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Something old, something new….more contradictions from #adoptee #JoanWheeler. June 27, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

As with lots of things, in life, it may take awhile to ‘get back’ to them once they had to be put aside, for one reason or another. That is one of the main reasons that some of Joan Wheeler’s ‘older’ posts/comments are coming to light at such a late date; I do have a life besides Joan Wheeler. But, as long as she has those hate-blogs against us, and her once-a-upon-a-time boy friend Brian Maloney, has his hate-blog against us, I shall continue to expose everything I can find that Joan Wheeler has written! It is well worth noting that Joan threw Brian under the bus! He claimed to be her ‘defender’, went out of his way, to attack, browbeat, insult and malign the three birth siblings of Joan, on and for her benefit! Did a fine job of it all for the love of Joan! But, then Joan…

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I am so bad that I can do things in my sleep, then I must read Joan Wheeler’s tweets to find out what I’ve done. lol June 27, 2014

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love rumors – one day in January 2013, while I was sound asleep – apparently I had done so much stuff in my sleep, I had to go to Joan Wheeler’s twitter page to find out what I did. ~~~ 

I have copied and pasted here, a past blogpost because I found this great meme on facebook. This all came about in January 2013, when I went to bed, and got up several hours to find out on twitter, that while I was asleep, I had been very busy doing shit to Joan. (would someone please lobotomize her?) – anyway, I just had to revisit this blog post, because – several of “that family unit that avoids me and wants nothing to do with me” (as per asshole Joan Wheeler) are now facebook freinds with me, and several months ago, one of them even REFUTED what Joan said. My cousin Dennis said, “no ever said they didn’t want you around.” But Joan likes to lie about everybody and everything.

anyways, here is an account of Joan going nutty on public internet:

Joan Wheeler goes nutty on Twitter and accuses Ruth once again of doing something she didn’t do. January 31, 2013

Joan goes nutty on Twitter and accuses Ruth once again of doing something she didn’t do. by Gert and Ruth

Gert: Too much happening at present to make proper blog post. I would like to inform those that would like to follow the unfolding circumstances and that have access to tweeter to go to the following tweeter addresses and look at the ‘tweets’and you can make what you want of them. Personally, Joan Wheeler is seriously off the deep edge! Look from Jan 24th to present…more developing and will report when able.

addresses On twitter



@forbiddenfamily (this is Joan Wheeler)

also topics are #






Ruth here –January 31, 2013, 1:00am at home, not work. –Never mind all that –here are the actual tweets. But first an explanation.

On Saturday, January 26, my cousin’s husband was killed in a car accident. As I had to work Saturday night, 7pm, I did not see the news. The next day Sunday, I slept all day and I was off that night, but still did not see the news nor hear of the death. I slept Monday, worked Monday night, 7pm. still ignorant of the death. At 2am Tuesday, January 29, I was slightly injured at work. The ER gave me med and sent me home. I got home around 4am and went straight to bed. I got up between 10:30am 11:00am. Got a cup of coffee, turned on computer and was reading Twitter. When some of Joan’s tweets got on my newsfeed. and I read that I was using this death to spread rumors about her. I’m like, WHAT THE HELL DID I DO? AND WHO THE HELL DIED? AND HOW AM I SPREADING RUMORS WHEN I JUST WOKE UP? –So I called my cousin Nancy and asked “did someone in the family die?”and she told me. I then called Becky, the aunt of the widow, and spoke briefly to her.

Now –this side of the family is MY godmother –her son Dennis, used to be close to Joan. Their children used to be close to each other. This was like 20 years ago. But then Joan started dictating to Dennis how to raise his kids and he said shut the hell up. It was Dennisdaughter Melissa, who lost her husband the other day. Mielissa has a 4 year old little girl.

Now growing up, my family didn’t have a car. This family lived way out in the suburbs where we couldn’t get to them. But we saw them occasionally. The last time Gert and Dennis saw each other was when they were kids, some 50 –60 years ago. And Gert moved out of Buffalo in 1982. For myself, in the 90′s into the early 2000′s most times I didn’t have a car, so I didn’t see the family that much.

In December 2012, I got a call from Nancy and she said, there was a family get-together at The Country Buffet sponsored by that side of the family and they wanted me to come but didn’t have my new phone number. Nancy said she had gotten like 3 or 4 calls from them to call me but didn’t have a chance to call me because she recently had carpal tunnel surgery.

So I go to the brunch and two cousins asked if Joan was coming and I said no, and they expressed relief. Another cousin expressed anger at Joan, another cousin said he wanted to punch Joan’s lights out for what she wrote in the book.

Now pay attention to these particular tweets: numbers, 3, 6, 8 and 9.

#3 –she’s describing MY godmother, Melissa’s grandmother that “she doesn’t know her grandaughter’s husband died and it will kill her.”um, is Joan part of that immediate family? Is it HER business to saying stuff like that?

#9. “aunt is 86 years old, has dementia, sees my (dead) mother.”How the hell does Joan know what’s going on in another person’s mind?

#8. and #9 –these are the tweets that Joan is using this family tragedy as a springboard to further slam me and Gert. She says the father of the widow (Dennis) avoids us. WRONG –he simply hasn’t seen Gert since he was a kid! And we just saw each other 5 weeks ago!

now here, read these things and decide for yourself if Joan is sane or not:

1. Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

That little girl is now a half orphan. Too many, too many.

10:12 AM –29 Jan 13 ·

2. Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Can’t be on Facebook now. Too many deaths since Sept. Very sad. In shock. Another 2nd cousin, adopted fam, died, father of 2 yr old daughtr

3. Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Trauma. Sadness. Generational. Must see Aunt soon to tell her I love her. She does’nt know, would kill her: granddaughter lost husband.

4. 19mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Yes. Another new half orphan. This one will not be given up for adoption. I don’t blame my Dad for giving me up. His wife died.

5. 22mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Please pray for Mom who lost her husband Sat morn. She’ll need family around her, her sisters, brothers, now keep her safe. Await memorial.

6. 26mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Will they butt into this family tradegy? Yes, we are all family. They are not wanted in this family group. My Twitter friends, please pray.

7. 27mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

My sisters are on Twitter. Blocked them. They will get these Tweets to spread rumors I am causing trouble. Father of new widow avoids them.

8. 29mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Wonder if anyone will suggest to my 2nd cousin that her “4 yr old daughter needs 2 parents”so give her up for adoption?

9. 30mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Ripples…My Aunt, 86, pregnant at same time my Mom was, sees my Mom when she sees me. Dementia now. Doesn’t know about granddaughter’s loss

10.33mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Ripple effect. My mother died when I was 3 months old. Grievinf father told to give me up for adoption because I “needed 2 parents”. WTF

11. 34mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Too much trauma. Ripple effect. My daughter, age 26, grieves along side of her cousin. They shared a childhood. Death, loss, nightmares.

12. 36mJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Another death. Young father killed in car crash, leaving behind wife, age 26, and 4 year old daughter. The wife is my 2ndcousin, by blood.

13. Joan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

For what purpose is it to remake a child’s birth certificate in adoption? You have new custody..is that enough? Guardianship keeps inline

14. 28 JanJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

there is no god. To take away a child’s father id creul. You took away y mother + gave me new one. Fuk’ed me over. Another one now.

15. 28 JanJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Death…you come upon us when we think we know time. You took my mother when I was a babe. Yu took my cousin’s hubby + left a 4 yr old: why

16. 28 JanJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

Death be not proud! Do not take the widows and the children and make them puppets for the adoption mills! Not one more lost to adoption

17. 28 JanJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

As I watch the new half orphans march passed me, I see their tiny faces and think: you have people who will not stand for you to be adopted

18. 28 JanJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

I cannot control my grief. too many deaths. too much loss, too much, too much. There is no reaason.

19. 28 JanJoan Wheeler‏@forbiddenfamily

I grieve for my 2nd cousin’s husband, dead in car accident. Gone too soon. Wife and child left behind. Momma, like you, they died too soon.

comments to this blog post:

1. RuthJanuary 31, 2013

oh –don’t forget how Joan says that side of the family doesn’t me around –but they called Nancy 3 or 4 times to make sure I came to the family brunch on Dec. 23, 2012.

 me and Judy

me (left) and cousin Judy (right) at the family brunch, Dec. 23, 2012. photo taken by Rebecca Herr Snyder (Becky), she who Joan says doesn’t want me around. (then why is she taking my picture?) AND many of my relatives asked about Gert and Kathy, how they are, what are they doing, etc.

2. gertmcqueen –January 31, 2013 [Edit]
These tweets of Joan
’s plus those she wrote BEFORE are nothing but the ravings of a mad person! This is WHAT is in that now dead book! Rants of a diseased mind, who throws temper fits over gun-violence and a CNN reporter or whatever she is mad about, not having a original birthcertificate and the birth siblings. Joan is a mental case, she is ON NY state disability cause she can’t work at anything. She never worked as a social worker, and she can not help any one because of her VIEW of life.

Her friends are not helping her by encouraging her work in the realm of adoption reform, but then again, those friends of Joan’s are nothing but bullies because they go after people who ADOPT, like that’s a crime! Joan is ABUSING HERSELF and her friends stand by and DO NOTHING to help her! It sometimes amazes me how downright STUPID these people are…everyone knows when to pull the soldier off the battlefield, but these stupid adoption reform people actually KEEP Joan and her mental ravings go PUBLIC, like that is HELPING.

3. Ruth

I said if before –in regards to when I point out a LIE that Joan has said in the book or the internet and I back up what I say with an actual city court document (as opposed to Joan who has offered absolutely NO proof of ANYthing she has said about me: those who continue to say Joan Wheeler is the best thing since sliced bread and her birth sisters are sick in the head THEY are as cracked in the head as Joan is. To be in law enforcement, and read that Joan Wheelerr VIOLATED THE LAW by calling someonejob to lob false accusations of computer fraud, read that Joan Wheeler PUBLICLY ADMIT on the internet that it was indeed she who contacted my employer, and don’t recognize that deed as AGGRAVED HARASSMENT 2 –PHONE/TELEGRAPH/WRITTEN COMMUNICATION TO ALARM –well, I think that person is a piss-poor law enforcement agent.

AND that law enforcement agent should know that ALL evidence should be looked at –I wonder if she EVER took the time to EXAMINE the court documents that I have posted over and over on this blog –then compare it to what Joan has said.

Joan says in a letter she wrote to Albany NY Child Protective Services that I was placed on six month probation in 1993. ON the internet and the book she’s saying that I was placed on a one year order of protection. When in reality it was a six month order of protection ACD –

If those are the kinds of law enforcement agents they have in California –STUPID –then I will keep my little behind right here in New York State. –because that particular person IS MOST DEFINITELY AS CRACKED IN THE HEAD AS JOAN WHEELER!

attention Joan Wheeler: THERE CAN NOT BE A REVISED EDITION OF THE TRUTH! June 26, 2014

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Joan Wheeler has been making overtures about a newly revised edition of her libelous book Forbidden Family. I got some things to say about that. I put them on facebook and had a couple of responses. Here is the facebook exchanges, and as a bonus, I have copied a couple of tweets I sent out. 

Joan Wheeler is trying to publish a revised version of her libelous book

 THERE CAN NOT BE A REVISED EDITION OF THE TRUTH! – Because when Joan signed a contract with Trafford Publishers to have her book published, she told them that everything in it was the TRUTH. When she began promoting that book, she said on various places on the internet that her book was the TRUTH. But in reading that book, I found many lies in it – and I still had documentation that PROVED what Joan wrote in her book was FALSE. That documentation was sent to Trafford and their legal department saw that Joan LIED to them and they pulled the book.

 So – now Joan is REVISING her book. Now tell me Joan – if it is necessary to REVISE it, then it WASN’T THE TRUTH like you said it was.


IF she succeeds in getting that book out – by herself – that means SHE and she alone is responsible for the content – and this time around, we have a lawyer. This time around, I will take her to court. I am not playing with the psycho-bitch. And she let the door open this time. By harassing me in calling my job November 2012 with lies about computer fraud (which I was exonerated from) – she tried to get me fired, then in January 2013 she admitted it on the internet – USING her screen name of Forbidden Family – any more published lies about me will show a pattern of slander/libel against me. And that published book (the 2009 edition) that had PROVABLE lies about me will show her true intent – to slander and harass me. 

facebook responses:

J.w. — “Just contact whoever markets the book for her. Send them copies of any court orders concerning the first one. No one will want to be involved.” 

M.H.R. — “She better not be lying about my Dad again!!!!” 

N.H.T. — “She better not say one word about my Mother or Father again or she will be looking over her shoulder, because if I catch her she will be Died (sic) meat !!!” 

Gert Mcqueen — this time around, Joan is really doing a ‘self-publishing’ venture. She’s doing all the lay-outs on her own, she cut out the middle-men and their lawyers. Some how she’ll have to figure out HOW to get it published that costs $$$, something she doesn’t have, unless and until she gets another man! but that’s another story. Joan wants the book(s) to produce an income, she’s on NY disability, and she wants fame/fortune on the backs of both adoptive and birth families, been there done that and we birth sisters GOT that libelous book pulled. We shall do it again 

Ruth Herr Sippel Pace — there were no court orders regarding the first book – we got it pulled from publication by sending documented proof of the libel to the publisher. And their legal department investigated and determined that yes, Joan DID lie. And as you surmise, they didn’t want to be sued, so they pulled the book. 

marketing agents will be notified, lest they want to be involved in a lawsuit. I’m going after ANY one who supports a book or publication that says that I have a criminal record when I have none. 

Joan Wheeler currently belongs to a local writers group – Northside Writers Group – and if they are helping her – they will be sued as well. 

and here are a couple of tweets I sent out: 

if Northside Writers Group is producing/marketing slander by Joan Wheeler against me, they will be sued.@FredTomaselloJr @forbiddenfamily 

documented proof of her libel against me resulted in first book being pulled from publication. I have lawyer on standby @FredTomaselloJr 

any person/company producing/marketing libelous books by Joan Wheeler will be named in my lawsuit against Joan Wheeler. @FredTomaselloJr

Joan Wheeler behaves just like the ranting lunatic in the “racist rant” video June 7, 2014

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I don’t know how many of my readers are aware of the youtube video of a woman going off on a racist rant in Cheektowaga, New York. Cheektowaga is a suburb of Buffalo, NY, and the incident took place at the Airport Plaza, about 3 miles from my home. I don’t know the woman and I’m glad I don’t. I don’t know the man she was screaming at either.

 The incident occurred on Friday, May 30, 2014. The man started his van, startling the woman’s son. The woman started yelling at the man that he scared her son. She then proceeded to call him a “n” – yes – the N word that shows clearly she is a racist. The man picked up his cell phone and began filming her – and she kept insulting him, turning her back on him while she got on her cell phone to call someone. All the while she kept calling the man “N” and then says she doesn’t like black people and her children don’t either. Then she gets her children to swear at him. The children are very young, and while their mother is busy with her racist rant, begin to show signs of shock, confusion, and being frightened.

 The man in the van calmly tells the woman “great, now you have your children swearing at me.” and continues to video the woman. The woman, is talking to someone on her cell phone but telling the black guy it’s the police, the children’s father, her husband, and her lawyer – she can’t seem to make up her mind who she is talking to.

 She’s also taking in non-sequitor (nonsensical) statements. Nowhere does the black man say he knows the police, but she starts yelling/talking to whoever on her cell phone “Oh HE knows the cops. How many cops have I stripped for?”

 She’s worked herself up into a rage and threatens to throw hot coffee on the man, who then rolls up the window of his van, but then lowers it. Meanwhile, she’s still ranting and raving.

 In the story published in The Buffalo News, published on June 5, 2014, the man says he was shocked by how her anger escalated.

 The man did post the video to youtube, and the woman called a talk radio and identified herself and said she was bi-polar. Because she identified herself, some people tracked down her address and put it on the internet. Rocks were being thrown at her house, her children threatened. AND Child Protective Services took her children away earlier this week. I don’t know the reasons why – probably because in the video she is neglecting them, telling them to call a strange man names and basically put them in danger because of her stupid behavior.

 Now we can get into the discussion of race, and the responsibilites and consequences of a parents actions another time. And I’ve been debating this on the facebook page of WGRZ-TV, a local news station that did a story on this earlier this week. And on the youtube channel that put out this video.

 What I want to discuss here – is how this woman’s behavior mirrors that of a person that I know very well – the person of whom this blog is about – Joan Wheeler.

 But first – let’s take a look at this now famous video – it went viral, and by this evening (Friday, June 6, 2014) and had 7 million views.



So, have you watched it? I hope you did, because otherwise you won’t understand what I am going to say.

 Notice in the beginning of the video, not the beginning of the incident, because the young man didn’t do anything wrong, only started his car, and has this white woman begin calling him racist names, and then starts the video. Because of what happened to Trayvon Martin in Florida, and a couple of recent police brutality cases in Buffalo, one involving a young black man, I’m sure this man’s instinct was to get documentation of what was happening.

 The woman is merely being a dumbass making a racist comment. Soon she works herself up into a rage and is fairly frothing at the mouth when she walks up to the man’s van and gets into his face and insults him again.

 The man is not getting out of his car, not getting into a screaming match with her, but trying calmly to get his point across – that racism is alive and well in Cheektowaga – and every time he says something – she tries to shut him down.


 The conversation starts out fairly civilized, but once Joan sees that you disagree with her, or are not obeying her – she begins to get agitated. Begins the swearing and screaming. You stand there, not believing what has just happened. She’s now frothing at the mouth and screaming so hard you can’t get a word in edgewise. If you are on the phone with her – the rant ends by Joan slamming the phone on you – leaving you shaking in anger and shock.

 As to the non-sequitar statement made on the video about the man knowing cops and she strips for cops – Joan also does this. Out of the clear blue sky, Joan will say something and you don’t know what the hell she is talking about.

 The woman in the video called a radio talk show and said she is bi-polar. Well so is Joan. And? So we are supposed to take this kind of verbal abuse because THEY are bi-polar?

 On November 3, 2009, I called Joan on the phone to tell her that our Aunt Doris had died. I didn’t know Joan’s phone number, so I called my father. Knowing that a few months prior to this, he had kicked Joan out of his house and life, I didn’t know if he still had her phone number. So I called him up and asked him. He sounded tired and I said that I would call Joan and tell her about Aunt Doris. He gave me the number and I called her.

Me: “Joan, this is Ruth.”

Joan: “how did you get this number?”

Me: “from Dad.”

Joan: “NOT a good idea.”

Me: “Whatever. Anyway, I’m calling to tell you that Aunt Doris died the other day and I thought you should know.”

(now up to this point, both me and Joan are talking calmly, although she was a bit snippy when she said that it was NOT a good idea that Dad had given me the number). We continue with the conversation —

Joan: “Thank you for that, (calmly), — BUT YOU HAVE NO FUCKING %$$#&**(^^%% (now she’s yelling and I can’t even make out what she’s saying) AND FUCK YOU AND #$%$%^&&^%%$#@!!!!!!”

What did the Buffalo News say about the young man making the video? That he was shocked by how the woman’s anger escalated? Well, that was I how I felt when I was being subjected to this barrage of verbal abuse! I still had my email from our Uncle Rich telling me that Aunt Doris (not his wife, but his late brother’s ex-wife) had passed. I remember staring at Doris’ name (Joan’s birth name was Doris, named for Aunt Doris, and that’s why I thought, no, KNEW that it was important that Joan be told of her passing. Silly me, I didn’t think that I would get this kind of thanks). I kept staring at my computer screen and hearing Joan going off on a rampage. WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO WRONG??? I actually burst into tears, but Joan did not hear me crying, because she was too busy yelling unintelligible insults at me. I finally did hear and understand something about “AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY SISTER…!!!”

It was at this point I yelled back at her – “BITCH – YOU DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD SISTER!” and hung up on her.

 What Joan Wheeler did to me on that day was bully me by subjecting me to verbal abuse. And I will not tolerate it. I don’t care what your problem is – bi-polar, whatever – YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ABUSE OTHER PEOPLE THEN USE YOUR ILLNESS AS AN EXCUSE!

 Get your ass on meds and get the hell away from me and other people who are simply going about their lives.

scares me too

1. gertmcqueenJune 7, 2014

Gert here…
excellent! When I saw that video I said to self, ‘just like Joan’! She does it in person, on the phone, on paper, on the internet! In recently years she’s been scanning news items on yahoo and ranting and raving, she goes by the name ADOPTEEFEDUP and she lets everyone know how fed up she is. She gets angry to any comment CONTRARY to her own belief! If another counters her, she insults them, over and over again. When another says she’s bitter, she counters she is NOT bitter, she has 40 years experience, she knows what she’s talking about, she, she, she…

Joan recently put up a NEW photo of herself…she has all the signs of old age and dis-ease! She’s not long for this world if she doesn’t STOP her anger and hate and behavior.


UPDATE, MARCH 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…



“Adoption crap just doesn’t stop!” says #JoanWheeler June 4, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Gosh it must be terrible to always have ‘crap’ in one’s face! Doesn’t she have any soap and water to get that ‘crap’ off her face and out of her life?

I have a personal philosophy: if I’m miserable, doing something, or thinking about something, why am I doing it or thinking of it? And then I drop that miserable whatever! There’s enough general pain and anguish in life as it is, so why not dump the crap and move on to more pleasant things. Hanging on to negative thoughts and actions will only make a person sick and old before their time! Looking at Joan Wheeler’s profile picture I can see just how sick and old she is, today, long before her time.

But, you know the adage; you can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make him drink…even if he’s dying of thirst! Make no mistake…

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