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Lost Daughters: Why Adoptive Parents need to stop blogging about adoptees October 29, 2014

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Lost Daughters: Why Adoptive Parents need to stop blogging about adoptees.

good article, makes one think – and I love the last line: “But as an adoptee, as I wrote in the post, I would have blown my lid if I had found personal information about my childhood on a blog.” I am a birth sibling, reunited with my adopted-out younger sister, who labels herself an “angry adoptee,” and loves to blog about her feelings of betrayal, then writes a libelous book about her adoption. Okay, sounds good so far – HOWEVER, in her blogging, in her writing, in her libelous book, in her numerous comments on many websites all over the internet – she writes personal information about MY childhood and MY immediate and extended family members. While adoptees are screaming for THEIR rights, they need to be mindful of the RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

Ruth’s note – this is Gert’s comment/reply to my post – I changed the wording of her last sentence slightly to clarify the point she was making. I changed the words only to copy and past to this blogpost. Gert’s original wording stands as she wrote it, in her original comment.

Gert here…

I posted, on that blog…this statement…trying to be very polite

good points for everyone, including adoptees that exploit both families


Xyz ·
Point taken, but it’s not rexactly an over reaction when the post specifically says the author would be pissed if her parents put pictures of her (or even a note saying she’s a darling child) on the Internet. That’s a much broader point than the one you’re making.

I was so tempted to reply BUT I held my tongue!…I’m so GLAD that Ruth picked this up…for it HAS TO BE NOTED, that it doesn’t matter what AGE someone is…child or adult.. exploitation is real! Joan Wheeler not only wrote about her siblings on the internet she wrote a libelous book! So…if people don’t like adoptive parents blogging about their adoptees…then ADOPTEES need to stop blogging about their birth families, and in our family’s case – Joan Wheeler, who needs to stop blogging and telling lies about her birth family.

Ruth here –
anything written on this blog and Gert’s blog is backed up by actual documents – police, court, letters. Some of those letters are HAND WRITTEN BY JOAN WHEELER – and the envelopes too! – digitally scanned and posted on this blog! Also photographs. Screenshots of Joan’s own words from various places on the internet that catch Joan in  a lie or exploitation.
Joan on the other hand, talks a pile of shit, but NEVER OFFERS ANY PROOF OF ANY KIND.


#JoanWheeler was ‘scared to death’ when she was ‘found’ by birth siblings??!! October 25, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

What utter bullshit! She always uses the extreme for attention getting! On October 15, 2014 Joan Wheeler says the following in response to a ‘news’ story. My comments follows.

Joan said…

When I received a phone call in 1974 at age 18 from a sister I never knew, I was hit with horrendous panic and anxiety. This was the beginning of my reunion with natural family. Doctors couldn’t help me. I didn’t get the chance to see a psychiatrist for about another 10 years. Even then, no one believed the level of panic I felt. There were many other such incidences due to hate mail and hate phone calls. I developed stress-related illnesses causing me to lose my job. Physical illness does result from being frightened. I’m glad I didn’t die.

Can You Actually Be Scared to Death? – DNews

There’s a common phrase where people claim that they are…

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Fantasy and Reality; HOW DOES #Joan Wheeler (#forbiddenfamily) construct her world and is it healthy? October 21, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

When one lives their entire life, from a ‘internal dialogue’ point of view, and does NOT compare, contrast, alter, nor question that ‘internal dialogue’, along side, and with the standards, of acceptable views, of others, in the greater world, can they be considered sane, reasonable, rational or just living in some self-created ‘fantasy’ and/or insanity?

What part does fantasy and imagination have on a person’s world view? Sure we all have imagination and fantasy; that’s part of being alive; its creative at best, but at it’s worst, quite dangerous. I think there’s a lot more, here, than meets the eye; for to have a fantasy of life or an imagination, that doesn’t fit the known world, one could be living on a ‘invisible’ edge and that can and does lead to very strange behavior.

When I come across something, in my vast realms of reading, that illustrates, what I…

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Cancer words; why can’t #JoanWheeler #forbiddenfamily just accept the true cause of the death of our mother and thereby her adoption? October 7, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Because, she USES our mother’s illness and death, as a bone of contention, for her position of activist to gain access to medical records of adoptees; in other words, she is exploiting our mother’s death, for political gain and personal fame. Joan HAS all her records, she just wants the fame! She lost the fortune when she wrote a libelous book!

YES, of course, there is a true need for access to medical conditions, no doubt about that! I am in favor of family medical histories being made available to those that are placed into adoption. But, that is not the focus here. What is the focus is that Joan DOES NOT want to accept the truth because then she would NOT be able to use our mother’s medical condition and death for her self-centered misguided adoption reform position.

There have been many incarnations of Joan’s web page, over…

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A memoir should not be an act of war! So why did #JoanWheeler do that? October 5, 2014

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Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Because she wanted to expose and exploit every member of the birth and adoptive families and any other human being that was in any way contributed to her being adopted or who would NOT see life the way she sees it.

I was unable to find a way to ‘reblog’ the following web site directly and so I’m just including the link here.

Both Ruth and I have comments on this article.

I feel it important that those that promote the writing of a memoir be made aware of the real and dangerous outcomes that occur when someone writes to harm other and declare ‘war’ on them.


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