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The “Truth” does not lie in the middle – the Truth is simply the Truth – a lesson for Joan Wheeler and her puppets (Laura Heath, Brian Maloney, Mara Rigge) April 12, 2014

Posted by Ruth in Black and White Evidence of Joan Wheeler's Lies: Letters, Court Documents, Lessons in Life.
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My facebook buddy, David Gerrold, wrote this this evening:

“The truth is not in the middle. The truth is where the truth is. Sometimes it’s not even between the two extremes. Sometimes it’s in another place entirely.

You can move the middle by stretching one side or the other, but the truth does not move when the middle does. People who say “the truth is somewhere in the middle” are admitting they’re too lazy to do their research.

And those who insist on moving the middle are admitting — if not to themselves — that their argument is flawed.”

And I wrote these two responses:

“I have to add that phrase “they’re too lazy to do their research” to those who say “there are two sides to every story.” – Not when the truth is the truth. for example, on my blog, I have posted actual court documents that tell the truth – which was not told in a libelous book that slammed my reputation – and I am continually amazed that the author’s supporters keep saying that the book was her side of the story. If her side of the story is completely different than actual court documents, then it is a lie, a fabrication, and certainly not the truth.

Little trivia like what shoes were worn, exact time, etc. is one thing, but when there are huge discrepencies in two people’s stories, and documented proof is provided, and a third person comes along and doesn’t even look at the proof, then declares that each person’s telling of the tale is their perception, I call that third person lazy.”

So any person who comes to me and tells me that Joan’s book is her perception of what happened is a damn fool. Joan blatantly changed facts around – and facts cannot be changed. She knows damn well that the order of protection she obtained against me in 1993 was for six months, yet she wrote in her book that it was for one year. And it is not the result of faulty memory – she wrote a letter to New York State officials in December 1994 and told them I was sentenced to six months probation. Which I was not – the actual court documents are available on this blog – anyone who fails to do their research and has the nerve to tell ME the FACTS of what I lived through, is a fool. I have in my possession the actual court documents, and I have scanned them on this blog – and they prove that Joan Wheeler is a liar. 

Go to this post “here are the court documents that prove that Joan Wheeler is a liar – January 17, 2013 ” to see the court documents that I am talking about – if you are too lazy to go look at them, I have to wonder what kind of fool you are – and what kind of brainless idiot you are that you refuse to even consider that your little buddy Joan Wheeler is a liar and that I, her rotten birth sister just may be telling the truth. You just don’t want to admit that you backed the wrong horse and were made a fool of. That’s your problem, not mine.

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