signing autographs, and that’s when I whipped out his book to sign and he goes, “YOU GOT MY BOOK!” – After all he had given me – the character of Spock to admire, to be able to put a smile on LN’s face and give him a little bit of joy – that will stay with me.
Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy.
My high school friend Michelle Biber and I were in a local chapter of Starfleet International, an international Star Trek fan club. Chapters are presented as starships. At the time, Michelle was the Commanding Officer, and I was First Officer. Michelle had to step down as head of our chapter, the USS Ari NCC 1723 and I am presently in command of the Ari.
In 2003, Leonard Nimoy was touring, promoting his latest book of photographs “Shekhina.” Michelle and I went to see Mr. Nimoy and presented him with a “Friends of the Ari” certificate. Here is a photo of Michelle and me, and Mr. Nimoy enjoying his certificate. Michelle is the one in the wheelchair.


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