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being cautious on the internet – checking out who contacts you. April 5, 2014

Posted by Ruth in Lessons in Life.

I posted this as my status on facebook a short while ago –

I got a facebook message the other day – it appeared in my “other” folder in messages – from someone I don’t know. I was comparing notes with another fb friend, who was also contacted by this person. I think I caught the person messaging me in a lie – I copied and pasted to notebook a statement from what she sent me, and copied and pasted a statement from what she sent my friend. And the two didn’t quite add up. It might have been a lie, or a typo on her part.

 I wanted to send my thoughts on that (lie or typo) to my friend and accidentally sent it to the person that messaged me and my friend.

 I don’t like to piss people off for no reason – but the internet can be a scary place – you don’t know who is at the other end of the internet – I check on people who I don’t know who send me friend requests or messages out of the blue.

 I’ve also been known to send friend requests to people who I need to check out – to be able TO CHECK THEM OUT. I am open and honest about things – but sadly, not everyone is.

And when I find out that the person who I’ve been conversing with has not been honest, I will defriend them. If they disrespect me – I will block them.

If you contact me first, expect to be scrutinized. On the other hand, I would expect, and would not be insulted, if someone scrutinized me.

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