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On the subject of Bovines March 29, 2014

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On the subject of Bovines


 The dull plodding of oxen, mindlessly obeying the teamster’s commands, reminds me of the dull-witted puppets of Joan Wheeler. They never question their master’s voice. They foolishly take in what Joan tells them, stupidly taking it at face value. To question the validity of their master’s rants and whines, would be sacrilegious. To think for themselves, to see documented proof that their master is a pathological liar would turn their world upside down.. So, to preserve their status quo, they take at face-value, the mouthings of a raving lunatic, one who even a local police force admits is demented.


 The bovines’ names: Mara-Christine, Lori, Susan-Daisy, Heather, Russ, Brian, Champ. There is even a pair of the oxen who seem to have developed a monogamous relationship – Laura and Tom.


from my Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary. Tenth Edition –

bovine – 2. having qualities (as placidity or dullness) characteristic of oxen or cows.


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